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Watch And Listen To This Terrible Geico Camel Song

Everyone knows about the Geico camel commercial. ‘Mike, guess what day it is?’ ‘Hump Day!!!!’ SO MUCH LULZ.

But really it’s annoying and so is this song. 22 more words


What day is it?

I know, I know, it’s Thursday…just play along…I needed a break from all the garbage out there.

We all know about the crazy camel who makes his way through the office asking “what day is it?”  The marketing genius behind that ad is incredible but do you actually know what the commercial is about?  412 more words

My Thoughts

Guess What Day It Is?

Guess what day it is? Guess. What. Day. It. Is. Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike…. Hump Day! Woop woop!
My husband is obsessed with this Geico commercial. 135 more words

Mike And I

Happier than a Camel on Hump Day

Thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation are usually relegated to Thanksgiving’s once-a-year holiday, and that’s cool, but I wonder how many of us miss a daily blessing because we need a little more awe for today’s gifts. 463 more words


Rainy Days Ahead

Hey guysss! Guess what day it is!?

I really hope everyone has seen this Geico commercial. It cracks me up every single time.

Anyways, it’s been pretty quiet over on my end. 237 more words

Get To Know Me

Hey Mike, guess what day it is?

OMG the GEICO camel came to my office today…hah!

Ok so it was not really the GEICO camel. But I LMAOed anyway, while most of my other coworkers, well, reacted like the camel’s coworkers did in the commercial. 50 more words

Coffee Break