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Bear Draft version 2

It’s been a while since Gen Con, but with so much happening at the Hall these the delay was longer than expected before I had a chance to write a retrospective. 3,086 more words

Lord Of The Rings LCG

Where now the horse and the rider?

GenCon 2015 ran from July 29th to August 2nd. As always, it was a time for game fans to try out new games, hear news of upcoming releases, and in some lucky cases, get their hands on a product a little way ahead of release. 731 more words


Grognarok's Transformation and Mine.

Let me please introduce myself…
My name is Daniel W. Cisek and I’m a gamer. I’ve been a musician and a Disc Jockey on a top-rated Connecticut radio station. 1,882 more words

Conventions, Booths, and Selling Your Design – Part 2

We continue our discussion on getting ready for a convention, running a booth, and getting in front of a publisher at a con. What should you put in your convention prep kit? 10 more words


Kids or No Kids

Gen Con Seems Pretty Kids Friendly:

  • Family Fun Pavilion: Includes exhibits, demos, crafts and activities. The pavilion also has the Training Ground which has a play space for kids ages 4-12.
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Legend of the Five Rings Reborn as a Living Card Game: the Saga

The day has, at long last, come.

Or rather – it will have at-long-last come – sometime after August 17th, 2017.  I’ll get to that. 748 more words


GenCon '15 and the end of an era

Hi all! It’s time for a major update and hopefully a return (beginning) to blogging more regularly.

First, I submitted my dissertation for final approval on Friday, and yesterday morning I received my “This person has completed all the requirements for the PhD” certificate, so I am OFFICIALLY DONE! 515 more words