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Fear, Part One

February 14, 11:26 am

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.
They were supposed to be at home. Sitting in that disgusting little pool again. Just the three of them, Nora… Poppy, and Him. 1,297 more words

Gen X

Lullaby for the Damned, Part One

Blue eyes searched the dimly lit ceiling. The paint was old and poorly maintained, like everything else in the house. Raphael sat up and a familiar hunger overtook him; he let one of his hands stray beneath the baggy shirt he slept in, feeling the thinness of his waist. 843 more words

Gen Y


“Mommy, I can’t sleep”
Poppy glanced up from her pile of laundry, her forehead wrinkling in empathy as her youngest slipped out of the darkened hall. 999 more words

Gen X

5 Tips for the Guy Who Dates Everyone:

For us hungry singles, the solo life is a little like roaming the plains of the savannah: nothing but dust and tumble weeds as far as the eye can see and there’s not a soul in sight to make you feel guilty about eating no-fat yoghurt for dinner or fighting climate change with hairy-leg forests.  1,178 more words


Reflections From One Year of Post-Graduate Life

May has not been kind to my writing time. The lovely weather has made me want to prolong my time outside, while craziness at work has kept me busy and inside longer than usual. 894 more words


Chinatown (1974): the Gen Y review

It’s been over forty years since the release of Jack Nicholson’s breakout hit, and Toli Papadopoulos believes younger audiences will have a newfound appreciation for the mystery-thriller. 451 more words

Dear rule breakers, questioners, straight-A students who skipped class: We want you.

The above message is prominently displayed on the jobs webpage of one of my favourite clothing labels, Everlane, and I love everything about it. I love the idea of an… 893 more words