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The Crucible

On the 19th of November I attended the play “The Crucible” on campus.

It was a brilliant play and the actors were very convincing and professional. 312 more words

I love my fuzz

I have never particularly enjoyed shaving. Growing up, its importance was never stressed. In fact, my mom would tell me she was happy it was winter because it meant she didn’t have to shave — the impression I got was that she didn’t really like to do it, herself. 509 more words

Beauty Standards

Blowing the horn on porn

Well I’m not sure how to bring this up but sex is everywhere. I think the leap in technology has the generation gap about as wide and deep as the… 275 more words


We're not taboo, we're trans

by Xajés

About the Author

Xajés (think of “ah yes” when you pronounce “za-hess”) spends most of their time in the clouds, often in the forms of scribbling down ideas or capturing the colors of life. 141 more words


#BaldIsBeautiful: Why I've decided to shave my head

This December, my husband and I will have a lot less hair on our heads.

I’ve donated my hair twice before. I tend to like long hair, and used to be rather attached to it. 828 more words

From The Field

Domestic Gender Norms

PLEASE NOTE: These norms are generalized.  Other cultures may have other norms, but it is worth it to look at the disparity of responsibility in the home. 658 more words