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I Am Trans: Reese's Story

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Hi. Name’s Reese, like the peanut butter cups.

I first realized I was trans FTM in college, I believe. I read some post or another on Tumblr (I know, I know), and it got me thinking: Was there such a thing as being agender? 2,856 more words


(Mis)Reading the Signs

Good evening my lovely bitches! I hope everyone is well tonight (or tomorrow depending on where you live) . Well, I think a lot of things are falling into place if I am interpreting what the universe is trying to tell me. 631 more words

Non-binary Gender Types

Gender Identity Roles in Children

Gender identity refers to a person’s own sense of their gender – their feelings around being a man or woman, boy or girl.  Gender is culturally and societally constructed and different cultures may have different ideas of how males or females should behave. 1,130 more words


Fighting for Your Right to Be Who You Are

Okay, I know the title makes it appear that this is a political post, but bear with me. I am not going to discuss our current political climate; I am going to review Walker Long’s upcoming work,  322 more words


Gender Identity

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Still not finished but my brain malfunctioned.

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Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? Thoughts on BBC2's This World programme

On 12 January, BBC2 aired Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? This documentary featured those who support a gender-affirmative approach to childhood gender dysphoria on one hand, and those who argue for a more nuanced approach to what is a complex issue on the other. 1,790 more words

Gender Identity

How I became "Mixter"

This article first appeared on Transgender Universe, here:  How I Became Mixter

For the sake of clarity, I’m going to give myself a pseudonym dead-name, for this article.   935 more words