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The "Mx." got way delayed

I have not come up against very much resistance or ugliness as I’ve come out, in stages, in different ways, over the span of like 18 years.  1,052 more words


Gender Identity Dec. 21 Florence Rigby

Understanding gender identity involves concepts from biology, psychology, anthropology, legal, political and religious issues. All of these aspects are worth discussing.

Two major aspects of gender identity can be expressed as a person’s own personal gender identity  Vs. 1,600 more words


#AdventWord #Voice

Yesterday afternoon I went with the dear one to be part of community resources event focusing on resources for the Indigenous members of our city. While we were there we got to hear from Chevi Rabbit of… 147 more words

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The Angel on My Tree

The holidays can be a difficult time for many people for any number of reasons. The list is endless. For me, my downfall is the ornaments on our tree. 1,007 more words


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Originally written two years ago, I'm sharing this post again for all of those moms of transgender kids who find themselves struggling at this time of year. IMG_9297This will mark our sixth Christmas since Kris came out as transgender and navigating the holidays has been a journey in itself. I'm happy to report that each year it becomes less and less of an issue. This year is probably the first one that will only find me shaking my head at the ornaments and wondering what's next. Whether you are facing your first Christmas or your tenth since your child came out, if it is causing you to feel sad or a bit blue, please know that in time, it will get better. You won't be in this place forever and you are not alone.

When people call your daughter a boy

Ever since Aviana was born we’ve always had comments like ‘oh what a cute boy’. And honestly, I don’t blame them, she does kind of have boyish looks – mostly because of her hair, or lack of hair I should say. 327 more words

The Mummy Diaries

Why Tomboys are Sexy

The other day I was thinking about, in regards to my ‘doubts’, as to ideas like tomboys, butch, androgyny, and so forth.  As a child, I considered myself a tomboy, although as I grew up that term became less important (and less descriptive).  725 more words

How Could I Ever

It was a party. The music loud. Worse a shirt that fitted, but didn’t fit. You know – that awkwardness of knowing you just don’t feel you should be wearing it. 1,014 more words