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Women are less likely to choke under pressure than men, study finds

Despite women being under-represented in some high-pressure work forces, a new study suggests women are less likely to choke under pressure than their male counterparts. 585 more words


Women are less likely to "choke" under extreme pressure than men, a new study has shown

Competing in a Grand Slam tennis event is not for the faint of heart. Tens of thousands of fans pack the stands. Millions of dollars in prize money is at stake, with equal-size prizes for men and women. 929 more words

How to Get Women on Boards

Breaking the glass ceiling should be our aim and duty

This month Montreal celebrated Women’s International Day with the “Women in Business Conference”. The conference was a great opportunity for women and men alike to learn about the struggles women face in business but also ways to break through the glass ceiling. 855 more words

The Gender Gap in Literature

Hey Lovelies!

I came across a Buzzfeed article this week that got me thinking. In the article it was talking about the gender gap in literature. 893 more words

Equal O(pportunity)

We need to have a very serious talk about gender inequality in a very specific area.  Sure, I can talk about it being OK to pay for men to get a hard on via Viagra, but balking at a woman’s right to affordable birth control (which we got via the ACA but that may be leaving us soon).  1,507 more words


National Women's Month: Week 3

In honor of Women’s History Month, I will be sending out weekly facts and quotes regarding women’s history reflecting on the past and the present.

Week 3 :