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Meet Beckett

This beautiful, brilliant child of mine is so incredibly wise and brave. At four years old they have a very clear understanding of their gender. They identify in the middle of the spectrum. 190 more words


Bigot in Un-training 

I was having a conversation with friend about Alok Vaid-Menon. My friend is gender non-conforming and they follow high profile gender non-conforming individuals on their social media such as Alok. 179 more words

Higher education: Princeton asks students to pick their gender, or genders

Why no question about species?

From Fox News: Princeton University is giving its students the option of picking a gender or, reportedly, several genders. 314 more words


#BlessingNotBurden: It takes less than a minute to show trans youth you care.

Too many trans/genderqueer/non-binary kids woke up today in a world where their president called them a “burden” and “distraction”. These kids are already at a higher risk for suicide, not because there is anything wrong with them, but because they have to live in a broken and hateful world. 92 more words

Blog Posts

This week in links: Erotica, real trans media, and 90s black girl magic

Jessica Slane reviews Rocky Flintstone’s debut novel, Belinda Blinked

Tired of seeing trans people’s stories erased and stolen for profit? More Than T is a documentary that interviews 7 trans and gender-non-conforming people. 131 more words

This Week In Links

Doctors... and their offices

So because I have been trying to get my letter of “certified mental stability” from a therapist for insurance I have been going to my doctors office more often. 408 more words

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