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Princesses & Parenting

Got some little princesses in your life? I see a lot of them in my office, sometimes in full regalia. Adorable pixies, reveling in the allure and entitlement that girly-royalty seems to bestow. 777 more words


Trans Healing

*Originally posted on Facebook in June 2016.

The gender-variant people of many indigenous and pre-colonial cultures, whom we (in the West) would consider trans, non-binary, and/or gender non-conforming, historically served as spiritual mediums and healers (don’t call them that, though, because the word “transgender” wasn’t invented until the 1990s — to call them that would be imperialist). 134 more words


"Excuse me, can you turn your 'cis' down? You're disturbing my 'genders'."

Peace & blessings yet again everyone. I know the title is a bit unorthodox so lets jump right in and break it down shall we. Great. 307 more words

Mental Health Disparities Among Transgender Youth: Rethinking the Role of Professionals

Within the past few years, visibility of transgender people (particularly youth) has drastically increased. As such, the conversation about the health needs of transgender people has expanded. 38 more words

Journal Club

From 4-18-16

A female friend told me she was upset because her male friends were making fun of how people identify. They were being intolerant and terrible about it, and my friend was mocked and yelled at when she called them out.

At least she tried.