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Das gilt bei der Frauenquote ab 2016

Die Dax-30-Konzerne haben vor Kurzem ihren Statusbericht für 2014 zum Thema “Frauenförderung” vorgestellt. Künftig haben sie auch die gesetzlichen Vorgaben zu beachten. Welche Regeln zur Geschlechter- und Frauenquote künftig gelten und warum die Zeit bis Ende September drängt.  877 more words

Female Executives

This entrepreneur wants half of tech conference speakers to be women. Here's her solution

Achieving true gender balance among the ranks of Silicon Valley’s workers and leadership is a complex issue that will take time, but shifting the representation among the prominent few who speak at industry conferences is a goal that Canadian expat Sandi MacPherson believes can be accomplished much sooner. 562 more words


Frauen Management Report 2015

Frauen in Geschäftsführung und Aufsichtsrat der Top 200 und börsennotierten Unternehmen

Medieninhaber, Verleger und Herausgeber:
Kammer für Arbeiter und Angestellte für Wien – Abteilung Betriebswirtschaft

Female Executives

Diversity and Innovation

Some of the best minds in science and business agree that diversity leads to greater innovation.

The fact is that if you want to build teams or organizations capable of innovating, you need diversity.

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Women In Technology

Twitter, facing gender discrimination suit, sorry for #brogrammer 'frat party'

Progressive-dominated Silicon Valley has long been asked to answer for its lack of workplace diversity. Facebook, for example, recently revealed that 55 percent of its workforce is white while only 2 percent is black. 382 more words


Do Female CEOs Make Life Better for Other Women?

Photo Credit: Time Magazine

Fairygodboss members sometimes say their companies have “a boys’ club feel”.  But what exactly does this mean?  In some cases, they are literally referring to a group of similar-aged, similar-looking men with similar backgrounds running their companies.   646 more words

Working Women

BubbleSort Zines Lure Teen Girls to Computer Science

Amy Wibowo knew, even as a kid, that computer science was a magical intersection of math, science and pictures. “As the teacher introduced a new concept, I would make cartoons about it,” she said; the visual elements of math theory sparked inspiration for her. 370 more words