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Geissele HK Super Modular Rail: Modern Classic Slick Front End

They are all at it: UKSF, CAG and DEVGRU. All of them, now using slick – or tube – front ends.

I was more than a little surprised when I started blogging again and realised that many of the fans of the latter two Tier 1 outfits were rocking slick front ends (SMR and RAHG respectively). 469 more words


Geissele HK416 SMR In The Wild

Trawling through  a few RS pics, I was amazed at just how many there are of the HK416 SMR out there in the wild.

It’s been speculated that the SMR was designed for CAG; but that hasn’t stopped it spreading to the LE sector as more recent pics show. 82 more words


Review: HAO's HK416 SMR

I don’t like quoting myself, but to demonstrate just how wrong I was I think it’s acceptable:

“Airsoft stuff isn’t ‘like’ RS stuff, so I wish people would cut out the, ‘…it’s like RS!’ nonsense.”

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Trending: SOF (Ret.) Blasters

We already know from in the wild pics and from articles by insiders like Jeff Gurwitch, that USSOF are allowed a great deal of latitude in equipping their blasters with non-issued civilian aftermarket accessories. 448 more words

Done Right

Done Right: F03’s High Speed, Low Drag SMR-enhanced Block II

Gray Fox. Great bunch of guys whose blasters have featured in these pages from the very beginning.

While I was prepping to commence blogging again, I followed Gray Fox’s IG account and tried to find as many of the guys as I could, in order to update myself. 415 more words

Done Right

TRH's SGT HK416D Reboot

When I put away my SGT 416 nearly two years ago, I’d pretty much had enough of it and thought it looked like a massive pile of shit. 654 more words


Review: HAO Industries' 416 Quad Rail

Short version:

HAO’s 416 Quad Rail fits my SGT 416 perfectly and has some very nice details. It’s a definite win, both in terms of the product and HAO’s customer service.

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