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Potential Future Project

So one of the things I’ve been working on for a bit is a potential visual novel. I’ve been a bit inspired by the whole ‘playing through Fate/Stay Night’ thing as well as the whole ‘watching Unlimited Blade Works’ thing. 208 more words


Why I Blog about Animation

I could just say,”Because storytelling is not just the written word”.

But that’s too simple.

I’m envious of animators.  I’m interested in them.  I’m excited by their films.  538 more words


The dork knight returns.

I’ve recently become re-smitten with the idea of playing D&D. “Dungeons and Dragons” for all you losers out there who aren’t up to the play with 42 year old geek acronyms. 730 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

• an interview with human sunshine // paper crowns •

One of my dear friends, Mirriam Freaking Neal (yes, Freaking is her actual middle name), has published her second novel!

Mirriam is one of the most talented young artists out there (+ I’m not just saying that). 1,605 more words


Ground Xero #11

Morning, fellow badasses. I’m here with a new GXV – that’s Ground Xero Vlog for the painfully hip. In this episode, I go on a tear about how “geek escapism” is still ridiculed, and why that’s absolute asinine bullshit. Enjoy!


Five Fandom Friday: Fandoms you hold dear that nobody else has heard of

Oooooh, the world of lesser-known fandoms.  This is honestly one of my favourite geeky topics.  I think we all have those weird things that we’re really into, that it seems like nobody on the planet has heard of.   567 more words