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Betta Bride

Something tells me I am more
A stirring in my soul
A quiet recognition
And my heart begins to roll

You ask me for a lifetime… 63 more words

Audrey Martin - "I think women are too broad to be defined [...] there is virtually nothing that applies to all women"

How do you self-define?

As a cis-woman.

What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism is making sure everyone starts on a level playing field and just doing the best to make sure everyone has the opportunity to do whatever they want with their lives, free of restriction in terms of gender or sexuality. 3,117 more words


If you’re really serious about gender equality here are some things you shouldn’t say

Sentences like this:

“I don’t believe women support other women”

“All my mentors have been male”

“I’ve always preferred male company because I know where I stand with men” 817 more words

Women's Leadership

Teen skier in Afghanistan credits changing attitudes toward women's sports to surprising source

Eighteen-year-old Masooma Hasani said that for years she had to endure abuse, both physical and verbal, whenever she went skiing in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. Men would throw rocks at her, she said, and tell her she was bringing shame on her family. 218 more words

Human And Civil Rights

What is the moral of this story?

Lisa was clever. Perhaps not the best in her class, but always close to the top. She was small and thin. In her puberty she was not an object of desire for her male fellow students. 436 more words

My Blog

Two peace walks compared and contrasted.

It is increasingly common for towns and cities in the UK to arrange peace walks as a concrete expression of interfaith dialogue, and many such peace walks are arranged to coincide with, or take place just before or after, National Interfaith Week in November. 1,443 more words

Interfaith Dialogue