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An International Look at Women's Rights

Until recently, the human rights of half the world’s population – women – were not universally protected, nor accepted in most parts of the world. In 2014, the… 801 more words


It's All In His Head

I was very grateful to the wonderful Bill Bryson recently.

Well, I’ve always felt quite grateful to him actually. As the incredibly talented, witty, top-notch, best-selling author actually WROTE to me when I lived in Africa. 718 more words

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National Coffee Day Trump Style

Happy National Coffee Day!

How we might be celebrating National Coffee Day next year in Trump World.

Vintage Ads

Dietland: a Novel for the Angry Girl

“We can’t hide it or fake it. We’ll never fit society’s idea for how women should look and behave, but why is that a tragedy? We’re free to live how we want.

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Remarkable Young Women

A while back I wrote a little piece on another remarkable young woman

Yesterday I had multiple flashbacks to the Stanford survivor and her letter while a) watching the documentary… 473 more words


Old and tired whine: "sexist microaggressions"; new and hot whine: "gender shrapnel"

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Prof. Mayock: Shrapnel in academia kind of like London during the Blitz

Haven’t experienced any sexist microaggressions recently?

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