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Jupiter’s Transit into the Cardinal Sign Libra in September 2016

Those that have their natal sun in Gemini, Libra & Aquarius or happen to have Gemini, Libra or Aquarius rising sure have a lot to look forward to in the next 13 months. 554 more words


Star War

A poem (comprised of 5 10-syllable lines with end words on each line that rhyme) for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #50 based on the painting you see here. 117 more words

Random Thoughts And Musings

Rasi Gunas – Mithuna (Gemini)



Gemini – House of Mercury

Indicates Commercial place, green grass and leaves, balcony, big hall, gambling house, cities, sibling house (brothers/sisters), garden, gambling, guest room, desires, pious, communication, information, meeting, desires, dual, common, windy, grasp and deliver, flexible, intelligence, reasoning, presence of mind, reciprocate, contest, unite, cohabitation, secret move, masculine, singular, pair of boys, two storied building, nights, high places, mountains, sports ground, offices, press, research centers, book-shelf, publications, acoustics, trading. 195 more words

Nadi Astrology

Midweek Music: Trap Door

The song of a Gemini(the actual sign of the artist) and the track is called Trap Door, a lovely acoustic track, its genre is Dubstep and it’s off the… 21 more words


Gemini Horoscope October 2016

Gemini Star sign May 22nd – June 21st

Horoscope October 2016

October 1st – 7th

This is the week where you will harness your active and dynamic emotions  by turning inwards and tuning into your intuitive senses.   92 more words


Gemini? No, I'm a Leo.

We drove four hours North and all I have to show is $50 in free slot play and 148947654 reasons why I can’t fuck with Gemini anymore. 563 more words


Go, Ogle

Gia walks these
gemstone streets,
a Gemini uncoupled.

Break her open
and you’ll find her
elbow’s broken
but her
soul’s anew.

She’s an ogre… 61 more words