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It was furtile ground after all.

Shameless self-promotion time. This entry is gonna be nothing but a big ol’ plug (with a flared base of course. Safety is important) for The Air Bud Pawdcast – Episode 12… 552 more words


Coding and the Evolution of Math Education

Every time someone posts one of those visual algebra problems on Facebook, my mother and I get into a discussion about order of operations. When she was in school, PEMDAS wasn’t a thing they taught. 768 more words


5-star quick review: Last Wish (Helen Harper)

I’ve been enjoying the Highland Magic series from the beginning and I’m SO glad the ending did not disappoint. This was my first Helen Harper series, and it will definitely not be the last. 201 more words


Nine Days of Nagash

Right, so…’tis the season. Christmas. A time of giving. A time of charity and compassion, unless your name is Jacob Marley. So, to that end, I’ve decided to raffle off a signed copy of  286 more words


Zora's Domain

No amount of inclement weather or drastic change in temperature will stop the Hero of Time!  (Don’t look at me like that, we’ve already established that I’m a nerd… 114 more words


Radioactive diamond "batteries"

This is an unexpected twist on an old problem based on research done at the University of Bristol (in the UK).

Via NewAtlas

Naturally I have to wonder how scalable this technology is. 52 more words


Pater Mutatis

He is known by many names…Primogenitor…Clonelord…Manflayer. The epitome of deceit and perversion, feared by man and monster alike. And he might just be the last hope humanity has, in the grim darkness of the far future… 226 more words