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Companies need more millennial board members if they want to stay relevant

Millennials represent the largest generation ever, yet few of them serve on the boards of companies. This is a huge missed opportunity for companies, who perhaps haven’t yet realized the myriad ways having a young perspective can benefit both their brand and their business model. 726 more words

Utah software firm offers to cover tuition to attract women

Tech giants from Google to Facebook have been focused on how to address the shortage of women in the field. In recent years, research shows that the… 494 more words


Transgender, female, non-White: a passport for tragedy?

This post is the result of some silent observation, which has been painful and discouraging. It is not a piece written in a positive note. It is not the type of blogpost that emulates energy, dynamism or awakens readers to explore new ideas. 972 more words


Diversity Quotas for Boards

Data from around the world


“Women’s share of board seats ranges from 7.9% in Portugal (PSI-20 index) to 18.5% in Germany (DAX index) to 22.8% in the United Kingdom (FTSE 100 index) to 35.5% in Norway (OBX index).” (via Catalyst.org) 554 more words

Female Quota

Der Staat muss im eigenen Bereich Vorbild sein

In nur zwölf Jahren Konzernkarriere schaffte sie es in den Vorstand eines MDAX-Konzerns. Die 56-Jährige gründete das Netzwerk „Great Women in Business“ und engagiert sich bei FidAR – Initiative für mehr Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte – für mehr Gleichberechtigung in der Wirtschaft. 1,067 more words

Female Quota

Nordic model & gender pluralities: counter-intuitive perspectives?

A good friend recently shared an article entitled ‘Scandi Sense‘, published on 18 March 2015, in a website devoted to ‘Mr Fox: style and substance for parents with boys’ . 966 more words

Critical Perspectives On Perceptions Of Gender Policies

Are You Being Judged?

My friend shared an article on Facebook with me today that set me thinking on this topic. While the article talks about discrimination based on someone’s English speaking prowess in India, it addresses our intrinsic habit of being judgmental in many other areas. 1,308 more words

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