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Kyoto, 2016

We are in the land of enchantment. After the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, which is a big part of why I love that city, it’s nice to be here in the laid back city of Kyoto. 560 more words

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10 Things That Make Kyoto The World's Best City

عشر أسباب أختاروا بسببها كيوتو أحسن مدينه فى العالم



Introducing our babies in the house.

This is Geisha….. Maine Coon female born 25 November 2012. Brought to our home on 06 June 2015. A gentle giant baby. 75 more words

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Memoirs of a Geisha: What they got wrong, and what they got right

As with most book adaptations the film is not an exact replica of the novel, but these aren’t the inaccuracies we are looking for today. The novel… 1,765 more words

46 SOCIEDADE - Geisha, geiko, oiran e tayū

Essa é uma discussão antiga, lá de 2012, sobre uma possível definição de geisha, um termo que me perguntam eventualmente. Existe uma confusão bastante corriqueira entre os termos geiko, geisha, oiran e tayū, noções bastante diferentes que afetam parte da nossa percepção sobre esse lado nipônico. 505 more words


The Human Dance

I am a barista and I dance at work.

Not for leisure, but out of necessity – when only 18 inches separate the espresso machine and the blender, nifty footwork becomes a must. 398 more words