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Gender Diversity as a Trend - Why ambitious Men are celebrated and ambitious Women are critized?

On 1th of november 2016, Barack Obama gave a speech in Ohio, addressing to the male campaign leaders of Hillary Clinton and asking them why they did not want to vote for Hillary? 467 more words

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Gender Diversity - Generation and Essentialization of Stereotypes?

On ne naît pas femme, on le deviant” (cit: Simone de Beauvoir)

As shown in Post no. 2 (Gender Diversity for Economic Interest?) and on the basis of the results from many scientists, gender diversity is often implemented for economic reasons. 315 more words

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Gender Diversity for Economic Interest?

Team work is important in various professional fields (Hamilton, Nickerson & Owan 2003, Ivanova-Stenzel & Kübler 2011) and gender diversity in teams is often used as a solution for efficient working (cf. 346 more words

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Gender Diversity in Business Teams as a Marketing and Image Concept?

Statements like “during the past 30 years the use of teams has become a mainstay for the organization of work” (Hamilton, Nickerson & Owan 2003: 465) and “ 416 more words

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Study of speaker gender diversity at Australian Tech Conferences

As a generalist software geek in Australia/NZ, there is not a lot of choice when it comes to conferences. One advantage of the limited menu we have is that it’s relatively easy to track trends of the available conferences over time and one such trend I’m particularly interested in is how many female speakers get an opportunity to present at these conferences. 263 more words

Nalcor Energy’s Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

For Nalcor, diversity and inclusion is a priority. Jim Keating, Chair of Nalcor Energy’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, says that as the company continues to evolve, diversity is increasingly being recognized as a business imperative. 320 more words



Barbara Seeger ist seit Februar 2017 Area Partner der neu eröffneten Repräsentanz in Nordrhein-Westfalen bei Exxecta, nach eigenen Angaben Europas größte Active Sourcing Plattform für weibliche Führungskräfte. 66 more words

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