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Utah High School Showcases State’s First ‘Gender-Neutral’ Bathroom


Transgender, gender variant, and gender non-conforming students now have their own bathroom at Park City High School.

According to KSL TV, the “gender neutral” restroom, believed to be the first in the State of Utah, was the idea of student council member Adam Snyder. 350 more words

God Loves Hair

Shraya, Vivek (Author) and Neufeld, Juliana (Illustrator). (2014). God Loves Hair. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.

This tiny book is a beautiful gem. In 21 very short stories, Vivek Shraya leads the reader on a gentle exploration of his childhood and early adolescence as a femme Indian child in Canada. 110 more words


The problem with the LGBTQIA+ acronym: Difference between gender & sexual orientation

MYTHBUSTING – Common misconception about trans* identity: that it’s about sexual orientation. That’s the problem with trans* issues, identities and rights being lumped into the LGBTQIA+ acronym. 110 more words


And here's to Making a Difference! #NB #GNC #trans* #rapeculture #correctiverape #SouthAfrica

So after a 15-year break from academia, I’ve decided to go back and finish my Masters. VERY excited! One of the reasons I left academia was because it was enabling me to hide from social interaction, so I’ve decided to combine my passion, my activism and the need to exercise my brain and I’ll be doing a gender studies-type MA and along with the course work, will focus on gender non-conformity inside and outside of South Africa’s transgender community. 55 more words


Update on Transgender Families

I’m working now on an update of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn. This is not a full revision – it’s just intended to be a limited update on new trends in maternity care, current statistics, and updated medical guidelines. 1,719 more words


PTSD and Staying with People

Today I was up earlier than usual, so I decided to go somewhere. While at the “somewhere” where I decided to go, I met a super awesome man. 442 more words