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OMG!! Fantasy!? FOR REALS!? I’m so excited I’m gonna pee! Ok well I totally had to pee anyways, but Seirously did you guys get your email yet!? 26 more words


I'm an Altaholic

Hello. I am Kristin. And I’m an Altaholic.

That’s a term my friends and I have been using for awhile now. Altaholic. I’ve also heard “I’ve got alt-itis” or many other variations of “I’ve got this great new character idea.” 403 more words


Kitchen Greenhouse Update: 418 - I'm a Teapot!

Gallery of recent additions to my upcycling project – turning juice-to-go plastic cups into art. I like the combination of the clear cups and ivy growing upwards along the drinking straw. 40 more words


my first flexi-8 hair clip :) ("compass rose")

My first flexi-8 hair clip arrived today! So I guess I’m officially a hair geek now (this kind of hair clip is mostly worn in the long hair community where people try to grow long, healthy hair by using sensible care and styling products instead of nasty chemicals, curling irons, and hair elastics/barrettes with sharp-edged metal caps). 274 more words

My Life

A New Fitness Gear Site... this could be a problem

I have a problem… and the first step is admitting it right??!?!!?!

So I found a site that has the most amazing fitness stuff EVER! Ok for a geek like me it’s the best place to find fitness gear! ¬† 154 more words


beware of the goa'uld queen (haiku)

ever-changing mood
she is a goa’uld queen
beware of her bite


Why should poetry be reserved for describing friends? Ha.

Poetry And Short Prose

A Loot What?!

So if you hadn’t guessed¬†from the few posts I’ve made so far, I’m a proud geek and gamer, and as such I am of course a subscriber of the awesome little box that is Loot Crate! 263 more words