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Apparently, Maura wasn't geeky enough

Those who have been following the blog know that Maura is a Doctor Who fan. And by Doctor Who fan, I mean, she has her favorite episodes (“Silence in the Library” has been played on repeat for days at a time), a favorite companion (Donna, because we raised her right), and understands the whole regeneration thing better than many adults (she has equal love for both Ten and Eleven). 176 more words


I Left My Social Life In 1997

In March this year, the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunited for a round of photoshoots and interviews to mark the 20th Anniversary of the show first gracing our TV screens. 1,466 more words


Crazy Pet Lady

I’m stealing this topic shamelessly from Sara Broadhurst who talked about all her lovely pets. I’m not quite in the same league when it comes to quantity (any longer…) but this is my non-human family. 386 more words


GRIFF's Prayer Of Thanks For Making It To The End [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF is so thankful that his daughter is graduating from high school next month. He looks back on the last four years of tutors academic camps, college tours and scrounging up money to afford supplementing his child’s education. 126 more words

Get Up!

You Can't let the Whole World be Your Job

This is something it took me a long time to figure out as a freelance writer and developer, and it’s a mistake I still make much too often. 478 more words



At night, we fought the giants. We fought them with tanks and guns, swords and clubs.

The giants came to take the children.

I fight alongside my friends for many nights, until I am alone and I face the last giant. 236 more words


Those Folk Below

Dark Regions Press has released the cover and table of contents for their forthcoming anthology, Arkham Detective Agency, a Lovecraftian-noir tribute to the late C.J. Henderson. 255 more words