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Wind doesn't work:check it out

When it comes to industrial wind turbines there is plenty of talk about the health problems due to sleep disturbance as a result of the noise the machines produce (and vibration), about declining (or erased) property values, about the destruction of the landscape, but there is one argument that is not an opinion, it’s a fact: 125 more words

Industrial Wind Turbines

Opinion: do wind turbines affect property values? (yes)

Here, from wind-action.org, the opinion of a professional real estate appraiser on the effects of industrial wind turbines on property values. Hint: it’s not good. Note the recommendation to require a property value guarantee from the corporate wind developer. 1,496 more words

Health Effects Of Wind Turbines

The numbers talk: wind doesn't work

The IESO has this cute little graphic indicating the current production of energy from industrial wind turbines in Ontario, always with a pithy description like “Enough to power homes in Parry Sound” or some such. 244 more words

Industrial Wind Turbines

Pieces missing from the Medical Officer Report

Doctors who were involved in the review of the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health’s report on industrial wind turbines and health effects, say that information about health effects was in the version they reviewed … but was taken out. 467 more words

Industrial Wind Turbines

Do the study now

It is interesting that at the public meetings with the corporate wind energy developers, people who are living in houses near existing turbine installations invite wind developer staff to come and stay overnight in their homes, in order to experience the noise and vibration produced by these machines. 268 more words

Green Energy Act

Legal action update

An update from Ian Hanna, concerning his challenge to the Green Energy Act. Wind Concerns Ontario is asking communities to contribute to this challenge—if every community gave $3,000 it would cover the costs of this legal action, which will benefit everyone facing industrial wind turbine developments. 503 more words

Hitting the nail right on the head

This letter to the editor was published in yesterday’s Toronto Star. the author has succinctly made the point that Ontario already has power generation that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases (hydro and nuclear) and that there are better ways to go about creating cleaner air in Ontario, i.e., public transit etc. 197 more words

Green Energy Act