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how I stopped feeling sorry and how I became carefree

I would say I’m empathetic by nature, maybe too empathetic. Even though I try my best to ignore this fact about myself. I can’t help but feel deeply for others and the difficulties we’re all faced with sometimes. 549 more words


time versus money debacle, would you spend extra to save yourself grief?

So, recently I realized, I made a dumb mistake – possibly because I found a more efficient way to accomplish the task and I should’ve researched better before I hastily made the decision. 322 more words


Queue Adieu: Titanic

I always stock my Netflix queue with the best of intentions, but in real life 90% of my Netflix viewing consists of rewatching shows like Parks and Rec or Friday Night Lights. 1,402 more words


Ellie Hartleb

I’m a journalism student living working, learning and writing in D.C. I have always been fascinated by storytelling, and this fascination has recently materialized into a blog. 224 more words


Marketing - Small Businesses - Easy Peasy

I love small businesses. They have so much to offer. They haven’t been jaded by the business bug yet; they haven’t tried to overthink their strategies because frankly they just started. 389 more words


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Vegan Needs | Jahanara

My Name is Jahanara. I was born and raised in Iran and I have been living in the united states for a couple of years now… I have a masters degree in Film studies and Film production and I am a freelance filmmaker….but basically I am just someone who really cares about the Animals and the environment. 393 more words


Sincerely Nakama | Nakama

I’m a person looking for my purpose in life, a place where I can impact others and make a difference in the world. Sometimes in life, we just go through the day, but what if there was more to life than just our daily routine? 279 more words