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Dragging My Feet

CW: Depression, hormones, dysphoria and self image, weight mention

I apologize for not updating for a month and a half, it’s honestly because of depression and frustration at my current living situation. 1,127 more words


Women become "genderless" when childbearing years are finished

Biologically speaking, what makes a woman a woman is her ability to procreate. Additionally, what makes a woman a woman is her ability to attract a mate for purposes of copulation – her smooth skin, curves, supple breasts, a strong, healthy limber body that would support a baby well – all designed to attract a male. 199 more words

Paint My Nails for Another Day

Something is wrong. Given that the first real proper low I had a few weeks ago was out of the blue and I hadn’t had anything quite like it in a couple of years I thought it was a blip. 1,095 more words


"Stephanie, where have you been?" - an update.

Today, I opened an email, among many, asking something that many of you who have emailed me have asked, “Stephanie, where have you been?”  And it truly touches me to have you all ask me where I have been.  498 more words

Other Thoughts

Why I Like Singular They

Plenty of people talk about how singular they is incorrect. After all, “they” inherently refers to more than one person, right? Plenty of other people talk about how it’s awesome and they need to get over themselves. 757 more words


Pain is relative

Content note:  blood, needles, things that might make you squeamish, self-injury.

Three days ago, I did my 24th shot of T.  I started to psych myself out – for some reason, it suddenly seemed super-difficult.   865 more words


My Art Featured in Horizons Magazine

I am so honored to have my art featured recently in Horizons magazine. I’m a little late posting–I’ve been super busy during the first part of the year–but I plan to be a lot more diligent in the coming months. 8 more words

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