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Late Review : Snow White

Poor, innocent Snow White. The fairest (source: magic mirror) of all princesses yet cruelly hounded until saved by her prince. How could I have issues with her? 766 more words

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The meaning of cricket

I’ve done a good job of teaching Mrs G the rules and laws of cricket, she can tell me what a maiden is and the difference between the main forms of the game are. 559 more words


Becoming an art critic

Art puzzles me.

Perhaps because I have a more scientific look on life I can’t get past a cigar just being a cigar.

The meaning of art is something I struggle with. 481 more words

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Fantasy dinner party

Most of my dinner parties are fictional, I’m really struggling to remember a real-life one I’ve either attended or hosted. I’m not sure what this says about myself, perhaps I am on a list of wanted dinner guests…least wanted.  263 more words

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My Geek Box #1

I’ve never really been one for subscription boxes but kept seeing this one pop up on my newsfeed. I finally took the plunge when they had the offer to try a box for £10 – well even if it doesn’t end up being for me at least I can say I’ve tried one. 158 more words

The voyage of Voyager

Perhaps the greatest achievement in human history is the launching of the interstellar explorers, the Voyager probes. For a species that 100 years ago was taking it’s fist forays into the skies above our ability to rapidly advance the boundaries of our reach constantly amazes me. 479 more words

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Aimless Google searches

I have a little game I like to play, it is called Image Roulette. The rules to this game are very simple, but it is an endless source of enjoyment (and as you will see potential IT policy breaches). 467 more words

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