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4th & 8th Grade Buddy Activity

Buddies worked together to create a thaumatrope.  A thaumatrope is a an optical toy. When the straw is twirled quickly between the fingers the two pictures appear to blend into one due to the persistence of vision.

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First blog post

So here I finally am. As I’m lying in my bed this Tuesday evening, overly excited to get started.

I’m a kid from ’99 and… I’m a thinker, we all are to some extent. 212 more words

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Augmented reality video - Thomas de Gilder

Today we finally finished the video for Banknote Bingo. The video shows how the applications would work when it makes use of augmented reality. Cashmyra made the illustrations and I mainly used Adobe after effects to make them into animations. 41 more words

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Our last day

Already we stumbled upon the last day working together as a group. Tomorrow is the big day that we (Cashmyra) are going to present our concept to Fraser, Bob and our fellow students. 139 more words

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Evaluation Olmo

After we got the feedback from Fraser, Bob and other people we asked a few things needed to change. We needed to shorten the animation quite a bit, this was clear. 500 more words

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Beach time!

Head @ Catwa
Catwa Mesh eyes Pack @ Catwa
Eyes Applier~ Az… Reel Bluegray – Applier Catwa @ AZ REEL
Hair~ Ximena @ Truth Hair… 22 more words

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