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Nerds Know at AnimateFL

I have been terrible at keeping my blog updated weekly let alone monthly. I was invited to join in with a few friends to the last SuperCon and it was a blast. 142 more words

Fangirl Friday: Goonies Never Say Die!

PEEPS! How is everyone? Welcome to another Friday and another jaunt with me through the realms of fandom, wherever they may take us.

This week, we’re crossing boundaries again, from fictional to real world, and seeing how a fandom from a beloved 1980s movie interacts with the past and present, all at the SAME TIME. 2,828 more words


How Augmented Reality works in reality!

Hey bloggers and readers from all over the world I am back with the new topic of discussion and today’s topic is one of the hottest topic of technology today this topic is… 268 more words


Geeks Talk Wrestling, Smackdown Live! Sept. 21

Brunner 1.0 battles through the sickness to talk Smackdown Live! and once again, he’s more of a fan of Smackdown than Raw… What is this, 2006? 32 more words


Cover Reveal: Covalent Bonds

Covalent Bonds has been in the making since March 2015. The road to production involved a few speed bumps and idling at a standstill for road construction, but it is finally cruising right along and can be yours soon. 1,028 more words


Technology: How a website actually works(PART 3)

Hey fellow reader and bloggers I am back with part 3 of the series How a website actually works if you missed the last part go and view  525 more words


You get Stranger Things When  NEEKS Save the World 

By G. P. Avants

Wow, you never know what will find on Netflix. Now that they have begun creating their own series, they have been pulling their resources into a new series called… 456 more words