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Cut the bullshit, there's nothing you want here.

I’ve been back for a week and if I was very honest with myself.

Aside from monetary compensation, to say that anything else keeps me here would be a lie. 279 more words


Financial Tips Every Young Adult Should Know

Because my son is a Boy Scout, I spend a night a week at a Boy Scout meeting, usually talking to the other parents or maybe playing a card or board game while the scouts work on their merit badges.   927 more words

Small Investor

The centuries' dilemma

Damn right the old deserve to be taken care of, understood and showered with concern. But the moment any one of them begins to judge young adults by their millennial tendencies, they remove a certain portion of their entitlement to respect. 78 more words


GENERATION WHY: Deluxe Edition Now Available

Unabridged for the first time, “The Killing Wage” and “Generation Why” come together to form the Deluxe Edition.

Raised in the shadow of 9/11 and the Great Recession, schooled in the burden of great expectations and even greater disappointments, these 27 poems are a love letter to the endurance of a generation determined to carve out its own image, trying to make the best of a world our elders have let be run into the ground. 116 more words


Budgeting Basics

Budgets are like the New Year’s resolutions of personal finance. We all know we should have one and we all know it’s a fairly simple thing to follow—at least in theory. 907 more words

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The inspiration behind working anywhere

This is a picture I took at Schloss Schönbrunn of me, well, working. My phone prompted important emails for me to answer and I thought, since I had my laptop with me, why not sit down and type it out – as it’s way faster – so there I was, sitting in front of one of the most important architectural, cultural and historical monuments in Austria and typing away. 147 more words


A Mindful Millenial

One of my best friends, Amanda, and I have always talked about creating a lifestyle blog. We constantly discuss fashion, exercise, food, and proper ettiquette in every day situations, as well as special occasions. 113 more words

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