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Tzimmes, latkes and more: Passover fare a tradition at one island eatery

When 264 The Grill closed last summer, a champion of annual restaurant Passover menus went with it, but at least one other Palm Beach eatery’s longstanding Passover dining tradition continues. 246 more words

Palm Beach Restaurants

Pesach of Colors 4: Gefilte Fish (Pink)

Gefilte fish pre-khrayn…

…and post-khrayn. (Not the same ball) Photos mine, April 2016.

Ah, gefilte fish, the much-maligned dish of Ashkenazi tradition. When I’ve told people that I absolutely adore the dish – minced fish patties, often served cold in a gelled fish broth with carrots, sometimes with… 929 more words


You Bet-Cha!

A couple of years ago K and I had a bet. I would try Ethiopian food with her if she ate an entire gefilte fish at Passover at my parents. 852 more words

The Last Essay By Dr. Oliver Sacks


Filter Fish
At life’s end, rediscovering the joys of a childhood favorite

Gefilte fish is not an everyday dish; it is to be eaten mainly on the Jewish Sabbath in Orthodox households, when cooking is not allowed. 693 more words


Gefilte fish

Depending on your experience with it, the words “gefilte fish” will have one of three effects on you:


How to make Hren (Хрен со свёклой)

Horseradish is a plant that is related to the mustard family, with a long white tapered root. The root itself doesn’t have a smell, but when you crush or grate it, it releases a pungent smell that burns your eyes and sinuses. 344 more words


Jewish Food Fun Facts

With the Rosh ha Shana approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to put some Jewish food trivia so that you have some fun preparing for crowds of guests: 181 more words

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