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A Pop-Up Dinner with The Gefilteria

After a lifetime of embracing my Sephardic heritage—mostly in the form of endless flakey, cheese-filled Turkish pastries—my sister and I decided it was time to give the stage to our Eastern European ancestry for a change. 204 more words


Old Country Gefilte Fish

This recipe submission comes from my dad Boris. He’s an avid fisherman and a great family man. He started cooking at a very young age, learning the flavorful, traditional recipes of his family and heritage. 401 more words


If a Horse and Radish Fall in Love?

You gotta wonder how some things got their names… I mean, did a horse and a radish fall in love, and we wound up with this ugly, sharp flavoured root, that somehow goes great with both Gefilte fish AND roast beef? 188 more words


[M.M.X.I.V. 269] Looks fishy

This program has been pre-recorded and scheduled to post on the second day of ראש השנה.

It has become a tradition of mine to make lox (cured salmon) for some of the major Jewish holidays, such as ראש השנה ( 555 more words


5 Answers to Shabbat’s Whys

Article courtesy of: http://www.buzztorah.com/

Have you ever been curious about why we give extra charity before Shabbat, the reason for eating gefilte fish, or just how cholent became so popular? 411 more words

There Are Plenty of Gefilte Fish in the Sea

“There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

-An optimistic person

You’ve heard it before. Whether it was said to you or you heard someone say it to someone else, this phrase has passed through your ears more than a few times. 1,080 more words


Pickles, Borscht, Cow Tongue, Rye + Housemade Gefilte! Sherman's of Palm Desert

Jewish deli’s are well known for monstrous sky-high stacks of meat, menus the size of school chalkboards, endless plates of pickles and servers who move and talk to customers at the speed of sound. 231 more words