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Summer of t-shirts #5 / Band t-shirts

I’ve been busting out some of my oldest t-shirts this summer; some of them I haven’t even looked at in years – I have them stored in a box.  431 more words


How coming out as genderqueer has improved my feminine side

I used to have many conflicted feelings about how I looked. Part of me wanted to be stereotypically girly and wear a lot of pink and sparkles, while the other part of me wanted to wear baggy jeans and leather and look… Well, not feminine. 233 more words

Is Freedom Disappearing in America?

Is Freedom Disappearing in America?- “The government will create ‘zones of exemption’ for a time which presumably will include churches.”

by Bill Lockwood

The issue is freedom. 624 more words


Ambiguous Androgyny (Part 1): Recognizing an Optical Illusion

Despite my detailed descriptions of the anatomic dysphoria associated with gender dysphoria, it has remained very difficult for me to explain my experience to other people in a way that is concrete and understandable to them. 2,848 more words


Millenia of oppression

One thing I have learned recently is that I am still very much a women’s historian at heart, and no amount of studying cultural theory will change the way in which I come at a problem/question/idea with the full force of historical analysis and the full awareness of Millenia of oppression. 38 more words


Post 4: Gender Identity by Marc Cormier

The Public is a Toronto-based design studio specializing in ‘changing the world’. The Public carry out social activism, producing work which is emotional, challenges social stigma’s and gives people the motivation to seek change themselves. 157 more words

How much do you know about sexualities and gender identities?

by Joy Y. T. Chang, Feminism for All

How much do you know about sexualities and gender identities?

Maybe you have been hearing people talking about them, but do you know what each letter in LGBTIQA stands for? 447 more words