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Passion + Compassion

How to be Passionate..and Compassionate

By Shlomo Maital

I once surveyed a group of 50 Israeli chip designers, gave them a list of key qualities that were important for innovators – and asked them to rank them.   594 more words

Innovation Blog

#thoughts:different phases in life

After having worked a year in the organisation I’m in right now and as a Gen Y individual, I figured there are some things I am able to sympathize with both Gen Ys and also “older employers”. 721 more words

How dare you call me a 'Millennial'

The other day, somebody used some words I took offence to. In a sentence they said to me, without intent of offending “Millennials like yourself are better at figuring out how to set up that headset than I could ever be”. 980 more words


From Which Generation of Social Media Users are you?

Is it just me or has anyone noticed the trend in FB?

The number of posts and kind of posts you see depends on the generation the FB user belongs to. 1,060 more words

Random Thought

Blogging: Where do You Draw the Line?

I was searching this on Google with little luck and I decided that I may as well just post it here and see what my fellow bloggers think. 200 more words

What McDonalds Can Teach You About Failed Branding

Have you seen the recent McDonald’s commercials featuring wholesome ingredients in family settings?

That’s a far cry from their previous campaign geared towards a “cool” hip-hop crowd… 237 more words

Career Coach

67 thoughts you may experience on a Contiki tour of Europe

For those of you that don’t know, doing a Contiki tour in Europe is the norm/ a rite of passage/ something that everyone in Australia does in the years following high school. 545 more words