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The Underground Girls of Kabul

Since 2001, when a coalition led by the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, a lot of attention was paid to the “rebuilding” of the Islamic republic. Most of what we hear in the news is focused on the deprivation, constant skirmishes between Taliban (and Taliban adjacent groups) attacking Western forces, corruption, and deplorable conditions for women and girls. 821 more words

A Drop in the Bucket; a note on intentional unintentions of development

Often when individuals go into development- let’s start smaller actually- Often when individuals participate in charity; volunteering at food shelters, street cleaning, working with youth clubs etc. 1,049 more words

Using femininity as strength, not weakness


Bangkok – Thailand

My name is Thorsaeng, I am 30 years old. I come from Bangkok and have lived in the suburbs of Bangkok all my life. 2,252 more words

Gender Equality

Feminism And My Thoughts — Part 2

The mind of a feminist is difficult to understand. Sometimes she says “No Means No”, but she forgets her slogan when she finds somebody, who is not a feminist, presenting her ideas why she does not support feminism. 291 more words


Apple diversity head Denise Young Smith apologizes for controversial choice of words at summit

Apple’s Denise Young Smith sent an apology to team members at Apple today over commentaries she made at the One Young World Summit in Bogota, Colombia. 1,296 more words


# Men Too

James Cordon of The Late Late Show fame recently found himself in hot water over jokes he made about some of the things Harvey Weinstein has been accused of. 824 more words

'Nem Rán' & Vietnam's Gender Division in Domestic Labour

Nem rán is overshadowed by phở and bánh mì in the contest for the most representative Vietnamese dish in foreign countries. But to put all of the spotlight on  2,044 more words