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Define "Man" to me, Child

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of Chuck Palahnuik and Fight Club is one of my favs if not for its magical metaphor*, then for its social commentary. 546 more words


A sexist culture of low expectations is limiting our ideas of fatherhood (The Guardian)

Blame it on my own daddy issues or the sound of the Daily Mail counting down my biological clock, but I have to admit I have a soft spot when it comes to dads. 775 more words


Feminist Friday: Space

My husband walks around the house in his man panties in the morning. Shirt, panties, slippers. The man child goes about in a robe with just panties and lots of leg showing, crotch flashes from uncrossed legs, etc. 309 more words


18 Tired Gender Stereotypes That Will Hopefully Not Exist In 2017

This is an open letter to the entity responsible for creating the social norms that members of our community abide by. Good sir, I do not mean to question your judgement. 721 more words

3 Emerging Trends Disrupting the Advertising Agency Model in 2017

Six. That’s the number of agencies that have asked me a variation on the question: “How
will the traditional advertising model change in the coming months?” during the employment application process. 775 more words


Gender norm busting with Santa and my 4-year-old son

This past weekend we took our children to see Santa Claus at the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, Georgia. As we were preparing to leave the house, I told my 2-year-old I needed to pin back her hair so she could see. 870 more words


Grab her by the what?

Donald Trump – “Grab Her By The Pussy”

A 2005 video leaking our president elect’s conversation on American television show Access Hollywood catches Trump stating that his stardom allows him to do anything to women, including “grabbing them by the pussy”. 285 more words