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my weekend

I’ve been in the SCA for just over 15 years and I finally acquired a period canvas tent for camping events.  It was serendipity, as often happens with these things.  37 more words


Inside Out: a damn good film about depression.

Having depression means that I deal with a range of struggles on a regular basis.  But one thing that I find the most difficult is explaining what having depression is like to people that have never experienced it.   1,241 more words


Moebius & Klein, inc.

“If Möbius weren’t dead already…” I said, holding up what would (eventually) be a pair of trousers.

“You’d punch him. Repeatedly,” finished my husband.

“Oh, wait a sec. 140 more words


PC Wizard made me smash my computer, or Groupthink

I’ve just had a scam call from some random company called PC Wizard letting me know that there are some files causing my computer to run slow, and because they are kind and altruistic they would help me to fix it. 1,487 more words


Sunday Scan - Cary Nord

Click the image below to load a 1919×3000 pixel version:

This week’s Sunday Scan features an issue from Dark Horse Comics first Conan series. This is the cover to Conan #18 (2005). 26 more words


Happy Tau Day!

Just for the fun of it, I’m going to post occasional stitch patterns in honor of geeky days on the calendar.

So what is Tau Day? 563 more words


still edible

I give you permission to laugh. Go on.