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Gender is a drag: Gender non-confoming blues

There are some days I am reminded how pervasive gender oppression is. Typically this reminder happens through articles, Facebook posting, and blogs. Some people expressions or ideologies of gender I agree with and, others I vehemently disagree with. 605 more words


Mulan: a role model for the modern-day genderfluid Asian woman

Mulan’s story is fairly well-known: out of worry for her father, who was stricken with illness during wartime, Mulan cross-dressed as a man to take her father’s place. 361 more words


TSA 'Private Screening' As A Trans Man, Part II

In the bathroom, I prepare for my next trip through TSA security. I have not yet left for the airport, where I will again stop in the bathroom one last time before getting in the security line. 1,249 more words

Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress

Baldacchino, Christine (Writer) and Isabelle Malenfant (Illustrator). 2014. Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress. Toronto: Groundwood Books.

Morris Micklewhite loves to paint, play dress-up, and use his imagination to construct dazzling new worlds. 329 more words


Link: Photography with GNC women

Just came across this photography project by Meg Allen. Reposting because we need to promote alternative ways to be women and show how glorious it is to defy stereotypes of femininity. 22 more words

Lesbian Feminism

Tomboy! A Declaration 

When I began gender transition, like many other folks, I assumed I wanted to be the opposite gender from the one assigned to me at birth. 1,270 more words


Step Right Up Ladies and Gents

Some days I feel like I’ve accidentally stepped up to a carnival game called Guess What I Am. The odds are stacked against me. The game ranks secondary sex characteristics over gender expression and gender presentation. 589 more words