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Museum Salary Equity: If You're A Woman, What Does It Mean?

We have written a lot about gender issues in museums on this blog, but the most obvious and also the most difficult is salary equity. Just in case anyone believes that in a field well on its way to being majority women that women are paid on a par with men, think again. 949 more words


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Capitol Art Project: Art Beyond a Single Story

What art should be displayed in our state capitol? This year the MRC is partnering with Healing Stories Minnesota… 1,116 more words

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Libertarianism is to Conservatives, what Socialism is to Liberals

Idealism is an admirable thing, but often impractical in many ways.  I have come to the conclusion that the attractiveness of Libertarianism to the Conservative voter is pretty equivalent to the attractiveness of Socialism to the liberal voter. 799 more words

Once An Activist...

The notion of activism has been swirling around me for the past week or so.

I’ve always been an activist at heart. Standing up for what I believe in. 300 more words


14 September, 2016

I love coming up with new ideas with my team – the only catch is, it creates more work for us! But such good ideas we can’t not execute them!

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Gender & Employment at BYUs

This morning Michael Austin posted his analysis of the percentage of faculty, administration, and staff at BYU, BYU-Idaho, and BYU-Hawaii over at BCC. It seems that nationwide the average number of faculty is around 40%, but BYU languishes behind at around 20%, BYU-H at about 15%, and BYU-I at around 11%. 898 more words

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There's Something Missing In The Corner Office

Think for a moment about what a CEO of a Fortune 500 company looks like. If you’re like most of America, you pictured an older, white male, suited up and likely named John. 12 more words