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Bullying at Work

I was watching the movie “Easy A” over the weekend. If you haven’t watched that, it’s a high school drama showcase on bullying featuring Emma Stone. 1,165 more words

Working Together

How nonconformity feels today

Some thoughts today:

  • Maybe I’m fluid just because I haven’t hit the right balance yet, or I just don’t feel like I fit anywhere, or I’m still in denial.
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How I Feel

This song accurately represents how I feel right now. There’s so much going on. I can’t take it in. I also shared the lyrics if you aren’t in the mood to listen to music today. 247 more words


What about the men?

In the last decade Information and Communication Technology (ICT) went from being a buzzword to representing an essential tick-box in the development community as more and more donors and NGO professionals see opportunities in ICT to add value to their existing projects, to ‘conquer the last mile’ and to scale up projects faster than ever before. 458 more words


Nigeria News | Women

Lagos state bans out-of-court settlement for sexual and domestic violence cases
  • The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team announced that cases of rape, defilement, and violence against women would no longer be able to be settled out of court.
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Law & Politics

Afghanistan News | Girls

Afghan police investigate gas poisoning at girls’ school in Herat province
  • More than 100 girls were taken to the hospital in Herat province for toxic gas poisoning at their school in the village of Enjil.
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On Race and Gender and Genetics

Many have quoted that “there are no wrong questions, except for the ones that are not posed”.  But we need to also remember that some questions are better addressed with a counter-question, to challenge our assumptions and to dig deeper into the minds of how and why the question is being framed that way. 360 more words