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How technology will transform hardwired society


The invention of the wheel, transform the society and its need for transportation. The invention of Zero, transform the society in mathematics (calculation) and commercialization of goods and services. 592 more words


When Opposites Meet: A Review

Name : When Opposites Meet

Author: Sachin Garg

Publisher: Harlequin

You can get it on: Amazon

The book, as the name suggests, explores the relationship of three couples who are completely different from each other- wheelchair-bound Ritwika and international-level athlete Chetan; independent Indu Dua, the mother of Ritwika who has raised her disabled daughter all alone, and socially aloof Lokesh Nair and intoverted Jayant Arora and the chirpy, irrepressible Aditi. 172 more words


The Journey Begins

We are a new generation. We are tomorrow’s world leaders. That is inevitable. The truth is that no matter how hard those who have come before us try to keep us in our seats, one day we will stand up, rise up, and take control of what was given to us. 400 more words

One of those week's......

We all say it’s been one of those day’s, One of those Week’s that is definitely what I have had. Life is throwing me a lot of curve balls & I don’t know if I’m choosing the right one. 106 more words


I reject your suggestion to grow up

*two years ago at a family party*

“I’m serious though,” said my grandmother, side-eyeing all four of her granddaughters at the same time, “One of you has to get married before I die”. 896 more words


Is this the key to motivating under-thirty students?

Faculty members, have you ever returned a set of final exams or end-of-term projects only to have younger students complain that they deserved a “break” on the grade because they had “worked really, really hard” on the assignment? 566 more words


Generation Outside

I have been quite occupied with generations lately because I have been reflecting on my own experiences. I was a Gen X’er, but my experiences have made me feel a connexion with Gen Y. 937 more words