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The nonsense about starting over!

I’m so exited the MKMMA is starting! I can’t wait to begin :)

I think we all have it from time to time. We start with something, eating healthier, doing exercise, read every night before bedtime etc. 222 more words

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The journey goes on

I’m back again for some more writing about the every day joys that life has to offer. I can only say that I had a great day of from work. 450 more words

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I was wondering which band I was going to write about.
So, I was scrolling down my wishlist today and I came across Jesu.
Jesu is a band that is pretty well known compared to some other bands I tend to listen to. 121 more words

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Nu ben jij er bijna...

Na 74 weken zwanger te zijn geweest is het grote moment bijna daar ( het gaat een beetje tegen mijn gevoel in maar ik ga er nu gewoon even vanuit dat alles goed zal gaan). 255 more words

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Process decision data (by Edwin)

I have sketched some idea’s.

The story is in my opinion about two things: Fate and Decisions (free will or forced). Was there dead inevitable? or was it bad choices. 430 more words

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One month in Ireland

Finally moved in to my ‘home for the next 2 months’! It’s not a big room, but happy to have a calm , quiet place to be alone and recharge in from time to time. 692 more words

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The Chapter Four in October

I love chapter four, for so many reasons but mainly two Pr!tty and Lode.  Combine the two together and You are on a winning combination!  I adored many of the things this round and spent one two many lindens.  88 more words

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