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Battletoads Hockey Jersey Design

Battletoads was not a video game, it was an elaborate scheme that incited gamers to destroy their controllers so they’d have to buy new ones. Nintendo and Sega gave the makers of Battletoads a kickback for controller sales, of course. 38 more words

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Browncoats Baseball Jersey Design

The design should be pretty self-explanatory, so how about a rant? I don’t have overdraft protection on my chequing account, so it’s impossible for me to dip below a $0.00 balance on my own. 120 more words

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NES Zapper Hockey Jersey Design

4 or 5 years ago I attempted a NES design, but I couldn’t figure out the main logo (that post was deleted). I finally finished the design by incorporating a gun-toting ROB; when in doubt get the weapons out, I always say. 20 more words

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Better Call Saul Hockey Jersey Design

I’m not a fan of prequels but Better Call Saul has certainly won me over these past few years. My hope is the show eventually moves beyond the Breaking Bad timeline to present day, so Saul Goodman could redeem himself in some way. 48 more words

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Fury Road Hockey Jersey Design

I’m not saying this will get made, but if it does the numbers would be metallic silver. So shiny. So chrome. Anyways, here’s a design that languished for a few years now, glad I can finally share it with you today. 44 more words

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Bill And Ted Hockey Jersey Design

About a year ago I had a request-a-thon on Facebook that led to Wyld Stallyns winning the popular vote. I apologize that it took so long to make, I didn’t find the right inspiration until I remembered┬áthe… 50 more words

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Starship Troopers Hockey Jersey Design

Sorry for the long sabbatical, I will ease back into things with something simple: a jersey based on the Mobile Infantry flag from Starship Troopers… 92 more words

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