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Most of you already know about the Games and Geekery facebook page. Up until recently it had just been a share dump for everything I liked online that could be loosely categorised as being related to either games or geekery. 368 more words


thank you, Linfield College Theater Department!

I’m back from Oregon and the premier of my very first play, “Simulation.”  Now there’s an experience to check off the list!  I had a great time, and only had a slight nervous breakdown a couple of hours before opening night.  141 more words

Writing Life

The Apocalypse Wasn't So Bad

I loved Bryan Singer’s X-men movies, but I’d heard terrible things about X-men Apocalypse. Partly because of my fellow geeks having an aneurism over it, and also general lack of funds, I hadn’t actually got around to watching it until just last night. 368 more words


What's In There?

Link knows well that being a hero means being not only brave, but curious.  Curiosity helps heroes find the clues they need (and hidden treasure chests! 45 more words


American Horror Story-Roanoke Theories

Like many of you I have been watching American Horror Story for the last few years now, even though I have slowly been turning into a huge scaredy-cat! 204 more words

Police Pull Over Couple Driving While Dead

If you’ve seen this already skip to my commentary at the bottom. ITV News reported this today:

ITV REPORT 26 September 2016 at 8:42am

The Driving Dead: Police stop zombie actors after M62 panic call…

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Japan, and the freedom of Freedom.

A couple weeks ago, I went to Japan for the long weekend here in Korea – a five-day long weekend! Yes! It definitely helped make up for having no Labour Day long weekend :) Here in Korea, this long weekend was due to Chuseok (추석), otherwise known as Korean Thanksgiving. 1,475 more words