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Google's New AI Learns To Become "Highly Aggressive" In Stressful Situations

The results of this artificial intelligence test should scare the $#!T out of you.

The story should sound fairly familiar to people who have seen the “Terminator” movies, “Matrix” movies, “I, Robot”, “2001”, WestWorld  or pretty much any other sci-fi movie ever. 334 more words


Another Star Wars Episode 8 Benicio Del Toro Character Rumor....

Should be obvious, but as with any movie rumor…


Well it wouldn’t be a day that ended in a “y” if we didn’t have another rumor regarding Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Benicio Del Toro’s character. 224 more words


Long Beach Comic Expo 2017 Cosplay

Yesterday, I decided to attend Long Beach Comic Expo 2017 with my boyfriend. I was technically supposed to go to work, but it was canceled. So why not spontaneously buy LBCE tickets and head over? 1,551 more words


Meet Your New Personal Assistant....Barbie?

Mattel has put Barbie through many vocations over the past 60 years, including babysitter, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Girl Scout.

Well now Barbie can add digital personal assistant to her resume. 252 more words


The "Raid" Will Be Getting A Hollywood Remake!

Any lover of contemporary martial arts films knows that 2011’s “The Raid” and it’s sequel “The Raid 2: Berendal” represent the new gold standard.  If you don’t agree, stop reading this right now, rent & watch “The Raid”, then come back to this article and agree with me. 120 more words


Retro game love <3

Hello my lovely geeks!

I recently got this cool red game boy pocket version from my good friend, I was so excited about it I started looking up games and other old-ish consoles too. 203 more words


Ever Wonder What Happened To Jar Jar Binks After Revenge Of The Sith?

Warning – Possible Book Spoilers ahead!

There is probably no more polarizing figure in the Star Wars universe than Jar Jar Binks. While some young children found the clumsy Gungan entertaining, most audiences found him to be annoying, distracting and even a little offensive.   377 more words