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Sadly the "ketogeneric" line was the standout here.

The more that I try to think about what to write about other than keto, everything circles back to keto. Is this some kind of mental trick? 791 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

GRIFF's Prayer: A Prayer For Parents That Buy $700 Shoes For Their Kids [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

GRIFF today is praying for parents that purchase expensive shoes for their children. It’s nothing wrong with buying something nice for your kids, but what about saving some of that money for… 229 more words

Get Up!

In a Galaxy far, far away

Episode 8: Star Wars The Last Jedi was one of my most anticipated films of 2017. I couldn’t wait to see my new favorites and the continuation of their journeys. 2,024 more words


Looking Back On Twenty Years of Professional Tabletop Game Work

This is a retrospective, and it’s not one I wrote with any great point or theme. I try to not be that self-indulgent with my writing, but I have decided to give myself some leeway when marking two decades in the business. 2,255 more words


Night Battlers

An entry from my commonplace book to start the week off. This time around, it’s various infernal infants, night battlers and good walkers. 244 more words


Reading Recap: 2017

Here I am to return this blog to its non-marketing roots! My most popular posts are the ones where I geek out about books and movies, with occasional appearances by travel posts. 641 more words