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Attack of the Boltzmann Brains

I re-read an old New Scientist article on Boltzmann Brains last night, and had freaky dreams as a result.

A Boltzmann Brain is a hypothetical minimally self-aware entity that pops into existence as a result of vacuum energy fluctuations. 451 more words


I'm sure S.M. Stirling is nice.

Of all the things I have to be annoyed about, this one manages to be both minor and yet supremely irksome at the same time. 489 more words

Science Fiction

Populating the Landscape

So, because they frown on alcohol or drugs at work, I’m mainlining science instead. Today’s drug of choice is the Calabi-Yau manifold, which I first heard about through the writings of Charles Stross and later through Warren Ellis. 324 more words


Open Source Notes and Writing on Linux

I have a long standing addiction to note taking and writing software. It’s a chronic condition. When I used a Mac, I was fond of Ulysses as a writing program. 908 more words


Not As Bad As I Thought

I’m just over halfway through Learn Python the Hard Way and I’m somewhat heartened.  I already use a lot of this stuff, especially Boolean logic, in GIS.  74 more words


Well if you can take anything from this Oscar rant, it's that I'm a grouch.

Went on an unprovoked Facebook rant after seeing a bunch of everything is fucked if La La Land wins Best Picture articles. A friend of mine commented that she didn’t get why the film was being so hyped. 494 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Planning to learn

Yesterday with the help of a generous dose of pain medications I managed to attend a meeting with their schools vice principal, principal, welfare officer and my 16 yo it was a strategy meeting. 1,581 more words