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Testosterone (Part 1): Drugs and Doses

When I initially reviewed the literature on hormone therapy for FTMs over a year ago, I hoped to find quick and easy answers about testosterone. At that time, I had a simplistic and optimistic belief that gender dysphoria was the main issue contributing to depression and other life issues, so I felt a desperate urgency to start medical transition as soon as possible. 1,397 more words

Body Dysphoria

Jasmine hears an alibi

Brrr…it’s a bit cold. Well, it is here in the UK although I don’t suppose -5C (night-time) counts as cold in some places.  One good result is that it has been clear and sunny during the days which has been wonderful (our solar panels have been generating a bit more than usual for this time of year). 1,466 more words


Misfit by Devon Balwit

You must be cisgender if you have to Google it, opening

yet more pages because you’re stumped by what conforming

to your birth gender means and want somebody to clarify… 294 more words

Creative Writing

The superhero comic is dead. Long live the superhero comic.

I love Marvel Comics. Always have. Especially the cosmic stuff, Busiek’s Avengers run, and the Uncanny X-Men as written by the inimitable — a word I see everywhere but cannot define — Chris Claremont. 915 more words

Side Of Conq

Gender Confusion

My 3 Year Old Son is quite intelligent.  Like many children his age, is learning about himself, his world and exploring new ideas.  Having two Older sisters has given him a great advantage in Learning and Social Interaction.   219 more words