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Fixing the US Health Payment System: Repeal and Remove

Many say the US healthcare system is broken, but they are wrong.  To see a broken healthcare system, go places like Vietnam and see people dying on gurneys in hospital corridors, or even Great Britain  to see people waiting months for critical procedures.   1,238 more words

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Lack of financial literacy could hold Canadian millennials back: report

Canadian millennials are better educated than their parents, have more skills, and are more likely to spend money on philanthropy, according to a BMO Wealth Management report… 563 more words


Inter-generational Leadership: What’s Myth and What’s Reality–and Does it Matter?

The literature on inter-generational differences is in hyper-drive. Think tanks spew out analyses; book authors produce their take on the situation; bloggers (like yours truly) convey their perspectives; and consultants beat the bushes for contracts to tell organizations how different the generations are and to instil anxiety (to secure more contracts). 1,004 more words


Do Millennials have less fun?

A recent article in the July issue of Vogue, titled Insider Trading, got me thinking. The article documented a life swap: 40-something Gen X editor-in-chief, Tiffanie Darke, exchanged lives with millennial freelancer, Nellie Eden, for an inter-generational social experiment. 666 more words


Making Retro Cool Again

Even in an increasingly digital, mobile, instant or plastic world, there’ll still be a very special place for the old way of doing things, like handwritten letters, personalised messages, and traditional film cameras. 150 more words


An Adventure awaits...

This is it. I’ve finally taken my first steps on an adventure of a lifetime. A bit of eat.pray.love and a bit of study. I didn’t realise how quickly it would come up. 868 more words

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Confession of a millennial

We have come a long way from the analogue landlines to touch-screen mobile devices, from steam engines to high speed bullet trains, from “who let the dogs out” to “shape of you” & “despacito”, from Orkut to Facebook and Instagram and from meeting at the coffee house to video conferencing, somewhere we lost track of ourselves and have become this instant gratification addicts. 408 more words