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Pokemon Theme: Lickitung...

So what is Lickitung most memorable for? It’s beautiful eyes of course! I jest, obviously it’s tongue.

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Harry Potter Collaboration...

So I took part in a nail art collaboration project over on Instagram – it was titled ‘Harry Potter and the painted nails’. I couldn’t wait to be part of it as I love Harry Potter! 149 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Cubone and Marowak...

So I’ve been neglecting my Pokemon Challenge lately, whoops! Partly due to being busy, but also trying to put it off because I wasn’t looking forward to painting the next few Pokemon. 87 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Exeggcute and Exeggutor...

So I really enjoyed painting these guys. At first I tried to make them both look like ‘prints’ but the Exeggcute was just looking weird so I had to remove it and paint it again. 61 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Voltorb and Electrode...

So oh my goodness, see for them being such simple and boring Pokemon to paint they caused me endless problems! Well actually is was the polishes I used but still. 108 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Krabby and Kingler...

So I’m almost at 100, how exciting! Deciding on Krabby and Kinglers nail design was so easy – of course I had to feature their differing claw sizes! 20 more words

WonderfulWolf Nail Art

Pac-Man Nail Art

Hey Guys

Its AGirlNamedEgypt here and today im going to be showing you guys an easy and super cute tutorial for Pac-Man Nail Art.

As you could probably tell I LOVE anything geeky or nerdy and i was just scrolling through geeky nail art and found some Pac-Man ones so I decided to design my own Pac-Man Inspired Nail Art. 480 more words

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