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Gender Occupational Segregation in US - Continues to hover near 50 percent

A deeper examination of women and men’s labor market outcomes reveals another important way that gender disparities still manifest: the separation of men and women into different occupations. 239 more words

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A Math Challenge for Tech's Gender Gap

Even if companies pledge to making women the majority of new hires, redressing the gender imbalance at companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google could take more than a decade, according to Jennifer Saba in an  250 more words

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Gender Gap of Full-Time and Part-Time in UK - Working part-time after childbirth hold back women’s wages

Gender differences in rates of full-time and part-time paid work after childbirth are an important driver of differences in hourly wages between men and women. This is because they affect the amount and type of labour market experience that men and women build up, and this experience affects the hourly wage levels they can command. 409 more words



‘The Gender Gap is still an area in which there is a small amount of progress being made. What is this occurring and what can be done in order to lessen the gap of male oriented mind sets?’ 8 more words

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PHILIPPINES: Banana Heart Summer- Merlinda Bobis

“Later I suspected that sour and bitter condiments began to stray into her mixing bowl. Perhaps she was trying out contrary tastes. An added pinch of salt here or drops of lemon there, and even an afterthought sprinkling of bitter nuts, gave a fresh nuance to her pies, muffins and cakes.”

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Civitas Learning releases report on students who drop out late in their program, but they ignore gender differences

Last week, Civitas Learning released its latest Community Insights report, which provided an analysis of data from 53 institutions (30 community colleges and 23 four-year universities) representing more than 300,000 degree-seeking students. 452 more words