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Silent Circle shows off more powerful Blackphone 2 privacy phone

The secure mobile company Silent Circle, which last week raised $50M and bought out the joint venture behind its Blackphone handset, has unveiled a new version of that device — though prospective customers have a bit of a wait on their hands. 244 more words

Mysterious hell-watch measures how sustainable you are in life and in bed

How are you feeling today? Guilty, perhaps? Wracked with shame for everything you’ve done recently that’s failed to live up to even “acceptable” standards?

No? Allow me — and by me, I mean the very literal-mindedly named Spanish tech company “Geeksphone” — to ruin your day, and life. 342 more words


Last week on Firefox os Central

In this article we look at the articles that have been posted this week. 145 more words

App Review

Blackphone's app store wants to fix the biggest problem with apps: the amount of data they collect

Blackphone, a joint venture between Spanish smartphone manufacturer Geeksphone and security company, has revealed its plans to introduce a privacy-focused app store. The marketplace will feature applications which have been examined by the company to make sure they don’t request permission to more data than seems necessary to function. 388 more words


Are you REALLY concerned about your Privacy? Great, Blackphone is now making a Tablet

In the Post-NSA-Revelations Era, we are seeing an influx of new Privacy-focused Devices and Services, and a sharp rise in the use of such services. 128 more words

Company Announcement

How To Hack The BlackPhone

We do not know the answer to this question. The one who knows is this this year’s star of the Defcon conference. He goes under a Twitter name Justin Case. 198 more words

The Price Tag of Security

When it comes to the safety and security of your information, one important question is: How secure do you want to be? Some might want their data to be 100% secure and bulletproof; some want 90% security, some want 50% and so on… The second question is: How much are you willing to pay for it? 362 more words