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The Evidence Is In: Greater Gender Diversity In Science Benefits Us All

The World Economic Forum estimated last year that at the current slow rate of progress, it will take until 2133 to close the global gender gap across health, education, economic opportunity and politics. 19 more words


Students and business leaders agree: Hercules Trophy is all about teambuilding and networking

Solvay Brussels School sent three student teams to the Hercules Trophy in Antwerp this year. We’ve interviewed one of their teams, Finnovatjes and asked them what their thoughts were on the Hercules Trophy. 299 more words

Hercules Trophy

The chart that shows Facebook has made virtually zero progress diversifying its technical staff

Facebook unveiled new stats on the diversity of its workforce this week (July 14), and they show change is painfully slow.

Among Facebook’s technical staff, white representation has fallen below 50% for the first time since 2014, the earliest available data from the company. 383 more words

Is Everyday Sexism Eroding The Progress of Gender Diversity?

‘The 1950’s called. They said we’ve borrowed their gender stereotypes for too long and now they’d like them back’.  1,125 more words

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What we can Learn from an Indonesia ethnicity that recognises 5 Genders

A fascinating piece here from Indonesia that should challenge much of our thinking around Gender Diversity…


Here’s a related quote about gender roles from Gloria Steinem: 122 more words


Join them only if you are SERIOUS about Empowering #WomenatWork !!

There has been a lot of talk and talk and talk about Gender Diversity and Empowering more women at work all around. I know we all obsessed with statistics and data, so here are some stats that might help us all end these discussions and Walk the talk:   1,162 more words

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Frauen müssen sich mehr zutrauen

Nicole Bernthaler, Geschäftsführerin von Exxecta, über die Rekrutierung weiblicher Führungskräfte, die Bescheidenheit von Frauen und männliche Seilschaften

Link zum Artikel: frauen mssen sich mehr zutrauen-

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