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Her hair shining like the night sky full of stars,

Her face beautifully formed by its constellations,

So perfect and stellar, and bright…

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The sexes should strive

To accept and help each other’s lives

For a better world.

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Erik Paulsen: Totally Hostile To Women’s Rights

Five thousand six hundred twenty-six. That’s the number of people who stand to lose access to healthcare through Planned Parenthood if Rep. Erik Paulsen’s efforts to defund the organization prove successful. 315 more words

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Choosing education over marriage


Battambang, Cambodia. 

“My Grandmother used to say that (…) if you walk loudly you are a “bad woman”, you have to learn how to walk soflty” 2,162 more words


Getting off the beaten track


Battambang, Cambodia. 

“I am so proud of my parents because they are farmers, but they still provided us with the best education they could afford” 2,422 more words


Culture and tradition should not be an excuse for abuse

by Priscilla Ajiji

In 2009, I was enrolled in my dad’s favorite boarding school. I say favorite because he could simply get an admission by making a phone call to the Headmaster. 855 more words