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Could posting about women's history grow our female audience for the future?

When I was a journalism student, Soledad O’Brien was one of my heroes, so getting a comment from her for this blog post was both exciting and sobering. 1,020 more words


Sexism in the Music Industry

By: Tamara Chapman//

Despite various efforts to change it, the gender gap in the music industry continues to be a big problem. Of course, It’s gotten slightly better as of recent, but equality seems to be something that has been very hard to achieve. 379 more words


On Internalized Sexism and Writing

…Odeth, the only woman person I’d ever known to smile as infrequently as me, returned it…

~ Revisions, The Blood Mage

#ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear was trending on Twitter today, and it made me angry–so here’s a blog post.

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4/12/17 #healthITchicks chat recap

Rachel Neill, CEO of @CarexConsulting, led this month’s chat on feeling qualified (enough), wag/gender gap progress, parental leave, discriminatory hiring and more.

Read the full Storify recap here.

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Race as a bundle and its implications

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been given the topic of race increased thought recently.

One of the recent developments in political science has been thinking of race not as a dichotomous variable, but as a bundle of related but distinct characteristics. 437 more words


The Pay Gap and the Media

Mind the Gap

So as I began to write this post, it was April 4th, Equal Pay Day. This day marks how far into the year that women, because of the pay gap between males and females, must work to make the same amount of money as men did for the previous year. 1,460 more words