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Camp CHACA 2016: Fear and Change - My time as a Counselor

It has been a year exactly since I boarded a plane and arrived in Nicaragua. At the time, I knew that there would be a myriad of challenges that would face me in the coming two years; one easily identified was gender and the differences that come with being a male and female in Nicaragua. 578 more words

Gender Roles

Court allows men’s entry into kitchen, women throughout India celebrate

After a landmark judgment allowing women’s entry into Haji Ali, a High Court today gave another historic verdict, ruling men in the country should enter kitchen more often, discarding all the social norms. 407 more words

Gender equality won't come screaming, it will come silently!

         I don’t know how to start it? Is it even really important to write this down? Am I really eager to write about this? I try to run away from writing on anything which forces me to prove a point. 926 more words


Celebrate National Women's Equality Day by turning down the goddamn A/C

Today is National Women’s Equality Day, which you likely didn’t know because — in keeping with its theme — it had no fanfare whatsoever. There are a million and one obstacles strewn across the path to gender equality: … 178 more words

Climate & Energy

9 Incredibly Inspiring Quotes For You To Read Today On #WomensEqualityDay

August 26th marks the anniversary of the day that women won the right to vote, and has since then been celebrated as Women’s Equality day. Here are some inspirational quotes from some badass powerful women: 203 more words

Leaving the Ghetto

Yo soy yo y mis circunstancias, dijo Ortega y Gasset.
(“I am I and my circumstance”) (Meditaciones del Quijote, 1914)

We all live in our own ghettos. 710 more words