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Here is a passage from Meteor III wherein Solinis reflects on the advent of being a male in a world he understands only too well. Note that Solinis has to wait until Frederic Medina, the main antagonist of my novels, is asleep before he is given the privilege of ruminating over such ‘frivolous’ and ‘non-sequitur’ topics… and even in the best of situations, this passage would likely have to be omitted from a published version of the book. 1,259 more words

Between Spaces and Conversations: An Action Research Project With Young People

In 2013 -2014, Nirantar conducted a landscape analysis of early and child marriage in India. The study opened up several questions for us and we felt that we need to engage more with young people to understand from them how they experience and makes sense of their experiences. 422 more words

Gender And Sexuality

Smashing Gender Roles

“It’s a girl,” the doctor said to my parents as they already decided my fatal gender in the miserable heteronormative world that we live in. Wrapping me in a pink blanket and at the same time boxing me into gender roles. 485 more words

South Africa

Job Opening @Nirantar: Team Member (Gender and Sexuality)

We are hiring at Nirantar Trust – A Resource Centre for Gender and Education

Location: New Delhi

Job Post: Team Member (Gender and Sexuality) 674 more words


Oooh baby, baby, Baby, baby...shower

Tomorrow we are having a baby shower for a coworker. I think that the basic concept of a shower has good intentions: you have an acquaintance, coworker, friend, or family member undergoing some major (usually expensive) life change, and to encourage and assist them in their new endeavor, you buy them a present. 465 more words


The Gender Bin(d)ary and Norms

Today in class, we talked in depth about some of the key ideas in queer theory and one of those key ideas revolved around the enforcement of normativity using the binary. 214 more words

What is Woman?

Why must I be the embodiment of nature?
The bearer of burdens. Silent.
The one who ‘makes do’ with little.
What if I want to be more than a person who endures or a symbol of procreation, beauty or sacrifice? 16 more words