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Evelyn, my muse

A commission from Kittyhawk that is not a Mohawk-ed mermaid? WHA?! Who is Evelyn?!

Evelyn is me? Sort of? Evelyn is my favorite name for a woman, and thus any time I need a gender bent version of myself, that’s the name I give her in my head because I really wouldn’t want the name Shawna, and Seana or Seanna… I don’t think are correct… grammatically? 115 more words


Yun-chan: Going to the beach

“Stupid strap! Wearing this is bad enough! I don’t need to keep rescuing my bottom from falling off!”

Gender Bender

Yun: Caught trying out her new dress

“Myu, wait! This isn’t what it looks like! I swear!”

Gender Bender

Kare wa Kanojo ni Kawaru no de [Volume 1]

So this is a weird one in that I took a completely random chance on this one. Like, so little information out there on it that IIRC I took a shot off of a few positive Amazon.jp reviews and threw it in with my import pile on a whim, largely because of my unending appetite for gender-bender manga. 254 more words

School Setting

Yun-chan: Bikini

”Cloude!  When did you sneak this into my inventory!?”

Gender Bender

Yun- standing

“…How’d you even talk me into this, Gantz?”

Gender Bender