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Volunteer Stories: Challenging gender roles and chasing passions on the basketball court with Erin

Peace Corps Volunteers do some amazing work, be it projects at site, friendships they’ve made, crafts they’ve perfected or integrating into their communities most impressively. … 441 more words

Peace Corps Jamaica

19 Gender Norms We Need To Keep Challenging If We Want Full Equality For Women

1. That being a “pussy” is to demonstrate weakness while acting like a “dick” equates to being an asshole.

2. That we should “sack up” or “grow some balls” instead of “grow a vagina” to toughen up. 292 more words

Study: Men Who Feel They Fall Short Of 'Masculine' Gender Norms More Prone To Violence

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta)– Men who feel they fall short of traditional masculine gender norms and feel that others view them that way may be more prone to violent behavior compared to men who feel more comfortable, new research suggests. 273 more words


Backlash to Target's Gender Neutrality Decision

So many of you living in the U.S. know that Target recently made a move to remove gendered labeling from their childrens’ toys. This was a rather surprising move on Target’s part for me, considering it wasn’t long ago they were funding politicians who had appalling policies on LGBTQ rights. 877 more words

Gender Stereotypes

Why Peeta Mellark Makes My Feminist Heart Race

Bear with me, I am attempting to get myself back into blogging regularly, and where else would I start but the beautiful, talented, wonderful character that is Peeta Mellark? 645 more words


To Shave or Not to Shave, That is the Question: Act II

“Performativity has to do with repetition, very often with the repetition of oppressive and painful gender norms to force them to resignify. This is not freedom, but a question of how to work in the trap that one is inevitably in.” – Judith Butler, … 3,989 more words

Body Positivity

The curious case of girls gaining agency - Part 2

Girls gaining agency is not something people usually like. Of course, some agency is ok, like when it is in a girl who is not in your family, your community, your world. 1,482 more words