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Feminism for Hijabis: A Critique of Laws that Prohibit Islamic Veiling in Western Countries

By:  Bria Burgamy

Feminism. Beyoncé sings about it. Gloria Steinem mobilizes for it. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writes about it. Women around the world are being called to step into their power, demand equality, and shatter glass ceilings – and rightfully so. 722 more words

Policy Advocacy

It’s not injustice until it happens to me

Wow can’t believe some people still don’t get the kneeling during the National Anthem protest. That they still allow themselves to be bamboozled by those who have hi-jacked the real reason for the protest and turned it into a protest against America. 322 more words

Today's Issues

Social Responsibility Management System to indicate gender inequality in 2019/2020

  1. Staff Data Module indicates newly hires / turning / working hours
  2. Position and Salary Module indicates in gender comparison
  3. Committee Module indicates Women in Leadership…
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I Stand Like a Woman

Gender inequality has been around for as long as we know. But in every community, it is presented in a different light – one that is unique to its people, interwoven cultural practices, and developmental influences. 55 more words


Gender Equality: Not a fight against men

Stereotyped social and cultural roles affects the full potential of any human being, whether in public or private, in family or labour market, in economic or political life. 579 more words


fictive speculation

The place of art in Western culture, along with the role of its makers, is changing. What once partook of the sacred, or at least gestured in its direction, is now no more than bourgeois entertainment. 923 more words

You've Come A Long Way

Until very recently, a woman would not chose to be a single mother.  A lot depends on her financial resources or ability to access available resources which does vary a lot.  309 more words