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The Idealization of Stay-At-Home Moms, and Why More Women Should Work

“Being a mother Is the hardest and most important job in the world”- We’ve all heard it. Certainly raising a child is an incredibly important feat. 616 more words


Psychological Androgyny and me

As a young girl I was teased for being bossy, ambitious and aggressively hard-working. Teachers told me not to dominate group assignments. Later, ex-boyfriends said that I was cold, insensitive and too competitive. 934 more words


Some people will only love you as long as you fit in their box. Don’t be afraid to disappoint.

I’ve been thinking about this idea of being placed in a box for a while now. We build boxes to contain people and we form them with ideas and norms we understand. 326 more words


There's no such thing as normal.

Today I celebrated the graduations of two good friends, and because they’re both a bit older than many people are when they graduate from college, it made me think about the unreasonable expectations that we set on people to accomplish certain things on some arbitrary timeline. 574 more words


Miss Representation: The United States portrayal of women in media

What did you want to be when you grew up? Police officer? Fire fighter? President? I wanted to be in the military, specifically the air force. 454 more words

"comics aren't for girls," and why that statement is six different kinds of messed up

Hey y’all.  So today, I’m writing to the parents.  I know you follow me on facebook, I’m not dumb, and I wanted to call a little something to your attention (and to your child’s attention, if you’ll let me). 770 more words



Just realized that when girls make a mistake while dating or experience another failed relationship, it’s them who people tell to do or be better. No one says to the guy, “Be better next time.” … 126 more words