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Ep. 2: Skin-Wearers

In today’s episode, Jack and J.J. explore skin-wearing, both literal and figurative.  We start with Ed Gein and clothing made from human skin.  Then we move on to flayed Aztec deities and the peculiar war-tokens on the ancient Scythians.   253 more words


Getting closer to Mondriaan.....

I should start by saying that love was my main reason to move from England to the Netherlands back in the 1990s. But having said that, there were other reasons I was enthusiastic to travel over the North Sea and experience life here. 316 more words

Filmes inspirados em Serial Killers: Psicose

Ok, muita gente já sabe que esse clássico suuuuper conhecido do Hitchcock foi inspirado em um assassino real, Ed Gein, mas quem foi ele, você sabe? 508 more words


Deranged (1974)

Up until Chuck Parello’s 2000 film “Ed Gein” (a.k.a. “In the Light of the Moon”), this 1974 trash-fest, “Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile”, was the most factual cinematic depiction of Gein’s life and crimes. 502 more words


Meet the real Psycho

MEET Ed Gein, the true monster behind Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Warning as some content of this article may disturb some readers. 10 more words


Back to the ham... or skin.

The texture and appearance of the ham reminds me of human skin (a gruesome realisation), after this thought I was prompted to look into Ed Gein’s 50’s murders, grave-robbing and of course the numerous crimes involving bone and flesh keepsakes. 557 more words

Early Concept Development

These pieces were worked out our original Gein concept for the Short Short but ultimately we didn’t go in this direction.  However, all this development work helped us enormously when we went back into the concept and started making changes.  40 more words