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Dani, from Seams, by Kathryn Lynn Morgen

DANI. (non-binary, seam-ripping a thrifted dress shirt.I buy these old clothes from thrift stores. Sometimes I dive them from dumpsters. I don’t know how I choose them. 593 more words

Lazarus, from HATE HATE LOVE LOVE, by Grace Carmack

L. I woke up angry today
So angry
And I don’t think there’s a reason
But I’m pretty sure it has something to do with you… 236 more words

Steps 2, 3, 5 & 8, from 12, by M. Keala Miles, Jr.


Come to believe that only a power greater than ourselves will restore us to sanity


ADDICT. So we had this county fair when I was really young. 1,884 more words

Lethe, by Alan Olejniczak


LETHE enters and pauses to survey the audience. The spirit walks among them and speaks directly.

LETHE. Forgetting is the primordial divinity – the venerable ancestor to remembrance. 944 more words

Celia, from The Adventure of the Comic Con Caper, by Jonathan Alexandratos

CELIA. (to their friend) I told you you should have come as Watson! How can I be Sherlock without a Watson? Pokemon is lame! Misty is lame! 887 more words

Pete, from Sensitive Guys, by MJ Kaufman

PETE. (gender non-conforming) I’m from wheat fields. Cattails. Rows and rows of trees. Long bus rides into the night. I’m from Dunkin Donuts Coffee Trees that lose all their leaves at once. 395 more words

Katie, from Sensitive Guys, by MJ Kaufman

KATIE. (Woman or gender non-conforming) Oh right, sorry. We attempt to transform society through a three-pronged  program. One. Survivor support group. That’s us. We provide peer support and create  programming to respond to each individual survivor’s needs.  260 more words