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PROPHECY: What Scripture Actually Says About Antichrist

I am just a layman.  I have no special training in understanding the Lord’s Word.  What I have learned has come by reading the Scriptures, then reading what those I consider to be Spirit-Lead teachers have to say about the Scriptures and then looking to see if those teachers match with Scripture — not the other way around.  2,989 more words

Logic & Reason

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A very interesting read and a very strong case if made that these words written here are correct. I recommend you read this.

Vital Underpinnings of Tibetan Feminism

Decoding Feminism:

The general notion of feminism in the Tibetan community is that it is a western import.   It is therefore scoffed at as “white feminism” – one that is unwelcome and struggling to find its footing on the Asian turf. 1,634 more words

Kenya: Two-Thirds Bill Moves Closer to Becoming Law

By Oliver Mathenge originally posted on TheStar

KENYA will have more women in the next Parliament in a move that will increase the MPs to an unknown number.  372 more words


Becky Hammon, Nancy Lieberman, and the Minefield

The NBA is a copycat league. The Golden State Warriors’ small-ball tactics this last season will undoubtedly be more prevalent than ever next season for one simple reason: it has proven successful in the immediate past. 1,520 more words


Gender equality & Gender discrimination: the reality !

In the spirit of the contrarian opinions, i have decided to write today about a subject we have been hearing about a lot lately. The approach i’ll take is based on what i observed even-though, it’s not the popular point of view. 1,108 more words


How Indian Women Are Reclaiming Their Right to Public Space in Delhi

Urban redevelopment in India over recent decades has had particular implications for women. While the economic deregulation of the 1990s opened up new possibilities for work, leisure and relationships, it has also led to new stresses. 585 more words

Males can be feminists, too

Originally published in Volume 37, Issue 5 of the Southwestern College Sun, original link here.

“For every girl who is tired of acting weak when she is strong, there is a boy tired of appearing strong when he feels vulnerable. 457 more words