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Greatball nail art 

Hey all, today’s nail art is a second variation of the Pokeball. This time the greatball. For this you will need:

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Pokemon Theme: Electabuzz...

So surely I wasn’t the only one who thought this guys name was actually ‘Electrabuzz’? I’ve been saying it incorrectly for at least like 16 years, how embarrassing. 56 more words

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Pokemon Theme: Jynx...

So Jynx started off a little controversial as originally she was a ‘curvy’ female figure, with big lips and a black face – it was seen as a little offensive due to the resemblance to a ‘golliwog’ doll. 19 more words

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Pokemon Theme: Scyther...

So according to Pokemon Yellow, Scyther “Leaps out of tall grass and slices prey with its scythes”. How charming!

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Pokemon Theme: Mr Mime...

So it’s not just me that found this guy totally unsettling right? I mean I don’t even have a phobia of dolls or clowns or anything like that, but his whole appearance is just really displeasing. 9 more words

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So I got all excited about going to see the new X-men film on Saturday and, of course, painted my nails to match!… Unfortunately all the showings were sold out (we got the release date mixed up), meaning that I then spent the day walking around with X-men nails for no reason. 186 more words

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Pokemon Theme: Staryu and Starmie

So I took inspiration from the battle scenes featured in the anime. I created the background by layering the colours using the dry brush technique whilst each colour was still wet so that they blended a little more – I like how they turned out!

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