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Gender update

Over the past few months I’ve been seeing a gender therapist, sifting through my gender identity issues. Pushing myself hard to figure out pronouns and labels. 152 more words


Transformation Tuesday

For years I’ve wanted to shave my head. When I was 15 my friend and I gave each other undercuts and from that moment on I wanted to shave it all off. 347 more words


Alex, from The 1st Annual Head-Shaving Olympics, by Sam Mauceri

ALEX. (they/them) Um, body-wise I don’t really feel any dysphoria. I mean, every now and then I’ll feel this weird separation from specific parts of my body, but usually I’m just more frustrated with how the rest of the world interprets my body. 221 more words


Pasquale, from Couples Costume, by Sam Mauceri

PASQUALE (they/them). If you don’t end this relationship now, you’re going to get trapped in the Holiday Barricade. Think about it. Right now it’s October and you’re committed to a couples costume. 182 more words


The Importance of Gender Neutral Bathrooms.

This year, DIT added 47 gender neutral bathrooms across its different campuses. As a transgender female, I believe that this development hasn’t come a moment too soon. 57 more words


One Year Under A Trump Presidency

One year ago last night in the mountains of NC, on a mini vacation we’d been hoping to make for years, my husband and I sat at our cozy dinner, in silence. 2,998 more words

Gender Creative Children