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I’ve been in crisis mode for awhile now. I think too much. My good friend tells me this all the time and it’s only recently that I’ve come to realize that he is right. 516 more words


Women Are People

Since the Trump tapes were released, I, like many others, have felt sickened by his blatant misogyny and description of sexual assault. In the video, Trump brags about  grabbing women“by the pussy” among other heinous comments. 529 more words


Born in Flames

I was born in flames, or at least that’s how it feels. I don’t remember the first time I saw or heard the word feminism. I don’t remember actively seeking out its meaning. 428 more words


Efforts in Befriending my Body (also, that one time I didn't shower for 4 days)

I grew up in purity culture (Here’s an article that looks helpful after a quick look, for anyone looking for a definition/examples of this). From a very early age in Fundamental Evangelical Christianity, I learned things about my body that I’m still struggling to untangle. 760 more words


My Feminist "A-Ha!" Moment

Growing up, I remember changing from my soccer uniform to my dance leotard. It’s fair to say, my parents were democratic in letting me explore my own identity. 425 more words


Happy National Coming Out Day!

I feel like I should have something to come out about something….

I had listened to this great TED talk that discussed the way everyone has a closet to come out of:  525 more words


My Two Minutes of Fame

So that thing I did – where I was interviewed for a news piece about the LIRR gendered ticket policy?  The piece is up and can be found on the… 187 more words