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In defence of Bob Geldof

It’s not often I agree with Bob Geldof, but I find myself nodding in agreement with his pithy response to critics who are troubled by his 30-year-old charity song Do They Know It’s Christmas? 454 more words

Free Music For You Too

Music Review: Along with over 10% of the world’s population I received a free copy of U2’s 13th studio album, Songs of Innocence, which, with the perplexity of a Loch Ness leviathan manifestation, had inexplicably appeared in my iTunes library. 1,219 more words


Band Aid torn between Ebola and Duck Flu‏

While parts of Africa are ravaged by disease, many music experts think there is more marketing potential in tackling the plight of the ducks of East Yorkshire. 276 more words

UK Arts

"Where a Kiss of Love Could Kill You, and There's Death in Every Tear." Band Aid 30: Ludicrous Criticism

We’ve all heard the criticism, we’ve all heard the debate. And goodness knows, we all know the song. But do we really know the point of the song, or has it become nothing more than a festive tune? 490 more words

“Heal the world”: do we need celebrities?

A reflection on the Band Aid 30 Single for Ebola.

Thirty years ago, Bob Geldof got together famous musicians in Sam West Studios, Notting Hill to record a single which was to be a $24m contributor to relieving poverty in Ethiopia. 860 more words

Do they know it's Christmas? Of course they bloody well do!

  Just back from Sri Lanka and reading a great blog by Kiri CSW press officer http://www.madomasi.wordpress.com I share her annoyance. Though the cause is worthy these sticking plaster approaches and that damn awful song do nothing to address the fundamental problem of global economic injustice. 257 more words

Peter Cech: Drummer Extraordinaire

This time last year Petr Cech was preparing to face West Ham at Upton Park. Now, thanks to lanky nerd Thibaut Courtois, Cech is struggling to fill the void before his inevitable move away in January. 140 more words