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Boy George does Brisbane, '80s style

We came across this gem the other day: Boy George opening the now-defunct Radio 10 in Brisbane in 1984.

Things don’t get camper than this: a man in a frock cutting a ribbon to open an AM radio station in 1980s Brisbane. 81 more words


What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World 79

Sorry for the late chapter, because the editor seems to be busy now. I’ve finished another chapter and it is in the editing process, I will upload another chapter soon if editing is completed. 1,048 more words


A cooking set for my boy..? 

I bought a cooking set for my son. It was pretty affordable considering it was from toys r us. I got another 20% discount for it. 119 more words

Happy Stuff


Thể loại: Comedy, Gender Bender, Shounen

Tác giả: SUGAWARA Kenji

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Chapter 46: The copycat..err..pigeon?

“Ohhh look at all these interesting sweets! This festival is awesome!”

Yuri was running around excitedly while looking over the food at the stalls around her. 1,915 more words

Chapter 45: The bronze age casino and the mad librarian

“Ugh..my head…where am I..”

Yuri awakened to a throbbing head and a blurry vision.

“You’re finally awake..I was really worried, even if your injury was just a minor cut..the doctor said it was just a minor concussion, so stay still and keep resting” 3,096 more words

What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World 78

Sorry for waiting, here you go.


Translator: NightHaze

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