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Screenwriter Mark Satterthwaite Brings Laughter to the Masses

Believe it or not, writing a great comedy series is one of the most challenging genres to tackle, the key word being great, as we’ve all seen shows that attempt to be funny, but instead leave us unamused or wondering if we missed the joke. 952 more words


Road to Avonlea Review: Misfits and Miracles

Episode Summary: After the ruthless Archie Gillies (John Friesen) bans women and “short” boys from joining the Avonlea hockey team, Alec, Felix, Peg Bowen, Jasper and others decide to form their own team. 1,121 more words


Road to Avonlea Review: Nothing Endures But Change

“Blair Stanley, like it or not, we’re bound together by those we love.”

Episode Summary: After finally being cleared of the embezzlement charges against him, Blair Stanley (Robert Collins) comes to Avonlea to pick Sara up so that they can be together in Montreal again. 1,589 more words


The ehMTee Show

Another show we had the pleasure of recording and mixing, the ehMTee Show is a homegrown, cross-platform, webcast variety program of songs and light comedy. Guests included the composer… 34 more words


Jason Priestley relishes bad-boy role on Call Me Fitz (with video)

Jason Priestley laughs as he remembers the time he had sex with a nun in a church. Ditto the time he let an HIV-infected baboon run wild, the primate all hopped up on erectile dysfunction meds. 541 more words


Sheridan Alumni Film Festival: March 7th

The Sheridan Alumni Office is hosting a special film festival on Mar. 7 in S235 at Trafalgar campus to celebrate our talented alumni in the television and film industry. 93 more words

Sheridan College

How to build a better Canadian arts award

At the 33rd annual Dora Mavor Moore Awards last month, Philip Akin gripped his bronzed statue and announced to the audience: “Joy!”

It had been a great evening for the artistic director of Obsidian Theatre. 1,129 more words