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The Doctor returns...

On Saturday, after a considerable break, Doctor Who returned to BBC America. I finally got to watch the episode yesterday. I will say this now. I am going to talk about this episode. 719 more words

Doctor Who

Tech and Games for Non-Geeks

I’ve gotten myself a Fitbit! Why? Really, it’s the boyfriend’s fault. Have I mentioned how he loves his tech toys? Not in a million years would I have guessed I’d be living in an apartment with a television that big. 919 more words


Tolkien Fans, Rejoice!

So I wasn’t able to buy Tolkien’s Oxford house (though not for lack of desire), but as it turns out, I may one day still be able to stay somewhere that Tolkien hung out. 68 more words


Reading the Inklings: Robert Harvard

I’m officially one step closer to reading something by all of the Inklings.

A few weeks ago, I started The Problem of Pain by CS Lewis because it has an appendix written by Robert Harvard. 179 more words


Post #66 Five Movies That I Want to See!

Hey, guys!! How was your weekend? Mine was normal. Tax season is on and it’s a pain. But I thought I’d do a bit of a geeky post today. 244 more words

Post #65 Prompts and "Beauty and the Beast"

Hey, guys! Sorry, this is a bit late. Okay extremely late. So because this is a week late, and I have no idea on why I am so late and slow. 255 more words