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Voyager, or Simply the Best

Perhaps the greatest achievement in human history is the launching of the interstellar explorers, the Voyager probes. For a species that 100 years ago was taking it’s fist forays into the skies above our ability to rapidly advance the boundaries of our reach constantly amazes me. 508 more words

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Les Miserables, or Fourth Wall

Dum dum dum dum dum de dum dum dum pa pa pa pa papapaaaa…At the End of the Day you’re another day older.

People will be heard singing, a lot of women will cry and there is a higher death count than a ninth episode of Game of Thrones; so goes Les Miserables the movie. 2,483 more words

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Playing solo, or The Perfect Game

I’m not a good loser, it is why I don’t play multiplayer games all that often and don’t own a Scrabble board. The thought of not winning can make me a bit crabby and not a fun person to play with. 439 more words

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A Star Wars Debate: How to Introduce the Saga to New Viewers

December 18th can’t get here fast enough. Everyone around here is excited about the new Star Wars movies. Some friends love watching every piece of behind the scenes footage and reading all of the speculation. 492 more words


The Thing About 'Geekiness'

So far at TWU, I have been getting some excellent feedback. People have commented on my energy, my organization skills, great facilitation, and natural leadership qualities! 1,003 more words

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My Kind of Holiday

So, during these holidays — with practically nothing else to do — I spend my time playing Crusader Kings 2, which is a strategy game where I get to play as a ruler of a territory (a county, duchy, kingdom, to empire) with the goal of expanding as large and acquire as many territories as possible while making sure my ruler’s dynasty thrives. 207 more words


Why science matters

A fridge with a pre-iPhone camera took a picture of a rock today.

How will this benefit me? Is it really important? Don’t we have better things to spend money on? 853 more words

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