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Breaking news! Warhammer Ninth Edition!

This is going to be real quick and sweet.  Warhammer 9th edition has officially been unofficially leaked! There is lots of talk on the internet saying “its going to be horrible and the worst thing to ever happen to Warhammer.” However, I believe this might be the anchor to a whole new system that is going to be great fun and fast paced combat with some kick ass new models.   22 more words


Episode 5: How to Break your Kids Away from the Screen

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Topics this week:

Steel City Con!


Episode 12 - The Candy Shop and the Halestorm

In this podcast, the guys talk about their journey to Xanadu because they found one of the greatest comic book shops they have been to thus far in their lives. 88 more words


Rated G for Geek Presents: The Lorax

Title: The Lorax

Director: Chris Renaud and Kyle Balda

Release Date: March 2, 2012

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

MPAA Rating: PG

Running Time: 86 minutes 405 more words


Episode 11 - Insane in the Brain and Insane for Comics

In a huge leap forward in production value the guys add music to the podcast and unveil their new format. They discuss the disturbing thoughts in Joe’s brain, unique comics and trade paperbacks. 50 more words


Episode 10 - Pissed Off and Moon Cycles

This podcast is centered around some of the weirdest music on the interwebs. Okay, so that might be an overstatement, but Nick and Joe do find some funny music videos on YouTube and even some unexpected gems. 47 more words


Episode 9 - Wal-Mart 2 Death Too Soon

The title of this podcast might seem like the name 2 some teeny bopper pop song but in fact it is an excoriating account of Nick’s trip to Wal-Mart and the exemplary (he said sarcastically) service he received while out of town on business. 57 more words