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I Was Called Dezerae ·

I chose the name Dezerae because that is the name of one of my earliest heroes.

     I used to see that girl, Dezerae, between classes walking through the linoleum hallways of our high school with big black headphones that looked like tires covering her ears.  1,033 more words


Colored Toes

My friend’s three year old son likes to wear the princess dress at his preschool.  Every time she tells this story, people think its cute.  I have never heard a negative reaction to it.   729 more words


"What is the difference between a barber and a hairdresser?"

What is the difference between a barber and hairdresser? Good question. They both cut hair so how do you know which one is right for you? 1,051 more words


A Response to Anita Sarkeesian: Mad Max is Definitely Feminist!

Judging by the amount of explosions in the trailer, I didn’t think that I would like Mad Max. Then I saw it being dubbed a ‘feminist film’ and decided to check it out. 779 more words

Film And TV

Thoughts on Nuns and Sisters and Perpetual Indulgence by Marie Cartier

The word “nun” can conjure images from traditional to irreverent in terms of gender. The gender of those who call themselves nuns can range from feminine to masculine, from a woman who looks like a woman dressed as a woman, a contemporary sister or “nun,” who does not wear the traditional black habit, but contemporary female clothing and perhaps a short veil or “wimple” and a cross around her neck; to a man dressed as nun in extremely sexual female garb, a “drag queen” nun; to the traditionally dressed nun, whose habit is a full-length black gown, and full veil covering everything but her face and hands, who means to conceal gender and become something else – a “nun.” 963 more words


Sally Rapehoax, Fake Rape, and Reaction

Reaction is a stance taken when pervasive mainstream thought has crossed a threshold into the realm of insanity. Popular reactive movements, like The Red Pill or The Dark Enlightenment, can only exist when a large enough group of people can mutually agree upon where that threshold may lie. 921 more words