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Being invisible!

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Ever wondered what it would be like to invisible?? Exciting no?? The thought itself make my mind wonder to the new world of possibilities. 126 more words


"Nerd" is the new sexy?

Recently, people have come up with how “Nerd” or “geek” is the new sexy. Now I am completely in agreement with that. But I hate it when people try to fake it. 208 more words


Ellis D. Kropotechev and Zeus, This marvelous time-sharing system. 1967

Stumbled on to this interesting little 16mm film made by a couple of Standford grad students in 1967. Some computer history and plenty of innuendo.




When your parents show you pictures of you when you are little, I can remember seeing me on Christmas days in my pants practically crying with excitement opening the Snake Mountain toy. 928 more words


Just the Right Amount of Excitement

I recently went to a movie theater and watched Cars 3, which was excellent but not the point of this story.  At the theater, I saw a poster for  328 more words


A Bowling Ball Named Homer, and other References that Make Up My Marriage

Last month, my husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Tenth! I’ve now officially been married longer than I’ve done just about anything else. Longer than I’ve lived in one place, longer than I’ve attended any school. 1,095 more words

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Fangirl Friday: Baby Driver

HEY, everybody!

It’s been a cray couple of weeks, as many of you know if you listened to our most recent podcast. Whew.

But I did manage to catch the movie… 2,859 more words