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Bill And Ted Hockey Jersey Design

About a year ago I had a request-a-thon on Facebook that led to Wyld Stallyns winning the popular vote. I apologize that it took so long to make, I didn’t find the right inspiration until I rememberedĀ the… 50 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Starship Troopers Hockey Jersey Design

Sorry for the long sabbatical, I will ease back into things with something simple: a jersey based on the Mobile Infantry flag from Starship Troopers… 92 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Boomsticks 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

One of my biggest regrets is using a lotĀ of Vancouver Canucks imagery for the Boomsticks 1.0 design. I am still emotionally scarred from doing that, being a diehard Calgary Flames fan and all. 172 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Busters Baseball Jersey Design

Happy Halloween! I’m freezing as I type this but I’m in a baseball mood. Could it be the storied Cubs-Indians World Series? Perhaps. I will probably make a hockey variant of this soon, so stay tuned to this post. 15 more words

Geeky Jerseys

X-Men Hockey Jersey Designs

Two designs for your eyeballs today, so I hope you can forgive the lack of shoulder patches on both (at least for now). I present hockey jersey designs for the X-Men and the Sentinels. 80 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Arrested Development Hockey Jersey Design

UPDATE (Nov 1st 2016): went with a ‘less-is-more’ approach for this design. The old logo had the stair car itself, which, let’s face it, was too busy/ugly to look at. 14 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Office Space Hockey Jersey Design

This is a long overdue design, I just couldn’t arrive at an idea until very recently. A few folks requested an Initech-themed design, but the company logo and colors bored me to tears (probably the design’s intention). 88 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys