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"Hello world!"

They always did say you were supposed to say this.

When you did something new, or different, or maybe brave.

You got your little program – for that’s what we called them in those days; not apps – to say: “Hello world!” ¬†And I guess the idea was, being as it was a kinder world in those days, the world would care to say – in some thoughtful way – a real and wondrous hello back. 60 more words


Location, Location, Location

Me: “How was your role playing game?”

Danger Monkey, age 10: “Awesome! In the game I built a giant robot that’s 45 stories tall and I can make it do anything from the control room in his head.” 67 more words


Nyctophilia, and the love of Grimdark Things

When I was a kid, I had an extremely irrational, and frankly, quite annoying fear of the dark. My mum and older brother who, admittedly made some very bad (good) parenting choices when raising me, kind of had a “he can handle most things” attitude. 1,118 more words



My Oldest, age 16: (singing)

Danger Monkey, age 10: “That song’s annoying. Stop singing.”

MO: (sings louder)

DM: “OK, then you lose 10 points.”

MO: “What points?” 56 more words


Weird Kid/Gone Berrying

My plan was to blog about weirdness today. Knowing my weirdness acutely and beginning to embrace it. The afternoon is fine and my neighbor’s mulberry tree beckons and it seems absolute folly to sit here much longer. 272 more words

The Big Picture

Wonder Woman

So we went to see Wonder Woman on opening night, and were not disappointed. Lots of other people had the same experience, because the movie made over 100k opening weekend and is being hailed as a needed course correction for the DC movie-verse. 748 more words

Contra Mundum: Episode 8 - The Super Geeks Unite! (Part 1)

Hey guys, I know I’ve been a bit inconsistent in the posting lately. Sorry. It’s summer and I keep spending too much time with The Boyfriend. 182 more words