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Fan Girl Friday!

Praise tha Lort its Friday, y’all! Not only is it Friday, but its a crisp, cool Friday in FALL! Man, I am so excited that the weather is getting cooler and we’re gearing up for pumpkin spice everything and Halloween! 226 more words

Fan Girl Friday

Ichthine--A Species for all -finder games!

As far as I can tell, the urge to do this species came straight from the art, by the amazing Jacob Blackmon. Certainly nothing else I can think of inspired this. 760 more words

Pathfinder Development

Welcome back, Doctor. I've missed you. (REVIEW WITH SPOILERS)

On the fine Sunday night of October 7, 2018, I entered into slumber with the knowledge that Monday, that dreaded Monday, was going to be a great day. 1,088 more words


birding victories

Saturday the Cornell Lab of Ornithology held a Big Day, and I managed to get out and get a few checklists to send them. Only about 30 species, but it is firmly, drearily autumn in my part of the world and many birds have migrated away. 424 more words


Living Dead Dolls; resurrecting a dead collector

Collecting things as a hobby is a concept I’ve been thinking a lot about since I tried and failed to do the 333 Project, which is about creating awareness to how much clothes you accumulate. 625 more words


Twenty Years in the Making

The first volume of Black Library’s revitalised Inferno! anthology series is now available. Packed full of tales, from the dark reaches of the 41st Millennium to the shadowed forests of the Old World, it includes two never-before seen stories by me, including a new tale of Zavant Konniger.  141 more words


My 9 Favourite Video Game Endings (with Honourable Mentions)

As video games have evolved, so have the stories they tell. What started as simply “eat all the pellets” or “get the most points” gradually grew to “save the princess” and then “save the galaxy”. 2,890 more words