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Gen Y error correction

Millennials are so SJW because they think they stand to gain £££££££.

When the promises of the Left prove false, such as home ownership, stable work and retirement…. 319 more words

Baby boomers & Millenials

“I want in 10 years to buy a house. I want to be able to support myself financially through whatever happens with the economy. At the same time, there’s so much fear of missing out. 20 more words

Quarter Life Crisis

Udah lama ndak nulis. Pagi tadi saya berasa up down. Emang dasarnya gampang banget begitu 😂.

Tapi balik ke diri sendiri, kalo mau mager memang akan terus nothing dan justru menjadi pemicu untuk terus seperti itu. 417 more words

Kisah Perjalanan

The millennial's guide to contemporary poetry

write enter

a sentence enter

keep hitting


post Tumblr trite,

left is right

so left it’s right

teen Kryptonite

cite the site

that is your sight… 72 more words


REVEALED: The most Gen Y thing a Gen Y person can do

According to a generational scientist, the most Gen Y thing that a Gen Y person can do is refer to themselves as being Gen Y. The professor in social sciences from a local university, Gordon Bannister, said the self-categorisation of one’s generational traits was classic Gen Y behaviour and typified their ego-centric know-it-all behaviour. 89 more words


A Missed Chance to Change American Healthcare History

Regular readers to the blog will remember the “Parable of the Pipeline,” which was created by Burke Hedges.  This is an excellent analogy to show how the rich become wealthy and why the “normal” person doesn’t.   1,013 more words

Small Investor

Meneropong Geliat Industri Digital Indonesia

Sudahlah!! Lupakan Video Habib Rizieq, Kaesang dan lain lain.

Itu semua parodi politik!!!

Anda ingin mengetahui tiga kunci masa depan Indonesia 2045?

Ada Tiga.

Pertama, … 324 more words