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Mid Year Resolutions

Can we just take a moment to realise that it’s nearly June. The sixth month in the year. WHAT THE HELL. WHY IS TIME GOING SO FAST! 1,408 more words

How young Australians are changing the automotive industry in Australia

The Australian automotive industry has been put on notice with the warning that it is in for a “decade of upheaval”. The wake-up call arose out of extensive research completed by Roy Morgan Research which identifying 2025 as a “tipping point” for the industry. 470 more words

In The News

Morning Ritual for job #1

I wake up complete the puzzle then reset my alarm to go off nearly 30 minutes later. Wake up again and rush out the house barely realizing what I’m even doing. 214 more words

The Millennial Experience

What Having Anxiety is Like (What No One Tells You)


Anxiety effects hundreds, if not thousands of people. The portion of the population that don’t experience frequent anxiety don’t really understand what it is or what it does. 659 more words

Generation Labels

What generation are you a part of? Are you the baby boomer generation? Generation X? Generation Y? Are you a part of the millennial generation? Its interesting how each generation has its own character traits and accomplishments. 373 more words

What Happens When You Find the One


There’s this biological need for companionship from a young age. Babies bond with their mothers. Children bond with other children and adults. There’s a constant, subconscious need for interaction. 375 more words

My Time Writing Fan Fiction

I get frustrated when fan fiction is given a bad wrap. I know I’m definitely not the first blogger to say this, but none the less, I have some very strong feelings about this particular form. 1,162 more words