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If Holden Caulfield was a girl...

This weekend, I read my first Virginia Woolf novel: Orlando. Knowing that Woolf has a bit of a … reputation … among literary circles, I was prepared for something out of the ordinary.  975 more words


Gender Dysphoria

***Content Warning Dysphoria/Mental Health/Surgery***

So, this topic of Dysphoria I was going to lump together with gender expression just because my gender dysphoria plays a part in how I express myself to others. 599 more words


Call me by my name.

Dear You,

So, I told you not so long ago that I was agender.

Agender?…What’s that?

agender |āˈjendər|

denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a particular gender. 1,486 more words

The Gender Identity Diamond

This is an idea that I got from my therapist to show the gender spectrum and have a good idea of where I am on it. 360 more words


Kat Rambles 5/23/18

When your child is transgender…. gosh, how many times have I kicked off a sentence with those words in the past (nearly) seven years? I have lost count. 685 more words


That's So Gay: Exploring Queer Language

The below is an exploration of language. A tracing back of where we have come from. Not all sexualities or identities are represented. This is not meant to be intentionally exclusive.

1,054 more words


We really don’t want to get dragged back into the row about gender identity politics but we couldn’t let this statement published on the Freedom news site go by without some brief comments and questions: … 225 more words