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March of the Living Dead at Gencon 50

I got to play in a miniatures Zombie game using home rules in 28mm. The plot line was a bit unclear, but a team of 12 players each got one figure (w/ 3 hits, 4-6 bullets) landing from two boats. 344 more words


Shoot from the Hip, Aim for the Heart

There’s nothing scary about writing.

Only there is. And I’ve been suffering under it’s weight for some time. My own stupid, stubborn, self-inflicted weight. It’s not the writing. 474 more words

Gen Con 50- a miniature gamers day (pic heavy)

I spent a good six hours today at Gen Con 50 – what a great day!

I took a bunch of pics, played two games and bought stuff… 14 more words


Gen Con 2017 Preview: Custom Heroes by AEG

Custom Heroes

Publisher: AEG

Designer: John D. Clair

Players: 2-6

Time: 45 min.

Custom Heroes is a card game where you are playing fighters to win hands of cards.   672 more words


We Can Be Heroes

They say you should never meet your heroes. You will realize they have feet of clay, lecherous hands, and spiteful mouths. Let them remain a shadow in the back of your mind. 357 more words

General Thoughts

Games, Gaming, and Educational Space

(Written by Martha S.)

This is a topic I would like to see us devote a whole episode to, if we can make it work, because it is a vast, rich vein to mine and has a lot of useful information for us to impart. 455 more words

Supplementary Material

Welcome to the Gandalf Guy Blog!

Well, after sarcastically being called “Gandalf Guy” by PeaceAndThought for playing with a Gandalf Hero deck at GenCon this year, I decided the name should stick! 16 more words