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The Rise of Video Game-Based Movie

Perubahan dari film comic book ke video game bukan nya tidak ada alasan. Bila dianalisis dari sisi manajemen perubahan yang dilakukan pemain Hollywood adalah sesuatu yang sangat masuk akal.

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How to tackle uncertainty ?

“My life is so pointless.”

I was walking around in the farmlands surrounding where I’m staying when my phone went off with the message. The message was from a friend who’d just passed her end of year exams – intuitively, she should be celebrating. 417 more words


What does it mean to have a goal ?

“Don’t waste time.”

“Don’t stop until you get there.”

“Ignore everything else.”

These three things are what I’m gearing up to when I return home mid-June. 192 more words


Amsterdam: The perfect city and what it all means.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be out and about in Amsterdam once more. One might expect it was all a fairytale moment, with the sun peeking through the clouds and the birds singing and in the distance there’s Prince Charming galloping on his steed to meet me…or something along the lines of that. 363 more words


Getting smart with your Morning Routine

Recently, I asked myself this question:

Now that I’m completely free at the moment – what is the one thing I would change about my morning routine, or implement one, since I don’t really have one (opps)? 160 more words



I went to the Grand Canyon!

The picture above isn’t of the actual Grand Canyon by the way. Anyways, that’s why I haven’t really posted in a while. 92 more words


7.5 Steps to Self-Discovery through Writing for Gen X/Y

I love self-discovery. It’s a road trip with great friends, good music and a camp fire at the end of the day. Usually, I discover new stuff about myself in the form of reflective journal writing, interpreting my dreams, and drawing upon mythology, archetypes, spiritual traditions of the world. 230 more words