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last nerd block

I’ve found the I’ve rather lost the excitement that came with a nerd block during the last few months. So I decided that after my last one of the batch of 6 in Oct I’ll just give this one up and move to pastures new. 222 more words


FreeBSD, NGINX, SSL and the ChaCha20 cipher suites

In this post, I’ll be describing the journey of enabling the stronger ChaCha20 cipher suites on my FreeBSD NGINX reverse proxy. I’m using SSL Labs SSLTest… 609 more words


Start on Christmas

Seeing as Christmas is looming on the horizon (exactly one month today, people!) we’ll be featuring a few Christmas related crafty bits and recipes alongside the usual updates. 150 more words


Captain America: Civil War

The Captain America: Civil War trailer is finally out and the fans especially the geekĀ are going gaga about it.

Star Wars X-Wing x TIE fighter x StormTroopers

Last night at Changi Airport encounter with Stormtroopers, a scale model of a TIE fighter and a life-size X-Wing! Awesome!!

The Star Wars display will be at Changi airport Terminals 2 & 3 until January 5, 2016. 54 more words

Personal Post

Fan Service or Filler: What is the Real Poison of Anime? - UnimeTV Repost

This is a repost from UnimeTV, the blogging site I work for. It is not original to this site, but it is written by me. 1,053 more words


Turn a Pillow Sham and Tablecloth into Renaissance Faire Costumes

Like most of my projects, I got in over my head. It started with a large, fancy tablecloth, probably discarded from a hotel or restaurant, and an ornate pillow sham, both of which I found for 50% off at a thrift store. 527 more words