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'Re/code Decode': Erica Baker Talks About Her Grand Google Salary Transparency Experiment

Growing up in Alaska, Erica Baker loved playing with computers. Her father was a mechanic in the military, and Baker was drawn to putting stuff together and taking it apart. 390 more words


11/9: StraffeM lunch met Dominique Leroy

Dominique Leroy, Chief Executive Officer van Proximus, nodigt 100 Straffe Madammen uit in de Proximus Towers op vrijdag 11 september vanaf 12u00. Ze geeft ons haar visie op leiderschap. 175 more words

There are now 12 S&P 500 companies that don't have a single woman on their corporate boards

As recently as just 10 years ago, there were 60 companies listed on the S&P 500 that lacked at least one woman on their corporate boards. 94 more words

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Tips For Silicon Valley From A Startup Accelerator In Gaza

Founding a startup is difficult anywhere in the world, but it’s especially hard in Gaza.

Since the war one year ago, Gaza has been nominally peaceful — but the norm is Gaza is not easy: six hours of electricity, and therefore six hours of Internet, a day; a 43 percent unemployment rate, with youth unemployment at 60 percent according to the… 1,070 more words


Intel follows up on pledge to make its workplace more diverse

In January, chipmaker Intel set concrete targets to make the company more accurately reflect the diversity of the tech talent pool by 2020. Intel’s midyear diversity report, released this week, shows that 35 percent of the company’s new hires since January have been women and 12 percent have been racial minorities. 138 more words

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Hollywood isn't even trying to include more women. New data make it clear.

For all its talk about gender diversity, Hollywood remains as male-dominated as ever, a new analysis by Quartz has found.

The percentage of women filling roles as actors, producers, writers, and directors in the American film industry hasn’t budged over the past 15 years. 541 more words

Female engineers shutting down sexist trolls: #iLookLikeAnEngineer

Engineer Isis Wenger is calling out to women in science to highlight gender diversity and shut down stereotypes, using the hashtag #iLookLikeAnEngineer.

Wenger recently wrote an  135 more words

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