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At Home: Gefilte Fish

When we were doing our Seders, the meal always began with gefilte fish.  But several years ago, I decided to go out of the Seder business. 124 more words

Gefilte fish | Passover Seder | a Jewish family story on Tradition


which makes me think of traditions of my own culture which as I grew up had gradually dissipated. It is the case in my family but I think it’s a general trend. 137 more words


Doctored Gefilte Fish

In memory of Shelly Rosenblum.

I assisted in the cooking for Passover this year, 2018. I would like to note that, being a Catholic, I have only attended Passover a few times. 237 more words


2017 Year in Food April - Passover Foods

In the past few years I have been perfecting the art of SCALE.  And that is, how to plan for more than just ‘a few cookies.’    In this picture, I had just made gefilte fish to serve about four nights of Passover—of which I was only going to be at two of.   73 more words

2017 Year In Food

Appreciating the many quirks of Passover

Published: The California Aggie. April 12, 2017. View here.

As the sun goes down and the first night of Passover begins, Jewish people everywhere try to convince themselves that the next eight days will not be as terrible as they remember. 941 more words