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Full Moon in Gemini – Tuesday, December 13, 2016 7:05pm EST — Tarot by Cecelia

Sound the trumpets! Not only is the 2016 holiday season well underway, it is decision time! How do you wish to lead your life? Probably, chances are you do not want to repeat the last five years.

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Gemini & Taurus Love Compatibility


Taurus is an arousing Earth sign with a profound requirement for physical touch and the delight of all faculties of the body. 1,172 more words


Full Moon Report 13-14 December 2016

As Christmas approaches, there isn’t always that much time to stare into the sky at night, to wonder at the planets and stars. Also, at least here in the UK, it’s a bit nippy out there. 956 more words


Your Biggest Weakness Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The twelve zodiac signs that we are all acquainted with where gotten from the visionary impressions humanity grabbed on a great many years back. Antiquated societies and civic establishments would look to the sky to clarify and understand what was going on in life. 904 more words



December 13, 2016 is a full Moon in Gemini. Air sign Gemini brings invigorating energy this holiday season. This full Moon is fortunate because it trines Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra. 246 more words

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December 2016 Full Moon in Gemini

This full moon, and the period hence to the December solstice, is the time to let go of aspects of the self that you do not want to take forward into 2017. 296 more words


Gemini Full Moon

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 13, will be the last Full Moon of 2016. There is a lot of planetary play and action with this Full Moon. 1,254 more words