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A key factor in managing younger people

Managing young people can be an incredibly rewarding vocation, where you get to see them develop and evolve into fantastic workers. It can also swing the other way and be downright annoying. 256 more words

Entrepreneurship - Part 2

For those who haven’t yet read Entrepreneurship – Part 1, the inspiration behind this blog series is a New York Magazine article What we give up when we become entrepreneurs. 692 more words

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So... I'm not a Disney Princess?

If your childhood was anything like mine, your days were filled with copious amounts of Disney movies, and you truly believed that you were the human version of Ariel the Little Mermaid. 622 more words

In Praise of the Entrepreneur

A few days ago, I read an article online about several bright young millennials who were feted for their entrepreneurial spirit, and rightly so for they had done well. 600 more words

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The Generation of Idiotic Narcissists

We’re entitled. We’re narcissistic.

For good reason, of course(we think). I mean, our parents and Generation X got us into this mess, didn’t they? It was our ancestors of yesteryear who really shit the bed and gave us the Federal Reserve with an untenable fiat money system, they gave us frivolous yet gruesome wars which have done nothing but create ill will towards the white man, they started the war on drugs which helped make our prison system the recidivist-friendly, psychosis-inducing farce of a justice tool it is today. 908 more words

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3 ways to strengthen human capital management with a performance management tool

By Deb LaMere, Vice President of Employee Engagement at Ceridian.

As companies seek to improve their human capital management strategies, one thing they need to do is constantly take the pulse of their employees’ performance. 484 more words

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#Millennials: Generation Y Not?

Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) have the same psychological needs (competence, belonging, emotional stability, etc.) and physiological needs (eat, drink, sex, etc.) as any previous generation. 66 more words