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Nerd Propagation (Or, the BB8 Lovey)

So my best friend is having a baby. It’s very exciting, especially because she and her husband are fellow geeks. This child will be brought up well. 275 more words


Keep a tidy desktop

Empty, not an icon to be seen. My desktop is as vacant as Windows will allow with only a solitary Recycle Bin sitting empty and unused. 503 more words

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Realm Makers 2016

Instead of going to the Florida Christian Writers’ Conference like I had for the last three years, I went to Realm Makers, which is geared to Christian writers of speculative fiction, so these are my people. 451 more words


Cats are fickle and stubborn

There is a great video from the UK Cat Protection league on stroking your pet’s belly. Apparently they don’t like it up ’em.

The result is that even if your (apologies for the upcoming sentence, I am British so have a in depth education in entendre) pussy looks like it needs a stoke you should try to resist the urge to give it a little tickle lest something untoward happen. 412 more words

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Geeking it Out

On a recent college visit to Lehigh University with my daughter I got very excited when  I saw The Bent of Tau Beta Pi in front of the engineering building. 238 more words


Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond - No Spoilers

Having been a huge geek for a long time, I’ve always enjoyed Star Trek, yes even the bad movies, and even the one with the whales (Nuclear Wessels anyone?). 466 more words


Wanting to be the villain

Being a somewhat occasional amatuer thespian (not to the point where I am out every night as once a week rehearsals are my limit, I like to see my family from time to time) there are a number of juicy roles to be trod on the boards. 378 more words

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