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Cross-dressing in Film

Cross-dressing in film has become more and more common in today’s movie industry. While actors dressing as the opposite gender dates back for years, as women were not allowed to act in plays during the Elizabethan Age, it has become increasingly more mainstream as time goes on even though now, women are permitted to act. 1,948 more words

Gender Roles

An Offering

So I have spent much of this afternoon reading people’s blogs about gender fluidity and figuring out that mess, stupid bathroom laws, parents who say that they love their children but refuse to go to their gay wedding because Christ doesn’t like gays, blah blah blah. 112 more words

Homelessness Has No Gender

Many men and women are affected by homelessness and the knowledge deficit that exists in our society is clear in exploring the way this population is presented in the media. 1,798 more words

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The Difference in Coverage of Men and Women in Politics

In politics both today and in the past, women have struggled to make their mark. This is not because of their lack of education, intelligence, ability to delegate, confidence, and honesty. 2,415 more words

The Madonna/Whore Complex: Controlling the Female Identity

The Madonna-Whore complex is the dichotomous categorization of women as either “madonnas” or “whores” dependent on their perceived promiscuity. The Madonna is “an object of worship” and “everything that females should aspire to me” (TV Tropes), synonymous with the Purity Myth’s idea of the virgin ideal. 1,386 more words

Gender Roles

My name's Mikel and I'm a GIRL

I have a traditionally male name. I mean, sometimes it’s used as a girl’s name but not very often. I was also born in 1980, when Michael was the most popular name for baby boys. 837 more words


Gender Roles in Superhero Films

Superhero films have become all the craze in recent years. They have become so popular, it seems as though there is always a new superhero film coming out. 932 more words

Gender Roles