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Flaws and all - Black Magick Short Skirt

I said that i would include the fuck ups as well as the sucesses and today I had a real big frustrating fuck up. 120 more words


Star Wars Rebels


Let’s turn things in a more geeky direction tonight. The world is full of awful (facebook is too) BUT there are some good things out there. 750 more words

Having Some Gaming Fun

So last week (a few days ago, in fact) I leveled up!

To those that don’t speak nerd/geek lingo, that means it was my birthday. 77 more words


Episode 125: Revenge of the Quiz Show Show!

On this episode of Life, the Universe & Everything Else, recorded live at SkeptiCamp, Ashlyn, Lauren, Laura, and Gem test their knowledge (and that of the audience) in a variety of scientific and pseudoscientific domains. 181 more words


Horror in the Hills

A new entry in 18thWall Productions’ Cryptid Clash! series, edited by James Bojaciuk and myself, is now available. “The Himalayan Horror”, by C.L. Werner, finds yetis brawling with Nazis, as well as a devilish canine out of nightmare. 204 more words


Burying the Book

The first Weirdbook Annual is now available for purchase, just in time for Halloween. It includes my story, “Laying the Hairy Book”, which finds Low Country ghost-breaker, John Bass, tasked to destroy the eponymous tome before its author reclaims it. 106 more words