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Kiken Junai D.N.A (Dangerous Pure Love DNA)

This manga was written by Kurumatani Haruko. The story here is basically love between siblings, Doumoto Chihiro and his sister Ami. It isn’t the first nor the last manga you will read where siblings fall in love with each other and then they find out that they aren’t related by blood. 179 more words


From Brothers to Siblings: Chapter 18

Jammerg55 here, its been a very long time, for those of you who’ve stuck around I thank you. Where to begin, my car died last march, like completely. 658 more words


One Leisure Day

A/N: Annyeong!! Buat kalian yg mgkn menunggu update TTS Mini Series hari ini, author minta maaf krn blom bisa update hari ini. Author lg banyak urusan belakangan ini. 577 more words

Gender Bender

Books books and more books!

Hey. folks.  I have been writing like crazy lately and released three ebooks in the past couple of weeks.   Rather than my blog becoming a steady stream of me mentioning one book after another, I am going to do them all in one swoop starting with my latest book, which has gone to… 299 more words

Gender. Again. *sigh*

I’m getting tired of reading about ever more bizarre gender issues.

This morning I read an article about, wait for it, a woman who considers herself non binary because of her blackness and fatness being considered both masculine and feminine as a child/teenager. 1,526 more words


What the heck is 'cisgender'?

Apparently, it’s me. I’m cisgender.

Oh ok, um, here I was living many decades as a woman and lo and behold it turns out I’m not just a woman. 1,202 more words