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Millennials at Work

It’s is my third time writing this blog.  I wrote all about millennials – people’s opinions on them, their power in the advertising world, and strategic marketing toward them.  29 more words

The Millennial Poison

Have you been chided for being an overachiever, and for making yourself feel special? Do you think you’re always misunderstood because you’re supposed to be intelligent but other people can’t see this? 588 more words


Gen Y more like "GEN WHY"

Many of us that belong to Generation Y will find ourselves hitting our mid twenties to early thirties, and most, if like myself or my friends, may find yourself in a state of utter confusion asking questions like “ how did I get here, why am I doing this, will I ever find love, is he the right one for me” and so on. 733 more words

This is the longest post I hope to make

Greetings! I am the Undercover Millennial and my mission here is to delve into the mind and habits of Generation Z. For background, I am currently earning my Masters in Strategic Communication and the class I am currently in is beating into us the need to understand the Gen Z target market. 411 more words

Gen Z

Letter to My Generation

Originally appeared here at child mags blog

Melissa Cowan asks Gen Y, are we really so bad?

Dear Gen Y,

Like me, you’re probably addicted to social media, constantly busy and often distracted. 403 more words

Child Mags Blog

Generation Me: Why Today's Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled - and More Miserable Than Ever Before (Book)

Jean M. Twenge created  this excellent book a few years ago, and updated it recently- to make a case for the Millennials or Gen Y. For some strange reason, my generation was seen as lazy, disloyal and well, as losers because of student debt, the abysmal job market post college and our need to stay home with our parents for a bit ñonger before reaching economic independence. 363 more words

Mrs Enginerd

Mission of Generation Y

First things first: In case you haven’t gathered by the title of this blog – I am a millennial, (I am in fact, also blonde but that doesn’t matter for my intent on creating this blog or writing it). 402 more words