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Let's go to the Movies

Now that I’m getting close the finish line with this draft of my book, I’m starting to really think about what might happen next. Ideally it will be published, but that’s not necessarily the end of the road. 549 more words

Post# 37 Review of Fangirl.

Hey, guys! Thought I’d do something different today. When I was in high school, perusing my library when something caught my eye. That was Fangirl. 139 more words


IT’S HERE!! OMG!! You have no idea how happy I am to know that Christmas is almost here! (We still don’t have snow where I am) 65 more words

Post # 35 Let it snow!

Even though today’s the 30th of November (last day of NaNoWriMo) it still means that Christmas is almost here! So that means that snow; if you don’t get it or already have it (looking at you Canada), is right around the corner. 146 more words

Post #34 I missed a Friday again...

Sorry guys. I thought I had done a post on Friday. But we are now, on the last few days of Nanowrimo. If you are doing it. 188 more words

Post # 33 Well, the problem has not been fixed.

So, here’s the thing guys. The mouse problem has not been solved. We’ve caught about two. Out of like a lot. So this week is very much like the last week. 70 more words