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Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gifts

Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day without going into debt?¬†Keep reading!

Some of the best gifts involve sharing time, along with a little thoughtfulness. And the memories last far longer than a dozen roses or a box of chocolates. 527 more words

Gen Y

An Open Letter to Younger Readers

To my young friends:

You’ve posted a lot of memes about how my generation (Boomers) really screwed up things for you, like education, the economy, the environment, and the world in general. 487 more words


Late night question: are you complicating things?

If the number one goal in life is to be happy…then why can’t you just decide to be happy now?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself. 302 more words


January 2016: list of happenings

January was eventful.

There was Amsterdam.

There was Cologne.

There was…flying back, ready to do things, getting home, realizing the restlessness I felt during the end of my time abroad wasn’t anxiousness to get things done ‘at home’ to better prepare, in fact, I only realized when I came home, I cannot stay. 155 more words


Mindfulness: dig deeper, there's more to just 'I don't care!'

When you imagine someone say, “I don’t care!”, what’s the first image that pops into your head?

A spoiled child?

A unreasonable teen?

A heartbroken young adult? 934 more words


Gen X or Gen Y?

What generation do you identify with? Why is that? If your like me you probably identify with more gen x more than gen y but society has said other wise. 10 more words

Social Issues And Discussions

Monarch of the Gen

In another long list of ill-informed¬†‘facts’ about Millennials, today’s edition of The Weekend Australian leads the front page with an article declaring that Gen Y would rather bow to the queen than a republic, or something like that (I would link to the article but it’s beyond their paywall because, you know, their rock-hard research is so valuable). 512 more words