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Presentations on Generations at Work

Recently I’ve been doing some regional speaking on Gen Y in the workplace, including hot button topics like Gen Y recruitment, retention, and management. 62 more words

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Five Ways to Engage Gen Y at Work

1. Keep social media alive and well in the office.

Gen Yers know how to multitask and use technology to their advantage. Social media breaks are the new cigarette breaks — a chance to pause & socialize during the day. 335 more words

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Gen Y Management: Managing people your own age and older

For the oldest Gen Yers who are five-plus years into careers, many are making the jump into management very early on.

The causes for this are many: 688 more words


Gen Y Women: Sharing it all online

Think of middle school. One brave girl sports something new. A fashionable mom sends her teen to school with an updated look on her 16th birthday. 1,270 more words

Gen Y Best Practices