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Afghanistan Feature | Women

Making Bricks of Molehills

An estimated 2 million widows in Afghanistan struggle to hold together their families and forge a future for themselves following the death of their husbands. 38 more words


China News | Hong Kong Women

Government and communities push to equalize gender representation in Hong Kong’s tech industry
  • Despite equal early interest in tech education, the proportion of girls in computer science courses drops to a third by the start of college.
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U.S. News | Immigrant Women & Children

U.S. federal judge rules mothers and children held in immigration detention centers must be released
  • The judge cited poor detention conditions and failure to comply with a 1997 ruling on the detention of migrant children as grounds for release.
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Setting the stage for what was to be a wildly uncomfortable 9 minutes of unwanted bar conversation, he inserted himself into our circle with a single sarcastic utterance of the word. 622 more words


Turkmenistan News | Male Youth

Turkmenistan cuts study abroad for boys to expand military conscription
  • As conflict in Afghanistan threatens to spill into Turkmenistan, the Turkmen government has ended sponsorship for its male students to study abroad for college in order to broaden the conscription pool.
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I am one of you, but you don't want me

I am hurt.

I am hurt and angry and sad.

But wait, let me back up.

My name is Sarah Kelley, I am 25 years old, and in a lot of ways, Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends had as much to do with raising me as my parents did. 1,055 more words