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Why I wrote 100 articles in 100 days about inspiring Jewish women

Seven months ago, I was looking for a new job.

With little else to do after applying for a new one, I browsed Facebook, where I saw Wikimedian friends posting with… 767 more words


Education through a feminist eye

Feminism studies is all about a feminist’s perception of a male-dominated society. Typically in school, women would take subjects such as food technology and home economics, whereas men would excel in areas like maths and science. 507 more words


“Intra-EU Mobility Guarantee Program”: Operationalizing Innovative and Resourceful Measures to Support Mid-career Professional in Re-entering the Labour Market

According to the 2016 EUROFOUND report on gender gap and employment in Europe, “The cost of a woman’s exclusion from employment throughout her working life is estimated at between… 1,802 more words

Hidden Figures: Inspiring STEM heroes for girls

There is a much-loved aphorism used by parents of all generations that says “you are what you eat.” I would also suggest that a similar phenomenon holds true for career choices: “You become what you see.” 1,074 more words


Welcome to Gamer Log, a series of profiles and opinions from real-life gamers.

Game characters come in all shapes, colours and sizes – just think back to our good friend Pac-Man or even the more contemporary Sackboy from Little Big Planet – the virtual world is home to a wide-variety of vivid creations. 1,012 more words

Female Gamer

Inspire Campaign's final report shows achievements in gender diversity and representation within the Wikimedia movement

In March 2015, the Wikimedia Foundation launched its first Inspire Campaign with the goal of improving gender diversity within our movement. The campaign invited idea on how we as a movement could improve the representation of women within our projects, both in its content and as contributors. 992 more words


33C3: Works for me

After 2 years of trying to participate in CCC, I finally made it, at the 33rd edition! This year everything started when my friend from FSFE, … 700 more words