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Hmmology - episode 24: It Takes Two to Tango but Only One Idiot to Fall in Love

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I had never seen B look so small before. Maybe it was my imagination, but she looked slightly folded in on herself. 485 more words


Like Hell I'm Gonna Get Captured! Chapter 22 Part 2

When I arrived at the station, no one was there yet.

Well, to arrive 5 minutes prior, I did leave 5 minutes before the 5 minutes before the meeting time. 1,334 more words

Usotsuki Lily

If you enjoy a manga that involves a cross dressing boy who vomits blood every time a guy touches him, then this is the manga for you. 401 more words

Manga: Boku To Kanojo No Xxx

English: Your & My Secret

Synonyms: Your and My Secret, My Barbaric Girlfriend

Volumes: 8

Chapters: 69

Status: Completed

Published… 228 more words


Like Hell I'm Gonna Get Captured! Chapter 22 Part 1

Finally at last, the day arrived! It’s the sea! The Niigata! The Sea of Japan! I’m looking forward to it!
Well, the tension is high as it is. 672 more words

Like Hell I'm Gonna Get Captured! Table of Contents

I noticed that DistractedTranslations, the guy who originally translated this has discontinued. His website was deleted by the owner, and I am so intrigued by this story that this is unacceptable! 97 more words