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"You will build your own house one day"

Cross-cultural communication is at the center of Peace Corps Volunteers’ work in communities across the globe. Essential to this learning and sharing process are host country national employees, as they bring unique experiences and perspectives to Volunteer training and implementation of projects. 1,058 more words

From The Field

Both Oppression and Privilege

As a white female I have experienced and witnessed moments of privilege and oppression over my four years at Ohio State. I am in nursing school which has allowed me to have had multiple experiences with stigma and prejudice. 619 more words


1-800-YouDoYou: Examining Drake's "Hotline Bling"

“Although Drake’s “Hotline Bling” can be interpreted as counter-hegemonic due to its allusions to female empowerment and male sensitivity, the song still caters to a dominant masculine narrative that relies on the subordination of female sexuality. 313 more words

Media Projects

More than Friends: Subverting NBC's Friends

“At first glance, Friends is an innocent, family-friendly sitcom. However, it contains problematic and discriminatory themes, reinforcing hegemonic expectations […] Friends serves as a medium through which white and heterosexual hegemony are reinforced.” 197 more words

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If I Hear that I am Intimidating One More Time...

Sorry in advance for the rant.

I am sick and tired of being told I am intimidating! I really don’t understand. I am told that I am nice and caring. 564 more words

Women Rabbis

Men Can Be Abused Too

In today’s society when one thinks of rape, assault, and abuse, he or she thinks of a man abusing a woman. Not often does someone think about it being the other way around, even though often times this can be the case.   200 more words

Media Examples

In Defense of Bronies; Reinforcing the Gender Binary through the Dismissal of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

This rant has been developing for me, as I try to find the right way to express my compassion for Bronies. As hard as it is to be a Brony, it’s hard to even be a Brony sympathiser. 416 more words

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