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My first day of school! (pt. 1)


Today, I’m going to talk about the thing I’d been looking forward to slash fearing all week: going to school.

Last week, my mamá 1,153 more words

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I Love Living in New York City

Hi guys,

I realized this afternoon that I am almost halfway through my stay in New York City. It is crazy to think about how fast time flew by. 772 more words

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The Chubby Girl part 2

Nothing was working. Hannah had started a new diet once again, one that was popular for having awesome results, but she had messed up again. 164 more words

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Livraria Lello en het station

Vanochtend zijn we rond half 10 vertrokken naar boekwinkel Lello. Om tien uur opent de winkel en we wilden er op tijd bij zijn om een echt lange wachttijd te voorkomen. 335 more words

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Couch Adventures

Here is another video I posted on Youtube. You can check it out here!

Thanks for watching!

BYE! x

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The Chubby Girl part 1

Hannah couldn’t look at herself anymore. Her favourite Summer dress, the one that used to fit like a glove, was now too tight. No matter how hard she tried, the zipper wouldn’t budge. 201 more words

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Five Minutes IV

Fingers tremble and drum. The surface remains steady, unchanged, latent. Eyes scour the no-man’s-land between them. The human forms remain the same as the table they line (half-human, half-table). 56 more words

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