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American Gender Norms: Looking at Women's speech

It is no secret that women are seen as inferior in more ways than one. We have unequal pay, unequal are stereotyped as weak and unable to do as much work as men, and have lots of social pressures placed on us because of society’s expectation of what a woman should be. 458 more words

Gender Norms

The Impact of Gender Norms for Women

As a woman, from a very young age many families groom their daughters to portray a certain skill set. These restrictions limit their ability to grow, learn, or establish their own personal growth. 228 more words

Gender Norms

Dads are Parents, Not Babysitters.

How many times have you heard people referring to dad’s “babysitting” their children? Or the mention of how sweet it is to see dad out with the kids? 700 more words

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Internalized Sexism in Women and Social Justification Theory

Ladies, have you ever said to yourself, or to your male friends something along the lines of; “I have way more guy friends than girls” or “I get along better with guys, girls are so dramatic”?

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Menstruation Frustration

When author and poet Rupi Kaur posted an image of a fully clothed woman lying in bed with a period stain on her pants and sheets, Instagram deleted the image not once, but twice, stating that it went against community guidelines (Sanghani, 2015). 739 more words

Blog 5 (12/2)

Gender Norms

Gender norms are part of discourse communities everywhere in different ways.  Michael Kimmel talks about these gender norms in “Bros before Hos’: The Guy Code,” and Laurie Penny talks about them in her, “Cybersexism.” A society based on gender norms that I can remember being a part of was in high school.   200 more words

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Physical or Emotional Cheating: which would you rather experience?

A few days ago in class during my discussion on polyamorous relationships, I posed a question to a participant about what kind of infidelity they would find more betraying if it occurred to them; physical infidelity, or emotional infidelity. 714 more words