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Why I Watch Dubbed Anime

I’ve noticed recently in my dabbling with the world of anime, there are quite a few Otaku who don’t take kindly to dubbed anime and those who watch it. 362 more words


When is the Last Time you Gamed?

When is the Last Time you Gamed?

For me it is the better part of a year, and that is despite the fact that I have purchased several new gaming books including ones for the TV show Supernatural and the book series Monster Hunter International. 811 more words


Lets Hear It For Stephen Amell

To those who know me…Well they know that I am a HUGE Arrow Fan.

Despite working in the “industry” as a PA, or an Assistant or in PR I always tried to keep that separate from my love of Film and Television. 760 more words


Geeks and goths join forces for $117.3M

Looks like money can even bring geeks and goths together.

Shares of Geeknet (GKNT) – an online seller of everything from superhero socks with capes to Pac-Man Ghost Lamps – was Tuesday gobbled up by retailer Hot Topic for roughly $117.3 million. 145 more words



Yes, we are back! In case you’ve forgotten, the story continues from here. Mevil is the only one who has not elaborated on her character to Gorgoth and Cagoo and it is high time she did.

See you Friday!

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Toby plays Last of Us Remastered!

Watch Toby kick some ass in Last of Us remastered multiplayer!