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Coping with a Ballooning Older Population: The Looming Inter-Generational War

And you thought the world had enough problems already? Just wait, it’s going to become a lot more tense, especially among generations.

The world is going through a massive demographic transition that will reshape nations, economies and markets over the next 100 years. 1,022 more words


We, The Millennials are...less religious

David Masci, in an article interviewing Michael Hout, investigates why Millennials seem to be less religious than the generations that came before them.  The article… 207 more words


Gen Y, Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself? Six Tips to Ride the Wave

Okay, I admit I’m one of those Baby Boomers detested by Gens X and Y. “Ah feel yo pain,” as President Bill Clinton liked to express when pressing the flesh. 1,065 more words

Personal Leadership

Tips for Exam Season

It’s officially exam season (cries into pillow and wishes this isn’t real life).

We’ve all been there, done that or currently in the process of it. 942 more words

Who Is... Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande (Full name Ariana Grande-Butera) is an American singer and actress. Ariana started her singing interest on stage performing when she was a child. 385 more words

Gen Z

WIAGF- 30 day Challenge #6

What i am greatful today:

Is that i am able to sleep in my car @ a reasonably safe spot and most of all that safe space is in the front of my boyfriends town home. 111 more words

5 Things You Should Know When You Turn 21

Everyone has been through the age of 21. Well, technically not for some Gen Y and even more so, Gen Z. When you turn 21 people has always considered you as a… 654 more words

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