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Just a Rant: Gender in the Gym

For my fitness enthusiasts: I’ve been into fitness for the better half of the decade. I was certified as a Personal Trainer in 2013, and I’ve been working in the gym setting since. 692 more words


Life Unexpected

I think that most people can honestly say that their life didn’t turn out the way they imagined it. For most people though, these things we don’t expect become the biggest blessings in our lives. 614 more words

College Life

All the Adventures Belong to Men

I’m looking through free stock images on this helpful resource (https://unsplash.com/) for purposes that have to do with my NEW BOOK and finding that most of the women are relaxing and throwing their hair back or taking pictures on their cell phones or wearing hip, youthful clothing whereas the men are doing… like, all sorts of things: 83 more words



“Excuse me but can I be you for a while
My dog won’t bite if you sit real still
I got the anti-Christ in the kitchen yellin’ at me again… 856 more words

Gender is How You FEEL, Not What You SEE

Just to make things clear; gender and genitals have nothing to do with each other. You might think, you’re either male or female, and that’s just based on what label you’ve been given at birth. 696 more words

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Tardy to the Wonder Woman Party

I saw it. I liked it. I was not blown away.


Perhaps you’ve heard of the Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell’s explanation of the template of all archetypal hero stories? 955 more words


Mothering in a Gender Neutral World

I grew up in a time where “It’s Pat” was on Saturday Night Live.  You know, the skit that had a gender ambivalent character that NO one knew if you should say “he” or “she” and they never gave it away (see? 610 more words