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Jazz Jennings, the Transgender Doll

There is a transgender doll to be unveiled at the New York Toy Fair this week which is making waves in the toy industry and social media. 528 more words


"D-Day" Part 1

Hello again my bitches! Well, it’s been a day. A “D-Day” to be exact. And the first of many I hope.

To begin with, I had my first session with the gender identity therapist. 375 more words

Non-binary Gender Types

Inborn Gender versus Gender Expression

There’s a cardinal rule about blogging. Posts should never exceed more than 600 words. I’m about to break that rule, and break it big-time.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve started getting lots of messages across different platforms with questions people have about what it means to be transgender. 2,206 more words

Transitioning Together


Version 1:

“Stereotypes create queers”, they told her.

The stereotypical anti herself-

she didn’t blink at the gradual pink of the house;

nor at the tactile, volatile state of mind. 72 more words

Exploration of Definition

Hasn’t been a great deal of progress in recent days, been bearing my brunt of the office cold, and laughing at the thought of whether I can still be guilty of Man Flu anymore. 617 more words


An "Outing" Outing

Good evening my bitches! I hope everyone is still doing well! I know I am :)

Well, another interesting and fun outing tonight! I and my co-worker S had plans to go see a movie tonight. 515 more words

Non-binary Gender Types