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Road to Rebirth Day 203 - Of hair and styling...

I guess this must be what a modern hipster-like hairdresser’s shop should look like. I entered a room full of vintage photographs on the walls and sofas that look like they have been on this earth for many decades. 1,325 more words

Road To Rebirth

Colorado Navy Vet Pushes For Third Gender Option On U.S. Passport

DENVER (AP) — A Navy veteran from Colorado who does not identify as male or female is pushing the U.S. government to allow for a third gender option or get rid of gender designators altogether on passports, highlighting the argument that forms on the state and federal level have been slow to include other identities even as gender becomes less defined. 653 more words


Letters & Leaders

I arrived home from work yesterday to find a letter addressed to me sitting on the doormat.

Dear Bob
You have been referred to for an assessment.

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The New School Teachers: Making Boys Wear Girls’ Clothes

By Andrew Bolt ~

This is political correctness gone crazy.

With education standards in decline in Australia – and living standards falling – educators take on the big issues… 156 more words

Public Opinion

31 Shades of Cray

2016 has been a prime example of how problematic our society’s focus on political correctness has become. The trend toward politically correct dialogue in classrooms, courtrooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms is an authoritarian movement where even thoughts are policed in the name of not offending anyone. 1,021 more words

Social Issues

Happy pride weekend, and The People

Just like in past years, I know I’m behind on the pride-related post, but this really is when our city celebrates pride.  This year’s theme was “Let’s Make Magic.”  My partner and I took that concept and twisted and twirled it to suit us.  509 more words


Governor signs minor changes to N. Carolina LGBT law

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Minor changes to a North Carolina law limiting protections for LGBT people have been signed by the governor.

Legislators left the law mostly intact during their yearly session. 134 more words