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Part One: Gender in the Home

This is part one of a series on gender equality in children.  It’s targeted to smashing the patriarchy but it’s not just about our daughters. It’s also, perhaps, more important to those raising strong boys.  2,710 more words

From 12-31-16

An adult female talking about children said, “Boys wrestle and play with trucks, and girls are quieter and play with dolls.”

Blog #5 Psychology and LGBT Perspectives

Before the 20th century, research about LGBT issues was practically non-existent.  Even in the 20th century there were still not many scholarly studies conducted.  Some say the riots that broke out in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, a bar in New York, after a long pattern of harassment, were the start of the LGBT civil rights movement (Wetzel, 2001).  339 more words

PhD Class: Psychology And Social Change

I'm A Man And Way More Into Wedding Planning Than My Fiancé Is

A week after getting engaged, I asked Katie if there was any place she always imagined getting married. You know, that’s sort of what pop culture had assured me of — all little girls fantasize over their future wedding. 386 more words

A Gender Revolution?

When National Geographic magazine announced they were going to do a whole issue on gender, I was understandably excited but sceptical. Here I examine the good and bad parts of The Gender Issue. 524 more words

Random Ramblings

Thoughts on Going Too Far

Every joke has a point where it goes too far. But what is that point and how do we react to it? (I’m speaking specifically of the differences between men and women here, of course.) Well, let me tell you a story. 697 more words

To be a girl

To be a girl means dealing with a lot. An array of things that our male counterparts don’t have to.

We are taught from a young age that being a girl means being… 536 more words