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11 December, 2016

I was just wondering about something.. Why is it that even after one hour without seeing my boyfriend I already miss him? 133 more words

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Running fibe

The moment Cross County stopped I thought to myself… Never again.. My leggs felt like they were about to fall off……. but apparently, I kept the  ”running fibe” and I actually kinda like it now.. 167 more words

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Day 204.

Few days before Jane texted me a screenshot of her conversation with Pieter, apparently one of his girl friend texted her saying that what he did meant me no harm, he was innocent, and Jane should stay out of it. 236 more words

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N Y Lunch 6 jan 2017

Nu reeds wensen we al onze leden ,en al diegenen die hun dierbaar zijn, prettige eindejaarsfeesten en het allerbeste voor een gezond, en gelukkig 2017. 588 more words

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Mestkevers zijn een groep van kevers, in deze groep zitten nog eens zo’n 5000 andere soorten onderverdeeld. De mestkevers hebben hun naam te danken aan het feit dat ze mest eten als larve. 254 more words


☃ Blogmas day 9 |Rambling about Relax, beauty & massage Brighton + confessions of a beauty blogger| RandomRani

It gets closer to Christmas- and you are going to Christmas parties, and you’re getting less sleep and eating and drinking not nearly as healthy as you should- your skin looks tired and lifeless. 601 more words

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vanilla cocao cupcakes

It is saturday! Movies, sweets and cuddels. I love baking on saturday, it feels like i have deserved to bake, to cheat and to eat so much as I want to. 103 more words

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