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And so it begins

This picture to me epitomises the Great Britain versus the European Union ‘fight’.  Or referendum.

What you see is the tiny British trawler, currently struggling to make a living after decades of traditional family North Sea fishing. 201 more words

Social Engineering

Well are you happy?

For years we’ve had increasing personal attacks on politicians, made by other politicians. No blow has been too low. We’ve seen it all, allegations of child abuse with no evidence to back them up, accusations that this party or that party would destroy the health service or the armed forces or the police or whatever… 227 more words

Boats, Votes and Quotes

I think I have fallen down a rabbit hole, popped through the back of a wardrobe and been carried from Kansas on a hurricane. I do not know whether I am in Wonderland, Narnia or Oz but I do not recognise the landscape surrounding me any more. 361 more words


When I'm Working

There, there open wide I got some fire for you (inside)

It’s coming, It’s coming, It’s coming…ITS COMING!

Peaches bounces don’t you know

When Geldof’s Dad is not at home… 158 more words

Katie Hopkins and the paedophiles

Deranged rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins has caused outrage by calling footballer Adam Johnson’s victim a ‘slag’.

Of course, Johnson has been treated in a very different way to Eton scum, Andrew Boeckman/Picard who was allowed to walk away from court scot-free, despite making and distributing thousands of disgusting child-rape images. 630 more words

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What a mouthy old slapper Hopkins is: "Peaches Geldof Owns Katie Hopkins This Morning On Debate Over Parenting (Full Interview HD)" 12/11/2013 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HkR-3Eai1Q&w=420&h=315]