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Office Space Hockey Jersey Design

This is a long overdue design, I just couldn’t arrive at an idea until very recently. A few folks requested an Initech-themed design, but the company logo and colors bored me to tears (probably the design’s intention). 88 more words

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Princess Bride Hockey Jersey Design

About 3 years ago I posted a Dread Pirates design, which I since deleted because I felt it was too plain and simple. Thought I’d give it another go, this time with an injection of color and new patch logos for both the ship and the mantra belonging to these Pirates.

Here is a mockup:

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Donkey Kong Hockey Jersey Design

Thought I’d do a design that is a homage to the original Donkey Kong arcade cabinet from 1981 (35 years ago!). All of the logos are updated versions of art found on the cabinet. 98 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

BB-8 Hockey Jersey Design

UPDATE: I’m my own worst critic, so I heavily updated the above jersey. Why so much black? So BB-8 and the text DROIDS could register better. 102 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Captain 3.0 and Shellhead 3.0 Hockey Jersey Designs

New Captain and Shellhead designs, just in time for my most-anticipated film of the year. Captain gets a few new additions: the star and numbers are now lined with silver; two all-new patches that celebrate his team and teammates; and lastly blue stripes have been added to the cuffs. 53 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Ron Swanson Hockey Jersey Design Part 1

This one is based on the Pawnee Rangers episode from Parks and Recreation (Season 4, episode 4, also known as the Treat Yo Self episode), except I heavily modified the Rangers logo to include Ron himself. 71 more words

Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Point Break Hockey Jersey Design

Originally you could see Bodhi’s eyes within the mask, but they were too unnerving so I removed them. A cheeky President Seal goes on the shoulders, my take on the USA Hockey logo goes on the back. 79 more words

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