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Make-up to be you

Not sure if I’m even allowed to write this post since I honestly don’t even know how to use any cosmetic products. But I still want to express my views on it because I am a girl after all and victim of all these social media stigma of a girl’s dependence on make-up for beauty and all the other things I have to do as a female to present myself appropriately in society. 694 more words

New Suffragette Movie: A Must See!


So, this British made film doesn’t debut in the United States until October 2015, but I am counting down the days. You better believe I’ll be seeing it, and I am debating on taking the kids to see it too. 1,183 more words


Bear Island Trip and Humanity


I’ve been back from my semi-primitive camping trip since this weekend, however; I’ve had so much studying and homework to catch up I’m just now getting around to the blog. 735 more words


The Insider's Guide to Secret Shopping

As a student who daydreams about defending reproductive health in front of the Supreme Court, I make it my business to know the political landscape female bodies are living in. 627 more words



Read it. Seriously. It’s the best thing I’ve ever read. Right on point.

I don’t want to be harassed by men on the street, even if they have nice things to say. 988 more words


Now, I don’t consider myself to be a feminist but I’ve come to recognize that feminism isn’t just the bad things you read or think about when you hear that word..and that it’s not just women who are feminists. 466 more words