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How nonconformity feels today

Some thoughts today:

  • Maybe I’m fluid just because I haven’t hit the right balance yet, or I just don’t feel like I fit anywhere, or I’m still in denial.
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So many years of denial

I have been meaning to start this blog for over two years, but now I finally feel I know enough about myself to make it worthwhile and meaningful. 792 more words


I'm A DEMIboy, Not A BOY

Gender is weird.

I’m not going to pretend to be the Ultimate Expert on All Things Gender-Related, because I’m absolutely not. Instead I’m going to tell you a little bit about mine, and why I’m comfortable with the label I’ve chosen. 465 more words


Dear South Dakota

Dear South Dakota,

One of the members of your Legislature has recently said he wants to introduce a bill that would require high school students’ genders to be determined based on what’s on their birth certificates and a visual inspection. 473 more words

Common Sense


James appeared at the door as I walked down his driveway. James, if you remember, friend from uni, first person I told and also gender confused but secretly so – et al. 1,031 more words


thinking outside the gender binary

I saw a post recently on my Facebook newsfeed about Caitlyn Jenner that most disturbed me. It was condescending and oppressive to all trans folks. This particular individual shared a post that essentially called all trans people frauds. 713 more words

Female Masculinity

Great vid about gender fluidity and gender expression.

Source: Buzzfeed

Gender Expression