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Applying Gender Roles To Same-Sex Couples

A typical heterosexual relationship was once one where the man played the role of breadwinner while the woman kept the home. Today, the roles that men and women assume in relationships are different from when this conservative structure was the rule. 952 more words

Whose Business is it Anyway?

There is a continuing debate as to why women of all race, culture, and religious beliefs are going against the gender norm set forth by society. 70 more words

Random Thoughts

On "Office Housework"

I really wish I’d read this or this before going to my last therapy session.

For the past month or so, I’ve been having trouble sleeping.   962 more words

Social Commentary

Oatmeal Cookies

Once in our lives we have all experienced this. The feeling which leaves us dumbfounded and ashamed— the feeling of being deceived. The agony and pain. 236 more words


Gender and local government: What needs to change

By Nicole Graham

I became a local government councillor on 18 May, 2011. At the time, I was a 21 year old university student and wasn’t sure it was something I would do for any length of time. 937 more words


Sit Like A Dude

“In my fem studies class, the teacher told us to try to break some gender norms today. I didn’t know what to do at first. But then I  got on the BART and decided to sit like a dude, so I sat like this (slouches down, spreads out legs and arms to occupy as much space as possible).”

-Berkeley, CA


Dear Internet,

It is Lily and Gemma here and we needed to tell you something very important.

You should all look into ponytails.

Ever since WE decided that life was not complete without at least one, and preferably TWO ponytails in our hair, well, our mouths have never been freer of stray strands. 135 more words