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#264 Thelma & Louise

(1991, Ridley Scott)
“You’ve always been crazy, this is just the first chance you’ve had to express yourself”

Feminism in film is often a thorny topic, one that centres on representation of women in cinema. 803 more words


What is "The Hook and the Disobedience"?

What is The Hook and The Disobedience link that has appeared in the menu? Why are there no updates on the site and what the yotz is Aggie up to? 1,055 more words


Let's go Brundlefly!

Seth: Have you ever heard of insect politics?

(Veronica slowly shakes her head)

Seth: Neither have I. Insects don’t have politics. They’re very — brutal. No compassion, no compromise. 80 more words


The Long Kiss Goodnight


Dir. Renny Harlin 1996

I ironed 17 items of clothing while watching this film. I also had a shower, put some dustsheets in the shed, checked the guinea pigs, made an unsuccessful phone call, listened to two answer phone messages, laid the breakfast table and ate a small (large) piece of cake. 356 more words