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Katie Hopkins and the paedophiles

Deranged rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins has caused outrage by calling footballer Adam Johnson’s victim a ‘slag’.

Of course, Johnson has been treated in a very different way to Eton scum, Andrew Boeckman/Picard who was allowed to walk away from court scot-free, despite making and distributing thousands of disgusting child-rape images. 630 more words

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What a mouthy old slapper Hopkins is: "Peaches Geldof Owns Katie Hopkins This Morning On Debate Over Parenting (Full Interview HD)" 12/11/2013 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HkR-3Eai1Q&w=420&h=315]

Fickle Sheep


It amazes me how fast people gain perspective once everyone jumps on a bandwagon.

A prime example is Justin Beiber, until this year when he’s brought out some and I quote “bangers” (I’m not really a belieber, too late to say soz?), he was the joke of all pop stars. 318 more words

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Town #2 Oxford - Punting and shit

The city of Oxford was created and developed during the second wave of new towns built in the UK around 1961-1964. It was intended to alleviate housing shortfalls in the Oxfordshire area and to accommodate the rising student population attributed to the university lowering the UCAS entry points. 2,269 more words

VIDEO: Aflevering 18: Clanwar samenvatting

Aflevering 18 van Clash met Alvik. Deze Clash of Clans aflevering staat in het teken van een samenvatting van de Clanwar van LekkerBetter.nl met 2 GoWiWiPe aanvallen op stadhuis 10, 1 GoWiWiPe aanval op stadhuis 9, een GoLaLoon aanval op stadhuis 9 en 2 GoWiPe aanvallen op stadhuis 8! Have fun toppers!