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Thu Vu - Arguments Against

First of all having one to two year compulsory national service is not effective and does not produce the required quality that is needed. It provides manpower, but it does not promise the expertise, skills and energy supplied by volunteers who signed up for the service by themselves. 182 more words

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Is China Going to Be the World's Superpower Within a Few Short Decades?

By Pepe Escobar / TomDispatch February 22, 2015

BEIJING — Seen from the Chinese capital as the Year of the Sheep starts, the malaise affecting the West seems like a mirage in a galaxy far, far away. 2,723 more words

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The American Empire is a Threat to Every Nation’s Security

By Joachim Hagopian

Global Research, March 13, 2015

President Obama just declared Venezuela a threat to US national security, which is code word for any smaller, less powerful nation possessing balls enough to thumb its nose at the Empire bully America. 2,080 more words

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The disappearance of money?

Computers, robots and other forms of automation threatens the coming decades that a significant portion of the existing jobs will disappear. Robots are rapidly becoming more accessible, more reliable and cheaper. 339 more words

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The World Championships are getting closer and closer.
recently I found one of the promotional videos on Youtube!

And waw it features all of my heroes, such as Jóhann Rúnar Skúlason, Jessica Rydin, Rasmus Møller Jensen, Anne Stine Haugen, Katie Brumpton, Elin V. 19 more words

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday vehemently denied aWall Street Journal report, leaked by the Obama White House, that Israel spied on U.S.  787 more words

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Jenny and Kate (Dreaming of Kate blog)

27 March, 2015

When we arrived in our hotel in Basingstoke last night, our drummer Paul greeted the fella at the door with “Hi, it’s us again!” I don’t know whether or not the guy really recognized us (although I don’t think they have girls wearing battered top hats checking in in the middle of the night on a regular basis; that might have rung a bell), but at least he was kind enough to pretend that he did… 620 more words

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