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A woman’s work is never done: A new economic agenda

Women’s work is central to our economy. Most households couldn’t make ends meet without women’s income. Yet, women make less than men across every occupation. Because employers find ways to pay women less, families struggle to pay their bills, and can’t save for education or retirement. 708 more words

Paid Sick Days

Muralism: Our Final Intervention in Condega

Written by Jennifer Hamilton in collaboration with Cam Garon and Shauna Bevacqua

After weeks of planning, sketches and brainstorming the group’s third urban intervention is complete! 929 more words

Is Cookie Lyons and her "Empire" making women's history this month?

March marks Women’s History Month. Wright’s Words usually concentrate on movie matters. But who’s ignoring Cookie Lyon from Fox’s Empire? You could opine about the character, its meaning and substance, and attack it. 452 more words

A Biblical basis for gender equality

Following up on International Women’s Day (celebrated Sunday, March 8) the readings for our meeting tonight will address the spiritual status of women and the need for gender equality. 177 more words

Christian Science

Think of the Child

My six-year-old son’s best friend is an amazing girl called Pascal. They have been solid buddies for almost three years now. They don’t attend the same school, but have regular play dates and sleepovers, where they play outside in the dirt with items pilfered from my kitchen concocting ‘ant stew’ (which doesn’t actually involve any ants), make indoor tents out of sheets strung over dining chairs, and put on puppet shows using old fridge boxes as the stage. 663 more words

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My children grew up with a deep dark secret. Their mother (me) was/is a lesbian. They usually confessed this to their friends after they felt confident in the relationship. But school in the 80s and 90s really was a toxic sea of homophobia and I can quite understand their reluctance. One day post school, my daughter was chatting with a group of her old class peers. One boy said that he really regretted not telling everyone that his mother was a lesbian. My daughter, astonished at this revelation said the same. The group then discussed how this news would have been treated and agreed that they would have been really cruel to both of them. I felt an overwhelming sadness that both children endured living with this dark secret alone and unsupported. I can only hope that this is less likely today. But this requires making information like this safe and ordinary and standing up against campaign like 'think of the children'

Book Review – Women, Law, and Equality

By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

Women, Law and Equality: A Discussion Guide
Edited by Kim Brooks and Carissima Mathen
Toronto: Irwin Law, 2010
300 pp

Equality of the sexes has always been quite a hot topic in pop culture and will continue to be as long our culture allows inequality to exist. 304 more words

Book Review