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Executive Power Grab Legacy With Added Bonus Of Being A Smokescreen

Well, it is time for yet another Executive Action Un-Constitutional Power Grab by President Barack “Seriously – I Am A Constitutional Scholar – NOT” Obama. That would be Obama’s Gun Control action he is taken to skirt the Legislative Branch of the Government, the very one that said NO to exactly what Obama intends to do today. 1,054 more words

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Eight Questions and Seven Theses about Force Multipliers

“Force multipliers: Machines which allow a small effort to move a larger load are called force multipliers. Some examples of force multipliers include: a crowbar, wheelbarrow, nutcracker, and bottle opener.

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We’re going to acknowledge wonderful things and select people who write things that are important to us. We’d like to say their names in our article, but we are not sure that their names can be provided. 1,932 more words

Former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus wants U.S. to arm Al-Qaeda

Members of al Qaeda’s branch in Syria, the same al Qaeda that was headed by Osama bin Laden and still identified as a terrorist organization, have a surprising advocate in the corridors of American power — … 622 more words

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This is pure insanity. Petraeus had done "The enemy (B) of our enemy (A) is our friend" baloney before, in Iraq. Guess what happened? Enemy B whom we armed and befriended to fight Enemy A became ISIS!!! And now Petraeus wants us to do the same thing in Syria. Message to Petraeus & Obama: "THE ENEMY OF OUR ENEMY IS STILL OUR ENEMY. Our arming them will only make them stronger when they turn against us. Only you who have neither belief nor principle could think that others have none. Al Qaeda and ISIS are our enemies for a reason: They are fanatic Muslims who believe in jihad -- in conquering the world and subjugating all non-Muslims for Islam."

Criminally stupid...

Now senior State Department officials at the U.S. Embassy in Japan have been caught  sending “sensitive” information over personal email accounts.   They apparently did not havd servers secreted in their homes.   133 more words