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Post #51 PROMPTS!!

Well, I have a totally new thing. Now I know that with my last projects I’ve gotten bored and ditched them. But this time, I don’t plan do ditch Darkness, that’s what I currently call it. 131 more words

Post #50 WOAH! And Writing Update!

Hey, guys! It’s Wednesday! And as I promised new! Well, actually not yet. But I am surprised that I’m 50 posts! That’s so cool!

So, I am going to be doing a Monthly Writing Update. 104 more words

Post#49! Haha!

Hey, guys! Happy Monday! So again I apologise for the absence last week. This week should be better! And I have my writing class so that’s going very well. 29 more words

The Antihero

In recent years, the antihero has risen in popularity. For those who don’t know, the definition of an antihero is “a central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes.” 482 more words



I think it’s 48? Could be 49. Sorry there’s not really a post today! This week’s been a bit strange. Next week should be better!

Goodbye, my lovelies!!


The new organised (and slightly more courageous) me

This is not saying much, but I have never been as organised as I am now. Not since A level revision anyway.

The obvious reason is the children are now all at school. 202 more words


Post #47 Sorry! And Update!

Hey, guys! Sorry, I missed Friday! But things have got sorta hectic. But here I am!

I should let your know that I have started a fiction class. 43 more words