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Toxic comparison: the ugly side of social media

Phone hot and heavy in your exhausted hand, you scroll down Instagram, the fourth (or is it fifth?) time you have done so in the past hour. 916 more words


Creativity in a World of Clutter

My children will have very limited access to technology. They will not have personal televisions in their room, tablets, phones, etc. I have come to this conclusion after having observed countless <10 year olds walking right next to their parents with their heads down texting who I presume to be their 4th grade crushes because “it’s getting serious.” I ask parents why they let their children have cell phones and they respond, “to stay connected with me.” I apologize before asking why any 6/7/8 year old would ever be so far from any form of supervision that they would need a phone.  705 more words

Staying Grounded

The ‘quarter life crisis’ is really a thing. It’s probably called that for a reason.

We all go through it. Well, at least everyone I’ve talked to (my friends from different circles who are in that age bracket) have mentioned in one way or another how they have felt like they don’t have their life together. 252 more words



Tahun baru kali sungguh terasa spesial. Setelah 4 kali selalu saya habiskan di Surabaya, sekali di Bandung, lalu tahun ini Semarang. Bersama keluarga besar Telkom Regional IV, ULTR4WAVE menjadi acara penghujung tahun. 228 more words

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Trends in F500 Business Practice

Generations Y & Millenials

As large corporations struggle with changing demographics affecting both their workforce and clients, younger generations Y and Millenials are bringing different attitudes and values to the workplace. 552 more words


Generation (Y) on Grief

Before my mother passed away, I already struggled with depression. I had a rather negative disposition since a young age, I almost always imagined the worst case scenarios in things. 578 more words

Operation CrossGen

Boomers, millennials and all manner of alphabet people – Gen X, Y, Z – we all know which batch we’re born into. Much is made of our differences. 93 more words