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Education and training of women

Written by Ulla Jurviste

Education and training are crucial for economic growth and social advancement, the key objective being alignment of skills with labour market needs. 2,727 more words


Should Housewives Receive An Allowance?

Senior year of high school I took a college level Spanish class. We read novels, news articles, and even some academic works to practice advanced vocabulary and communication skills. 641 more words


Fangirl Friday

I’ve come down with something. An illness. I’m heavy footed, easily distracted, my brain feels like it’s stuffed to the brim with cotton wool and I’m walking around in a cloud of confusion. 755 more words


What Paternity Leave can do for YOU (and everyone else on the planet...)

Boy, what a hot topic! Between Patricia Archette’s foot-in-mouth moment backstage at the Oscars and Sheryl Sandberg’s less recent “Lean In” movement, the Western World is abuzz with impassioned opinions on how best to overcome thousands of years (or more) of societal structuring and priming for mass adherence to traditional gender roles. 1,348 more words


Anything Goes

One of the things that spins our culture in circles is the relationship between the sexes in marriages.  In the popular culture, there are phrases like the battle of the sexes or the fifty-fifty split, which attempt to either parody the roles in the former example or redefine them in the latter.   714 more words

Kingdom Posts

The Tale of a Life in Tanzania

This story was shared by the most tenacious and hard-working woman I know. She grew up in Dar Es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania, and moved to Canada with her family in the early 1990s. 665 more words

The Role of Political Parties in addressing Political Violence against Women

By Loretta Butler Turner (photo above), Shadow Minister of Labour and Social Development of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and member of Parliament, in her address during the CIM Round-Table Discussion “Political Violence against Women: A Hemispheric Challenge”, February 25th, Washington, DC 20006… 816 more words

Women's Rights