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I <3 GenCon

Usually I don’t manage these post-con recap posts until around Tuesday or so, after I’ve had Monday to make it home and recover, but this one seems to be burning a hole in my pocket so to speak, so I’m going to let it fire itself off now (Sunday, just sitting down after the con closing). 1,091 more words

Devon Oratz

Gencon 2015

While we were at Gencon this weekend I snapped a ton of great pictures, mostly of interesting things that I spotted while we were walking around on the main floor. 361 more words


A Whole Mess of GenCon Thoughts

I’ve been home now about two hours, which for me is just enough time to really begin the deeper marination process of feelings and memories. I’ve put some of my thoughts already up on Facebook, but those are the first blush at these ideas. 1,084 more words

Believe In Yourself

Home from Gen Con 2015

Wow, Gen Con was a whirlwind of excitement and fun. Of course we had a blast and wished we could’ve stayed longer, but I am glad to be home. 511 more words


Games: Promises to keep

By John Lyle Belden

It’s the day after GenCon. I’m sitting in my living room surrounded by about 25 new games. We only paid for a few of them, and a couple at wholesale or discount. 211 more words


GenCan't recap-8/2/2015

Well another GenCan’t has come and gone, and I have to say, this one was more spectacular than last year’s.  I had some good times with my family, got a chance to spend some money on my 10yr old and buy him some shoes for school, got back into tech with this new Chromebook I discovered at the pawn shop,  and to top it off, got to eat some great home cooked food.   37 more words

Game Reviews

Roadtrip Story

On the first day we were in Indiapolis, we got honked while driving on the highway and they asked us to roll down our window. 89 more words