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Taking a breath in Methow

After a month we came back from the coast and other side of the mountains, to the house we called home. The smoke curtains were pushed open by the bright shining sun. 264 more words

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At the "coast" .

We were (and will again)  traveling to the (real) coast , Grayland , Twin Harbors, Westport etc in WA and the places that people on this side ( Eastern Washington)  of the Cascades Mountains called ‘coast’. 407 more words

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Eerste blogbericht

Dit is je eerste bericht. Klik op Bewerken om het aan te passen of te verwijderen, of maak een nieuw bericht aan. Als je wilt, kun je dit bericht gebruiken om lezers te vertellen waarom je deze blog bent begonnen en wat je ermee wilt doen. 15 more words

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Week 9) The one that crept by

Theme: Cult 4 preparations

Week nine of my stay at Saint Felix started as usual, with a full day in EAL class. My coach lets me teach pretty much anything I want to our pupils because she likes the ideas I have. 1,856 more words

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Busy Busy Busy

Finally started ‘planning’ my first bit of the trip. My original idea was to couchsurf my way from Bejing to Moscow but that was harder than I expected… Bejing counts 22 million inhabitants so it was hard to get a good base to make my way around in Bejing without having to use lots of taxi’s and public transport… so I decided to go for a cheap tiny room in a hostel but it has a bed, toilet and shower and it’s close to the forbidden city and that’s all I need :-) 578 more words


English vocabulary and writing skill.

Hai! It has been a while since I last produced any content on this blog, so I though heck, why not now. I do want to notify you readers that my posts are going to be a bit more formal starting now. 222 more words

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Wus Bier komt uit een hobby brouwerij uit Bunschoten.

Wij brouwen onze bieren op pure wijze met inachtneming van het uit Duitsland afkomstige Rheinheitsgebot; Onze bieren bestaan uit enkel water, gerstemout en hop. 30 more words

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