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Don't Count Out The Music Geeks

Last summer I watched, with much interest, a feature story presented on a local television news broadcast. The premise of the story was that young job candidates in the business world, particularly women, are more likely to succeed if they participate in sports in high school. 694 more words

High School


Before the CW Channel gave us Arrow, Flash or The Originals we had the Vampire Diaries. A show where a lot of people were very pretty. 502 more words


A Lovely and Quirky Disarray @ Geeks'n'Nerds

A Quirky & Lovely Disarray collaboration for Geeks N Nerds.
we bring you the

Pixels and Trinkets Gacha

Three Rares:
8-bit Heart Necklace
8-bit Hair Bow… 70 more words

Conspicuous Consumption & Subcultures

“They are, as we have seen, cultures of conspicuous consumption – even when, as with the skinheads and the punks, certain types of consumption are conspicuously refused – and it is through the distinctive rituals of consumption, through style, that the subculture at once reveals its ‘secret’ identity and communicates its forbidden meanings.”

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Genetics and silliness

I ran across Ancestry.com’s latest ad.  It was ‘exposing’ that Brits aren’t really British.  I had to laugh because of what I know about the history of the British Isles makes their whole ‘discovery’ hilarious.  395 more words

Until Dawn - Horror Games 

Until Dawn is one of the best horror games of recent years. Released in 2015 to plenty of praise and became something of a sleeper hit. 168 more words


We are the weirdos

​Ok. This comic is written by Margaret Atwood, so it’s legit. (You can find it in The Secret Love of Geek Girls). Two, the end panel reminds me of when I was a little kid and my mom took me with to a co-workers house for a visit. 207 more words