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• Nam Da Jung Appreciation Post •

Sorry for the radio silence, folks! I’ve got a boat load of excuses, but we’ll save those for another time.

I’ve been watching Liar Game… 455 more words


"Science Fiction is the greatest genre in existence." Discuss.

I was sorting through some old papers the other day and came across an essay I had written as part of my degree. As the title of this post may suggest, its subject matter was Science Fiction. 1,504 more words


Five Fandom Friday: 5 fact about me (if I lived in the Harry Potter universe)

July has been dubbed Harry Potter month by Heather over at Flying on Ruby Wings.  To celebrate, she’s put together a list of special Potter-themed prompts for Five Fandom Friday.   537 more words


MOTD: Ten Minute Creepy Harley Quinn Work Look

Hello darklings! It’s been a long week. I haven’t felt all that well so when I wasn’t running errands and working, I was doing rather a lot of nothing. 297 more words

Geeking Out - Potter

Dear Kristen,

Pushing Daisies was SUCH a fun show!  I loved the colors, singing, and weirdness, too.  Plus I like pie, so the idea of endless pie is, well, awesome.   479 more words

Gordon, for the record, not Morgan.

I’m exhausted. The cat went bonkers at the wee hours of the morning and the lack of sleep has sapped my mental faculties enough that I’m using words like “bonkers” and acting like that’s NBD. 599 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

WIP Wednesday #30: King Snake

Busy this week. Too busy writing to write about writing, too busy crawling to bite, you know?  So have some Buddy Guy instead. My favourite version of this particular song, by the way.