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Modesty as a Matter of Life and Death

I hate modesty posts.  This is my first modesty post.  I appreciate how it is a big issue with some people, and I think the church often goes overboard, but it’s just not that interesting of a topic to me.   535 more words


Wife With a Purpose: Mormonism's Alt Right Representative

Yesterday, Andrew mentioned a Mormon stay-at-home-mom involved with last weekend’s race-fueled conflict at Charlottesville. Ayla Stewart, who tweets at @apurposefulwife and blogs at Wife With a Purpose… 2,647 more words


Design for Good is an ethos to use problem-solving and design thinking towards social change.

AIGA Design for Good highlights opportunities of engagement for designers to build their practice, expand their network, and have hands-on leadership opportunities. Design for Good… 160 more words

Design Thinking

On Google and doublethink

The new Google slogan has been unveiled today (hat tip: Marina F.):

For those who have been living under a rock: Google fired an employee for having the temerity to write a memo [ 2,110 more words


It’s Time to Be Bold Because There Is No Messiah!

I’ve worked out that there are two types of people in my network. Those that love Monty Python and those who do not. If you are one of the latter, then some of this article may not make sense. 1,188 more words


Jesus, Labels, and Gender

Today’s guest post is by Cody Hatch.

Angela C. wrote a thought-provoking essay at By Common Consent titled, “If Gender is Essential, Why Are We Pushing It? 779 more words

Mormon Culture

A Story. Part 3.

If you haven’t read Part I and Part II, please read those first.


Dan and Jill went their separate ways. Shortly after moving to Colorado Hannah had her baby and the couple decided that Dan would stay home with the kids as he had before. 1,327 more words