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Final Project and Artist Statement

The first thing that comes to mind when the terms “gender standards”, “gender roles”, or “gender norms” appear is typically women. It makes sense. For centuries women were oppressed by the patriarchy, unable to get an education, work, or own land. 260 more words


Twin Peaks, Masculinity and Femininity, and the Balance Between. Warning, pretty rambly.

So I keep seeing men comment on videos about toxic masculinity with mostly stuff that only proves the point of the video more, but slightly less often I see the argument of nice guys seeing their crushes flock towards what they recognize as toxic masculinity: he will cheat on them, abuse them, use them, etc. 1,029 more words

Scared for My Supergirl Boy

I’m scared. I meditate and it hums in my mind. I sleep and it arises in my dreams. I do yoga and feel the tension festering in my hamstrings, the anxiety sizzling in my chest. 661 more words


American Psycho's Patrick Bateman Sexuality Analysis

Above is a scene from the movie American Psycho where Patrick Bateman’s sexuality is completely put into question. At first glance of the film, 
we are expected to think that Patrick is the most heterosexual man out there. 219 more words

Gender Norms

Masculinity or Castration Anxiety?

Article To reference the scholarly article, click there!

The aspect of gender has played a role in every horror film ever made, but introducing slasher films into the industry brought forth a whole new outlook of gender within the genre. 895 more words

Gender Norms

Politics of Women's Bodies and Rosemary's Baby

The politics regarding women’s bodies has been a major talking point for years now, however when horror films began and first started becoming popular they were not. 1,027 more words

Gender Norms

Trophy Wife

One time I had the privilege of sitting and listening to a group of men in their thirties giving each other advice on how to find the perfect wife. 754 more words