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What'd changed in the past 3 months?

It’s kind of hard to frame that it’d been three months since quitting one of my jobs and moving forward from that, three months since I’ve started something anew – and from that three months mark, I’ve realized that I’m a lot happier now than before, mainly because, I’m no longer in the grind of doing something I don’t want to do day in day out, stuck in a toxic atmosphere where I spend more time thinking about quitting than actually doing my job. 94 more words


Leaders Eat Last, a sort of Book Review

I first heard Simon Sinek speak at HowDesign Live 2015 in Chicago. His talk on inspiring leadership was the biggest takeaway from the entire conference. It was incredibly powerful, and well, inspiring, so I had to buy his book,  1,468 more words


Health Insurance Decision Time … to avoid penalties later

For many, it’s the time of year to choose a health insurance plan for 2016.   The Affordable Care Act (the “ACA”) changed the selection process for many because it obligated taxpayers to purchase insurance or face new tax penalties.  394 more words


Trying to Save Money While Paying Off Debt?

Student loans. Car Payments. Rent. Credit cards.

The list of debt for Millennials can go on and on, but those four mentioned above are the biggest income drain of all. 472 more words


12 hour days for a week, some food for thought

12 hour days x 7 days a week = no time for much of anything else.

Last week had been a hectic work week for me and it really helped to put things into perspective. 215 more words


Would you purchase a car from your mobile phone?

I was just doing my weekly troll through Marketing Week (let’s face it, we all need some inspiration on a cold Monday morning), when I stumbled across an article from from Lucy Tesseras. 355 more words