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Levo League's Beautiful and Innovative New App Makes Resume Building a Little Bit Easier

It’s funny and ironic how I found out about the Levo Resume Builder.  I typed in the name of the website I’ve been trying to work at for the past couple of years in a Twitter search and saw that someone had Tweeted an article about the app from that website. 1,050 more words

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Social Media Habits to kick for 2012 and My wish List for 2013 for Laughs

Well here it is my last post of 2012. I must say it has been a great year and I hope you all have had a great one as well! 442 more words

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Digital Shot of the Week: Don't be "that guy" The guide to Social Media Awkwardness

My inspiration for this quick digital shot came to me because of something that has grown into quite a pet peeve. Seeing things in your newsfeed that can completely annoy you, or for me looking at a client’s social presence and how they’re utilizing it can really jump on a nerve when it just becomes too much. 282 more words

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Infographic of the week: Stats of 13 and under on Facebook

38% of kids under 12 years old are on facebook, that’s 7.5 million kids! This and other facts are found in this infographic. I found this infographic important because even parents that feel they may have prevented their kids from creating a social profile I believe some may be oblivious to their kids having one already. 56 more words

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Infographic Of the Week: Could you go days without your iPhone?

Seeing as how the long awaited iPhone 5 was announced this week I thought this week’s infographic was very appropriate. Smartphones  have intertwined themselves into almost every aspect of our lives, almost like some unforgiving addiction. 41 more words

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School is in Ready For A Hectic Life? Quick Tips to Stay in Control

So the beginning of the week is here not only meaning a new week of work but also the start of another school year. If you’re like me and every other hard working woman professional then I’m sure you can relate to feeling overwhelmed with the demands and responsibility of career, and family life. 225 more words

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Why You will Never Pay off Your Credit Card- Infographic of the Week

Did you know  the average American card holder owes $10,679? This infographic is an entertaining yet alarming picture that is sadly truthful to many Americans situation with credit card debt. 24 more words