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It is a Matter of Focus by Deanne Quarrie

Many of the young women I meet tell me that they think feminism is not what they are about, that they prefer to work for the good of all. 937 more words


Who Owns Marriage? (4) evangelical inconsistency and prejudice?

I’ve been reading the contributions of other commentators to the conversation about Nick Park’s 4 chapters. Nick is Executive Director of Evangelical Alliance Ireland.

Chapter 1: A much needed conversation… 1,005 more words


LGBTQI+A, Part 1

There is a lot of talk in the LGBTQ+ communities about what the “A” in the acronym stands for. There are those who will say it’s for Asexuality, and others will add Aromantic. 545 more words


Chris Evans Apologizes for Calling Black Widow a "Slut" and "Whore," Renner Not so Much

In an interview to promote Avengers: Age of Ultron with Digital Spy, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans were asked about fans wanting Black Widow… 273 more words


You Can Call BS on Masculinity and Still Be A Man

I have a friend, and he’s a feminist.  Yeah, he’s a him and he’s a feminist.

The other day, he texted me to tell me that a young woman friend of his said that she thought it was weird that he “disowned the male gender” by being critical of men and masculinity.   599 more words


Non binary identity and being Mother

While the majority of men are becoming more involved in the baby and child care of their children in the UK there is still both a huge gap between the care given by mothers and that given by fathers and also a huge disparity in law, with those who have a female gender, as well as their parents (the maternal grandparents) being given more legal rights than those of a male gender. 561 more words

Father Childcare

R is for Red

My 5 year old grandson, CJ,loves his favorite Uncle Kris A LOT. What he doesn’t know is that his uncle grew up as a girl. As a family we have discussed finding the best way and the right time to tell him.  348 more words