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Gendering Children

Who came up with rules about what a baby boy or baby girl likes? Do boys naturally incline towards action figures and robots? Do girls naturally lean towards dolls and cooking sets? 473 more words


June 5th: The Arrival

Tuesday Night, June 5th

I was well greeted upon arriving at the Sanctuary. Michael Lightweaver showed me around the facilities and discussed the potential areas for me to sleep. 479 more words

Gender Norms

Wholehearted Parenting in Practice: Part 1

This is the first entry in a four-part series.

Aidan wanted to wear toe nail polish at about eighteen months old. For being one of the easiest children ever, cutting Aidan’s toenails was a NIGHTMARE, but putting Aidan in the highchair so one couldn’t see their feet allowed me to cut toenails, then I’d slip on some green toenail polish and Aidan had no idea the clippers were ever out. 711 more words

Wholehearted Living

Her Blanket Should Say 70 Cents on the Dollar

Hooboy, people is WEIRD about gender.

This is my opinion based on experience and also, cultural norms and political evidence.

My daughter is currently my posse. 525 more words

Mom Life

Who should initiate a dating relationship: does it really matter?

There is not a “right way” to date. I’m here to encourage you to step into your authenticity, and not conform to what society, media or the people around you suggest are things to do/not do in a dating relationship. 768 more words



I’m about to turn 23 in the next two weeks. Doesn’t sound old really but I really feel it.

Two years ago I cut all my hair off when I say all I pretty much mean it all. 393 more words