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Yesterday I found a new (to me) blog called Raising my Rainbow. I found it while wading through the train wreck of negative political crap that I can’t seem to stop looking at these days over on The Huffington Post. 1,356 more words


I just want to drink my tea

Imagine this:

You: Oh, I so much like tea!

Someone: Oh? I though you would have liked coffee.

Y: Mh… Coffee is nice from time to time, but tea is really the best! 459 more words

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The Divas in Runaway: A Road Adventure

In Chapter 3 of Runaway: A Road Adventure, Brian meets three drag queens called The Divas (also known as Mariola, Lola, and Carla). They are stranded in the middle of the desert with their tour bus near where Brian has just escaped from being locked in a cabin. 169 more words


Governor McCrory: My "Boy in a Dress" is Not a Predator

Governor Pat McCrory of N.C. is at it again. His camp released another TV ad yesterday (9/7/16) posing the rhetorical question, “Are we really talking about this?” The question came on the coattails of his claim that while he was “busy raising average teacher pay, creating new jobs and cutting taxes, other folks were actually pushing to make our schools allow boys to use the girls’ locker rooms and showers.” 1,481 more words

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