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Pretty Boy Realness

One day as a kid, I remember hearing the term “pretty boy” used. It was part compliment directed to the cis guy in the media, and part insult implying a lack in his masculinity. 592 more words


Non Binary Clothes Shopping

Yes I feel I’m in a rush to document this element . It’s something we all have to do . It’s one of those things that I have not enjoyed in the past … 1,016 more words

Of the Dark, by Saul B. Propp

I remember the dark, it was the first thing there.

You think dark is smooth, but I know better. There are shapes, textures in the dark. 586 more words


Mother’s Day in the UK

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here . I have one and I am one . Mother is a high esteemed position and word and I have absolutely no intention of ever not being called ‘mum’ to my baby . 469 more words

Bathrooms are Scary Sometimes

Picture this:

It’s your friend’s birthday. To celebrate, a bunch of you (mostly girls) decide to go to a club in Toronto. You don’t really like clubs, but you say sure, sounds like a good time. 1,155 more words


When am I a woman?

It was a special day for women yesterday and of course not sure if this applies to many Non Binary folk but it can make me a bit reflective . 314 more words