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The Importance of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is not just a superhero. She’s an icon of strength, of justice, of feminism. Ever since her creation in 1941, she has become a magnetic figure as part of the holy DC trinity along with Batman and Superman. 1,446 more words

Diana Prince

Cebu's 2017 LGBT Parade All Set

The road towards gender equality is still long and gloomy but few nations are now taking huge steps in changing the landscape. Hence, constant campaigning will definitely make a difference. 155 more words


The Importance of Art: Maua Mazuri

This post was originally posted to USAWA member Mikaela Perry’s blog here!

Last week, I finished my very first project in the village, of the projects that can be finished (agriculture and health projects tend to be an ongoing thing, hence the sustainability portion of Peace Corps). 1,012 more words

Regressive Topic Of Fairness In A Progressive Time

Every year, I see hundreds of advertisements that sell the idea of fairness. I don’t know how fair it is in the 21st century but I surely know that it’s a symbol of a regressive society that we’re still holding onto. 208 more words


There's Only Enough Compassion For One or the Other.

Have you noticed who has been near the forefront of the repeal of Obamacare? It’s not just the usual suspects: the insurance companies and the Republican Party. 853 more words

2016 Election

Intergender angles in the WWE must go. And very quickly.

To say the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank match ended in controversy is like saying this month’s UK General Election did not go to plan for Prime Minister Theresa May. 1,100 more words

Gender Equality

Right Back in the Waiting Room

The Republicans have now told us what their plan on health care is- to go right back where we started.

It seems safe to presume that we’re going to return to the days when people were penalized for a pre-existing condition. 507 more words

2016 Election