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News flash! I'm converting.

Some years ago, back when I was 13, I think, I lent a copy of Ubuntu to my Dads friend ’cause he wanted to try it out.Naturally I couldn’t refuse so, you know, what’re you gonna do.At that time I hadn’t really tried it out,I mean when I found out I couldn’t play games on it, I thought there was no point really.Fast forward into time, I got interested ’cause my uncle liked it and he’s kinda like my role model so, you know. 337 more words



This is the exciting conclusion to my story Escape. It tells how Jeanie, my character from Dystopia Rising, got free of the slavers and made her way back towards the town. 1,485 more words


It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.

So many things are happening in the next year. I’m presenting at my first Psychology Conferences in a little over a week. I finish the semester from hell in three. 541 more words



Short Dystopia Rising piece. I’m transferring my Jeanie from one chapter to another and because of it, I’m losing all of my item cards. I wanted something that could help explain what that looks like for Jeanie. 1,037 more words


Journal Entry

I saw an interesting writing challenge today. I enjoyed it so I wanted to share it with you. Though, it is very short (mine is, anyway). 193 more words



I’ve seen a lot of people discussing it, so I’m gonna give my take on it.

In character relationships? Should you? Shouldn’t you? And if you should, how? 642 more words


RP Fix

Some days, you just need the RP Fix.

I sound like an addict when I say that, though, I guess I’d prefer to be addicted to roleplaying games than addicted to drugs, but that’s just me. 333 more words