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Global Companies Profit from Women in Leadership

As global public and private sectors alike search for ways to connect the social value of workplace diversity to companies’ economic value, a study by the Washington D.C.–based Peterson Institute for International Economics has found that increased gender diversity in corporate leadership benefits businesses’ bottom line. 118 more words


Feminist Friendship #3 - Bridges Over (Very) Troubled Water

Now that we know who we’re talking to when it comes to the practice of feminist friendship, let’s touch on some foundational issues that are at stake. 1,104 more words


I Am Queen by Vibha Shetiya

I started this post just after getting back from an India trip, always very challenging because of memories that haunt me not only through their high negative recall value, but also in that I often find myself reverting to the diffident, fearful person I used to be while living there. 1,009 more words


The white man's burden - or: the delusions of antifeminism!

Yes, the title of this post is almost certainly controversial! It should be.

I will explain the reason I chose the title towards the end of the post – and respect to you if you can guess it earlier. 2,213 more words


Politics - Where the Boys Are

Due to a faux pas on Friday, a feminist icon found herself in a very politically incorrect moment.

Gloria Steinem got into hot water when she commented that young women are supporting Bernie Sanders for only one reason… to meet boys, as if the Sanders campaign was the new Tinder for millennials. 524 more words


Submissives In Your GPS -- Or As Long As We're Talking About Hilary's Campaign

Reading Ann Laurie’s post  over at Balloon Juice reminded me of the obvious: being aware of the experience of others takes constant effort.  And, (a… 386 more words


New Garage & OKAY with being Me

The lot across the street from my bar opened-up and I decided to build my garage and used car lot there.  As of this writing, I SHOULD be learning how to script vehicles … but I got sidetracked by a blog post I read. 276 more words

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