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GenCon Protests RFRA Bill...That They Obviously Haven't Read

Before we get all butthurt about the rest of the piece: 1) About the only people I discriminate against a folks with bad tattoos…you obviously make bad decisions, but hey! 1,124 more words

Roleplaying Games

Association Shouldn't be Government Mandated, Period.

Let’s play a game of ideological pinball for a second and see if you can nail down what “side” of the debate I’m coming down on with regards to the… 1,207 more words


Open For Service

So there is some pretty crappy stuff happening in my home state of Indiana today. Governor Mike Pence just signed a new bill into law that allows business to discriminate against people based on their “religious freedom.” That’s as bad as it sounds–they can segregate gays, lesbians, transgender…basically whoever they feel jeopardizes their religious freedom. 460 more words

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RFRA in Indiana: A Last Gasp of Bigotry in a Lost Culture War

From what I can tell, no one really wants the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to be signed into law, with the exception of the lawmakers who passed it. 1,036 more words


Religious Freedom Bills And Fake Religious Infringement

If Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, signs a so-called “Religious Freedom” bill, it will become, yet, another law in search of a problem that does not exist.   120 more words

Kyle Herron

The Right to Make You Feel Icky

I quote from Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols:

Let us finally consider how naïve it is altogether to say: “Man ought to be such and such!” Reality shows us an enchanting wealth of types, the abundance of a lavish play and change of forms – and some wretched loafer of a moralist comments: “No!

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