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Finding the best Italian Gelato

Gelato – the Italian word for ice cream. Yet, Italian ice cream is so different from anything else I’ve ever experienced! Its so creamy and tasty, I can be excused for eating more than one a day on some occasions! 412 more words


The best gelato in Tuscany

In London, you find pubs at every street’s corner, in Italy, you find gelaterias in every streets; little bit like the London pubs not all gelaterias are the same. 309 more words


Giornata Calda, Gelato Freddo

Because it wasn’t enough of a lesson that things close on Sunday, and even more things close simply because it’s August, we got a bonus “things are closed” day Tuesday because it was the Feast of Assumption of Mary. 708 more words


Gelato! But isn't it just ice cream?

Italy is famous for its food, especially pizza, pasta and gelato. Anyone who has tasted true Italian gelato is likely to tell you that it is the best ‘ice cream’ they have ever had. 674 more words


scoop for sweet

The Authentic Italian Gelato! 

Rekomendasi dari Uni Mer untuk mencoba gelateria (bahasa Italia-toko es krim) terbaru di samping toko komputer daerah C.Simanjuntak langsung saya laksanakan, begitu tau ada ada tempat lain selain toko es krim yang sudah terkenal di Jakal. 210 more words


I Gemelli Gelateria

These days, there are basically only two things left that could motivate me to write a new post: the death of a pope, or discovering a fantastic new gelateria. 1,262 more words