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X vs Y by Eve Epstein & Leonora Epstein

A cracking good read. Illuminates the relationship between Gen X and Gen Y, something that’s always felt a little slippery to me (as someone born in 1979, often thrown in with the Millennials but identifying with Gen X). 138 more words


Before Y2K, There Were Millennials.

I am a millennial.

That sentence used to be very off-putting, like a pre-conceived stain on my existence. As a matter of fact, the Pew Research Center… 1,469 more words

TED Talk with Millennial Gives Gen Y’ers Inspiration

What’s the best formula for millennials to make it happen in the work place?

A millennial herself, Patrice Thompson, gives an 8-minute TED Talk about how companies can help bridge the gap between millennials and hard-working Gen X’ers, making it a better workplace for all. 224 more words

Millennial STUFF

Influencer Marketing: You’re talking to the wrong people!

Last week I attended the inaugural Marcomms 360 conference put on by Campaign Middle East in Dubai – an excellent event that was fascinating, insightful and relevant. 1,786 more words


If I Were Single

To be honest, this new Dustinland comic is just a scheme to go into my YOLO joke. I could have just talked about how You Only Live Once is basically We’re All Gonna Die, but it’s funnier / easier to read in a story, so there you have it. 93 more words

Pop Culture

The Power of Cute

When cat-food creater Fiskers wanted to create a new content marketing campaign, they went with the SME of internet cat content. Fiskers hired Buzzfeed to create this advertorial content featuring a wise older cat mentoring a younger kitten. 246 more words

Social Media

Announcement: It's not Gen Y changing the workplace, it's Technology!

Everyone in the CRE space is familiar with the sensation of seeing articles talking about how Gen Y are changing the way work is done. They don’t like to go to offices, they don’t work from 9 to 5, they text instead of calling, they prefer social media to email. 194 more words