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personal (hair) is political...it seems

I have long realised that something as personal and seemingly trivial as hair – how you wear it, style it, cut it, colour it or shave it off…is somehow more meaningful than you may even intend when you make your choices. 1,486 more words


Google and the gender gap

James Damore, a senior engineer at Google, was fired for writing an internal memo for suggesting that the reasons only 20 percent of Google’s technical workers are women may be due to male-female differences in traits and interests. 122 more words


The Power Elite's Ideological Echo Chamber

A now-former Google employee made headlines for writing a long memo against Google’s diversity initiatives on Friday after Motherboard reported the story. The author of the document, titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” claimed Google’s diversity initiatives oppress those who aren’t progressive, saying the company should focus more on ideological diversity. 1,637 more words


Women In Medicine Face the Same Barriers to Success as Women in Tech

A now-viral Google employee memo attacking the tech giant’s diversity initiatives written by a (now-fired) software engineer has sparked a heated debate over corporate culture, gender politics, and freedom of speech—both within… 450 more words


The Google's Employee's Diversity Rant Manifesto - A Few Words about "Biological" Differences Between Sexes

Have you heard about the diversity rant manifesto published by one of Google’s employees? A man with conservative views states that the reason why women are underrepresented in the tech industry is because of biological differences between men and women. 700 more words


Google fired the author of the "anti-diversity" memo—and as a result, proved his point

Was the author of the so-called “anti-diversity” memo at Google advancing sexism? Or was he exposing Silicon Valley’s cultural bias?

Regardless of how you answer these questions, you’ll likely only feel more validated now that the employee in question has been fired. 417 more words

Policing Women's Language.

In 2016, I composed a letter of resignation from my post stating I needed mental reprieve and rest. What went unsaid was the organization’s inherent toxicity, lack of regard for personal space, and increasing value differences were among the reasons I had decided to quit. 1,340 more words