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D&I Friday Read No. 160

McKinsey just released their latest gender diversity report: Women Matter: Time to accelerate—Ten years of insights into gender diversity. This very interesting publication looks at the challenges women face world-wide and the impact the imbalance has, e.g. 135 more words

9 months on T injections

I surpassed my best guess at a timeline.  When I started in January, I gave the whole venture 6-8 months.  I thought I’d start getting uncomfortable with the level of masculinization by that time, and I’d stop.  683 more words


The void until our mouths speak form

We are the echoes you hear in dark crannies, tormenting you to turn on the lights
We are angry storms causing blackouts
Just as the sun loses its glory at night, so can our words darken a reckless heart, 345 more words

sincerely, mad at the universe 10.18.17

Hey guys,

So if you haven’t noticed, for the past few months I’ve barely been posting. I want to tell you why.

I didn’t forget about my blog, or break my computer, or go on an internet cleanse. 674 more words


California State to Recognize ‘Non-Binary’ Gender

The state of California will now officially recognize a third “non-binary” gender for legal identification.

According to the Daily Caller, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB179, known as the Gender Recognition Act, on Sunday, allowing individuals to identify as non-binary on driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and other legal documents. 159 more words


History Of Police IS A History of Slavery.

A Brief History of Slavery and the Origins of American Policing

Written by Victor E. Kappeler, Ph.D.

The birth and development of the American police can be traced to a multitude of historical, legal and political-economic conditions. 726 more words


Every Last Ounce

It was like building a wall of pebbles on the beach against the rising tide, just as we did as kids, that no matter how many mediterranean salads I created or cured ham baguettes with olive oil and sea salt, I was still firmly at home and being away in the sun was a fading reality and a solidifying two dimensional memory; at least unless I closed my eyes in what little weak sun we have here and think very hard. 978 more words