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Go Kill Yourself

Go kill yourself, is what they say.

To the hopeless girl. With scars scattered across her skin and tears cascading down her cheeks.

Go kill yourself, is what they say. 154 more words



In other news: This weekend I had a pretty amazing time at Armadillocon.

For those of you that don’t know, Armadillocon is a SFF literary convention in Austin Texas. 672 more words



.Smoke signals rise rapidly,

But wait, where’s the fire?

Optic outrage prevents processing;

My eyes will not retire.

Tongue twisters act arrogant,

But so do all the liars. 10 more words



hello Geeks of the world! this is part of a two page gag! i shall try to make prolonged stories but also have a stand alone feel to them from now on! Enjoy!!!!


Embracing mental health

So a part of me really debated having a page dedicated to mental health because I wanted this to be a fun place. But then if I didn’t, I wouldn’t feel true to myself. 1,922 more words


You're Beautiful

Welcome back, Seung Woo! Hopefully you all remember him as the talented young boy with the guitar and the bowl cut hair from Superstar K4! 146 more words

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

To begin, its midnight on a Wednesday (Now Thursday) and I am completely exhausted but knowing there is a Justice League movie to watch, I just couldn’t resist putting off going to sleep to watch. 235 more words