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Tomboys, Trans Folks, and the Times

Earlier this week an interesting op-ed appeared in the New York Times entitled “My Daughter is not Transgender. She’s a Tomboy.” In it, Lisa Selin Davis, a mother and young adult novelist, details her child’s interactions with adults who are confused about her gender. 1,161 more words

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Students hold ‘Walkout, Speak Out’ in support of trans/non-binary students

By Jennifer Ives

Staff Writer

On Monday, April 11, at precisely noon, over 150 Simmons undergraduate and graduate students staged a walk-out and rally in protest to trans-exclusionary language used by President Helen Drinan in recent letters, as well as to the current non-inclusive environment at Simmons. 400 more words

Simmons College

Unwelcome Spaces.

My friends and I step off the bus outside my building. When we get to the door, I can’t seem to find my keys anywhere. I can be something of a disaster when it comes to misplacing my keys. 1,082 more words


Follow your dreams

Peace my readers & hello to some strangers I’m assuming..

I’ve had quite bit of writer’s block due to the amount of new projects I’ve been taking on mixed with the changes of the current in the ocean of life. 349 more words


We Are the Mainstream

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how data from the General Social Survey, going back to the 1970s, showed that Americans have grown out of their fear and loathing of the LGBTIQ+ community and that the remaining residue of hating is coming from a minority made up mostly of Fundamentalist Christians. 472 more words


Experiences on Low Dose Testosterone

As any trans person who has made the decision to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT), or ‘hormones’ for short, will tell you, the experience of taking hormones is that of going through a second puberty. 557 more words