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Saturday Morning Ramblings

Good Morning, World!!! As I sit here at my laptop thinking about the sleep I got. Not the amount of sleep but the quality of sleep. 124 more words

An OK Science Report - Piezoelectric Crystals

Piezoelectric crystals are amazing, probably one of the interesting materials in today’s technological market. But what is a piezoelectric crystal? To summarise complicated maths and physics, piezoelectricity is property certain crystals have. 245 more words


The mail contains bad news and a head.

Yesterday, Friday, was not great.

I could get into it all but I won’t.

This is a huge change from my early Live Journal days when I would reveal all intimacies (with certain filters in place) and find it therapeutic to do so.  427 more words


Star Trek: Discovery Thoughts

I’ve written in a previous post about how hard it is to do a prequel, and after watching the entirety of the first season I still have the same concern. 494 more words


"Red Sonja" (1985) : The Flame-Haired Warrior

In the Hyborian Kingdom, none were more revered or feared, than Red Sonja. With fiery, red hair and a fierce warrior prowess, she became a force not to be reckoned with. 1,764 more words


Where the Heck is the Friday Post?

Dave Collinson is getting married in nine days. If you don’t know of him, he’s pretty cool. He’s an artist who’s done some work on board games, has his own board game called Lumberjerks, and a game he’s been working on just recently came out of early access called… 886 more words

Board Games

My inner Geek

I am so excited to go see #BlackPanther tonight with the kid, expectations are high and critics have hyped it up. I remember sitting in the front room all alone while the other kids played, reading Uncle Tim’s Marvel Comic Collection. 42 more words