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Four Common Geek Stereotypes: Myths and Realities

As a self-professed geek, nerd or whatever term is hip nowadays, I grew up seeing people like me portrayed with a lot of stereotypes.  These stereotypes were almost always negative, and even the positive ones included a qualifier to say “don’t be like this guy.” You know the ones, “he may be super smart, but he’s got no common sense!” etc. 2,106 more words

Went a Little Overboard

Well I went a little crazy on some purchasing today :/ . I really shouldn’t have bought as much as I did…1) I don’t really have the money and 2) because I probably really don’t need THAT many tops.   185 more words


The more I work in healthcare the more I feel like I'm in someone else's game of Theme Hospital

If you never played this simulator game back in the 90s then you surely missed out. The basic premise is that you’re running a hospital. You build walls, stick in different rooms and allocate them different functions (diagnostics, treatment etc), hire staff and design the building to include seating (important), toilets (very important) and an array of vending machines to keep everyone happy. 445 more words


Ode To Netflix

Who never fails to jump right in

When things don’t go my way

I’ll hide with you, dear Netflix,

And life’ll be OK.

Even on good days, 207 more words


The Silmarillion Recap: Welcome to Akallabêth! (Part II)

Want to catch up on The Silmarillion so far? Check out the Silmarillion Recaps page here.

Last week, the Men who were willing to go were called to a new homeland, the beautiful island of Numenórë. 370 more words


And the countdown to a new season begins

My love for Once Upon A Time has wavered very little since its beginnings. I was hooked (har har) from the first episode, loving the idea of the cursed world. 337 more words


Ten Things of Thankful, Numero Uno #10Thankful

For a while now I have been an observer of the jaw-droppingly inspiring blog hop, Ten Things of Thankful, the brain-child of my Bezzie… 891 more words