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The Announcement: Episode 1 of the Brand New Natural Geekery Podcast

As teased last week, here is the announcement I’ve been waiting to reveal.  I’m joining the ranks and launching my own ship into the great podcast sea! 116 more words


There and Back Again

It’s been a little quiet around here lately.  My apologies for that.  My time away was necessitated by a change in my employment.  The transition from old to new office space ended up taking many more “spoons” then I had planned.  290 more words


Con Appearance this week

I’m going to be at the St Alban’s Comic Convention on Sunday, guesting with Squad UK again. I’m taking Boomerang to fit the theme so I’ve minimal preparation to make, other than double checking tonight and tomorrow where all the elements are. 176 more words


Glorantha, sin & Christian faith: theological ruminations.

(Being an almost verbatim copy of “thinking aloud.” Context suggests this dates from late July 2014, at the Continuum convention after a panel/seminar on Glorantha by Jeff Richard). 483 more words


Lebowski Thor

I’d meant to post about this earlier but then June got completely out of control. So I’ll post about it now. By far the most popular cosplay at Denver not-Comic Con was “Lebowski Thor” from… 117 more words


Looky At My New Graphics Setup

Yes, I now have – for me – a dream setup. An actual display graphics tablet! I’ve never had one of these before. Yeah, I looked at them a while back, because I could never get the hang of a non-display graphics tablet; I just couldn’t get the hand-eye coordination going when I couldn’t look at the pen when I was drawing with it. 671 more words