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@ Menno-Heim in Berlin

The Mennonite Church in Berlin was founded in 1871. It has a history which is strongly connected to the history of Germany. Especially during WW II,  the church community was highly affected. 217 more words

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Dag 17: gjestebrygge & foto's geiten

In de ochtend geef ik de geiten en de kippen weer een volle bak water, het is hier in Noorwegen ontzettend warm en droog dus dat water hebben de diertjes wel nodig! 72 more words

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De IJslandse taal

De IJslandse taal is ontstaan in de 9e eeuw en is daarna niet echt meer verandert, bijna elke IJslander kan nog altijd het oude schrift lezen. 650 more words

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New infotainment - Mercedes A-Class 2019

Last week I visited the local Mercedes-Benz dealership in order to check out the all-new 2019 A-Class, a car I wanted to examine a bit more closely for a few months now. 570 more words

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America first !

Let’s forget all those immigrants, ( with roots from all over the world !! ) who have built America !!

But not me, I’m a real American !! Regards, Donald Duck .

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#27 Pictures!

After visiting National Park Krka today we transferred all the pictures to my laptop.

Be prepared, we made almost 1700 pictures and videos. 1700!!

I could almost nog believe it. 106 more words

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