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"A Republic If You Can Keep It"...

Those were the words from Dr. Benjamin Franklin as he exited the Constitutional Convention in in 1787 while replying to Philadelphian Mrs. Powell’s question: “ 1,437 more words

Typical Prog Behavior

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A good discussion and worth reading more than once.

Terms and Language

As stated this blog is first and foremost meant to be a safe space for non-binary PoC. That means that any and all language MUST… 114 more words



So, I got the idea for this blog after noticing a lack of PoC representation in most non-binary spaces. It started with me looking for a Youtube channel featuring a Black non-binary, I saw pages and pages of pale faces but no one who looked even remotely like me. 146 more words


The Light Thrown Through

No one who ever saw me doubted a predilection for cross-dressing, gender-fuckery, sexual variance, role-playing. I have never compressed the ragged edges of my person into symbols on toilet doors. 324 more words


Protective Instincts Are Fine, But Not Enough

via Men Watch Their Girlfriends Get Catcalled And (Understandably) Get Pissed.

It’s all well and good that these guys are offended at how other men treat their girlfriends or significant others when they aren’t around, but it is NO WHERE near enough. 255 more words


PROPHECY: What Scripture Actually Says About Antichrist

I am just a layman.  I have no special training in understanding the Lord’s Word.  What I have learned has come by reading the Scriptures, then reading what those I consider to be Spirit-Lead teachers have to say about the Scriptures and then looking to see if those teachers match with Scripture — not the other way around.  2,989 more words

Logic & Reason

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A very interesting read and a very strong case if made that these words written here are correct. I recommend you read this.

Gender Shamanism

A very close teacher and friend of mine, who is a pioneer in erotic spiritual work with gay males, once dubbed me a “gender shaman”. 1,566 more words

Shamanic Energy Medicine