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Planes, planes and more planes with some delays

I have now spent a year traveling for work. I mean I am not in my home state for 90% of my work time. Monday out. 396 more words


It's Been Awhile...

Well, it has been about a year and a half since my last post. Life happened: I got promoted, got promoted again, moved across the country (well technically just halfway), promotion delayed 4 weeks post move, different job (90% traveling, which we will get to), moved a quarter way across the country, bought a house, remodeled it, job falling through, need new job and here we are! 69 more words


Your Generation Did Stupid Shit Too: Why It's Hypocritical to Judge Gen Z on the Laundry Pod Challenge

By: Taylor Douglas
Image from http://keprtv.com/news/local/wa-poison-center-officials-concerned-about-teens-eating-detergent-for-tide-pod-challenge

Here we are. It’s 2018. I’m writing my first blog post, and kids are chomping on laundry pods like they’re gummy bears.  1,514 more words


How Does A Company Divide Responsibility Between 4 Co-Founders? by Blurr CoFounder Daniel Arvidsson

Blurr Photo Sharing App CoFounder Daniel Arvidsson:  We knew we were great friends but the question was could we work together?  And the answer was obviously yes.  220 more words


Millennials Are Perfectionists (No, Really)

When I first read this story I was skeptical.

But when I focused on a singular point: social media, it makes sense.

As a sports fan the common theme you’ll hear is professional athletes today deal with more pressure than previous generations which directly relates to social media. 206 more words


New Year Greetings 2018- No longer personal

Jan 2 2018: Today is the day I try to make my first serious attempt at keeping one of my new year’s resolutions- to start writing. 1,018 more words


Three Generations, Two Long Weeks and One Tech Chasm: Why Only Millennials Can Bridge the Widest of Digital Divides

Grandparents aren’t keen on how much time their grandchildren spend on phones. That’s my observation from the two week holiday hiatus.

What counts as acceptable screen time between Boomers and Gen Z’ers is vastly different. 1,373 more words

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