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PromoKitchen Podcast #108 | Daniel Bielak - Are We Ready for Gen Z? November 30, 2016 By Mark Graham

A conversation with Daniel Bielek: Many people in our industry worry and complain about the younger generation, most commonly known as millennials or Gen Y. Whether their concerns are based on reality or fiction, suffice it to say that much ink has been spilled on why our industry needs to sit up and pay attention to younger buyers and employees. 7 more words


Stop Millennial Shaming

I am not pro Millennial. I am not anti Millennial. I’m pro living the life you have to the best of your ability. I’m pro following your passion. 1,282 more words

Stop Being Young, Be Yourself

Being young is great, taking everything on a whim and not worrying about a thing. But when does being young actually hinder our progress as a person? 635 more words

Generation X at Greater Risk of Stroke Than Baby Boomers, Rutgers Study Finds

Older baby boomers—those born between 1945 and 1954—can proudly boast a new label: the “stroke-healthiest generation,” according to a Rutgers study that found the lowest incidence of ischemic stroke in this age group within the past 20 years. 326 more words

Rutgers Research

Lop My Tree and Yell Tin-der.

Generally, life has been pretty fucking good lately. Actually, great. The best it has been in ten plus years. I decided to hit up Tinder again the other day, not out of some relational vacuum in my life, but just out of curiosity. 1,948 more words


Always A Text Away: Why Our Generation Is So Afraid Of Being Alone

Ive never fully understood why certain people areafraidof being alone. Sure, there are times when I would simply rather not be alone, like when Im out to dinner or watching a big football game. 23 more words


Stepping Into Adulthood : The Realization

As a child, I always fantasized about graduating and growing up to be an adult. I was full of hope that I’d be doing so many great things in the real world. 844 more words