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Post #59 Well,

Firstly, I am sorry that this is late. But I hate to say it, I haven’t written since January 7. That’s nearly a month. And I have tried, but nothing. 136 more words

Post #58 Friday

Hey, guys!! How was your weekend? Good I hope, and Valentine’s? Good. I did what I told you. Binged Teen Titans and ate ice cream. 154 more words

The Decision

Guys and gals! I’m back with another Dystopia Rising piece based on the events of the past game I went to. As always, my character is the main character in this piece (in this case, an Unborn known most commonly as She) but the world is the creation of the people at Eschaton Media and the other characters are the creations of the other amazing players who partake in this world. 1,197 more words


What If He Was in Beauty and the Beast?

As a writer, I think it’s hard not to occasionally wonder what would happen if a story were different. What if the main character were swapped out for someone else? 110 more words


Hello, World!

I’ve been considering what my first post is going to be, and I think I’ll just do some randomness about me to get started.

I live in Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital, and I really do love this city. 461 more words


Post # 57 Valentine's Day.

Happy Monday! Well, it’s the night before Valentines. And if you’re like me, that means you are Single and have nothing to do but wallow in your loneliness… 227 more words

Fanfic, the Dark Side of Writing

Over the years, I’ve read fanfic and seen discussion of it. I’ll even admit to writing some.

For those who don’t know, fan fiction (fanfic) is when a fan of a story writes another story set in the same universe. 535 more words