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“Shark Tank” judge says women need to negotiate salaries more aggressively

Barbara Corcoran, American businesswoman and judge on reality series “Shark Tank,” says that in her experience many women need to get better at demanding higher salaries, and that poor bargaining may account for much of the gender pay gap. 188 more words

Gender Equality

Time to discuss disrespect with our kids

When I started teaching this year, I was unprepared for the consistent disrespect of women that I heard from kids in my classroom. Comments like ‘you’re such a little girl’, ‘that stupid bitch’ or ‘shes’s such a slut’, were casually hurled around the school by boys and girls alike. 562 more words


SDG 17: The significance of Gender Equality in strengthening Global Partnerships

Gender equality is central to the achievement of majority of the SDGs, however has to be made a primary principal objective in the implementation of all the global goals, at national levels. 705 more words

Gender Equality

Is Mark Zuckerberg really changing the game?

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he will take two months paternity leave when his daughter is born, a move that has been widely hailed as game changer for family-friendly working and gender equality. 502 more words


Promoting Changes

It will not take a long time for one to list down dozens reasons to hate advertising. Some reasons will be for being interruptive, selling unattainable aspirations, fuelling consumerism, and not to mention perpetuating gender stereotype. 985 more words


The girl effect, or why being smart just isn't enough


This blog originally appeared on the Power to Persuade web site; see it in its original from here.

The highly-publicised gender pay gap matters for reasons of equity and fairness, but also because women are disproportionately disadvantaged as a consequence.  1,251 more words

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