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Forest City ComiCon, London’s signature celebration of nerd and geek culture, gets underway

Comic book characters come to life today at the London Convention Centre.

The Forest City ComiCon, featuring Project Play kicked off its fourth-annual event on 9:30 a.m. 178 more words


What's different between Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+C in Unix command line?

You might have always wondered what exactly on my Linux/Unix  device anytime I do the Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+C  magic to stop some programs. But what exactly is their function, what’s the difference between them? 156 more words


Fangirl Friday: Musings on the Binary

Hi, friends —

I’ve been on the road and haven’t had much time to watch anything, but I am reading something that I will most likely fangirl in a minnit, but for right now, I wanted to do some chit-chatting about gender. 1,368 more words

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Why Your Characters Should Be in Fandoms

Marvel? Star Wars? DC? Harry Potter? Doctor Who? Supernatural? Sherlock?

Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed fangirl, chances are that you recognize most, if not all, if those names. 416 more words


trivial pursuit

for some reason, I’ve always been interested in trivia.  I’ve always enjoyed reading and browsing the Internet. Among other things, I like watching shows like  79 more words

Penman No. 269: What the iPhone Hath Wrought

Penman for Monday, September 18, 2017

FROM MY lofty perorations on literature these past two weeks, allow me to slide back down to the more pedestrian and frankly more entertaining plateau of pop culture, to talk about that object of desire that’s changed the world in more than a few ways this past decade—the iPhone. 820 more words

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