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Tasty Thursdays: Fallout, an AFK Shot

I am a nerd. And a geek. Or both, depending really on how you choose to define them. All I really want from life is to travel and play board games (and maybe play board games while traveling?). 370 more words


Popularity and Immorality

Some groups seem to believe that there is a mass conspiracy pushing immoral media on society.

Though this theory could have a fair amount of truth to it when it comes to the movie and TV industry, I’ve seen it applied to books as well, which, at least in my mind, are less controlled by the mass media and tend to have a very wide variety of story lines. 1,461 more words


Making Mondays Better: Super Mario Maker Fun

My husband and I are total nerds, which means that we’ve been waiting with breathless anticipation for Super Mario Maker to come out next month. He’s excited because he wants to play it. 252 more words


Boring books, or That Stings

In recent years I have lost the reading bug, being married means I have other things to to at night than curl up with a good book. 587 more words

Daily Prompt

Gender Neutral Pokémon

Yes, I’m about to use Pokémon as a gigantic metaphor for my gender neutral, non-binary identity.  You have been warned.

I always liked playing the Pokémon games on my ancient, beat up Gameboy Advance I bought off a middle school friend.   384 more words


Vitamin pills, or Red Pill, Blue Pill

The Menu.

Ingredients: Bits of rocks.

Preparation: Close eyes and swallow.

Cost: A complete waste.


Politicians are at it again, this time they are claiming that we eat too much meat. 686 more words

Daily Prompt


Throttling, simply put, is when your ISP, intentionally slows down your internet speed.
I dunno about other networks, except Mtn, who at least have the decency to let you know. 83 more words