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Shopping for Clothes can be Stressful

…If You Don’t Believe in Gender Norms

On occasion I think about the time I was shopping in an Adidas store at an outlet. Or maybe it had been a Nike store. 372 more words


Part Three: Society and Gender

We’ve talked earlier in this series about how gender norms are influenced by parents first. I took issue with the idea that we can completely insulate our kids. 1,583 more words


Video: Andrea Gibson -- Say Yes

Andrea Gibson (born August 13, 1975) is an American poet and activist from Calais, Maine, who has lived in Boulder, Colorado since 1999. Gibson’s poetry focuses on gender norms, politics, social reform and the struggles LGBTQ people face in today’s society. 66 more words

Opinion Leaders

Trigger warnings/ my darkest shadows, and my path to healing

Photo of me taken by a friend of mine.

The words of the song Quiet by MILCK have been playing in my head as I post this: “But no one knows me no one ever will /if I don’t say something, if I just lie still /Would I be that monster, scare them all away /If I let the-em hear what I have to say /I can’t keep quiet, /I can’t keep quiet, /A one woman riot, /I can’t keep quiet /For anyone /Anymore” 2,367 more words

Free Writing

No Hitting, Raping, or Posting Nude Photos: Teaching Our Children Consent NOW


No video blog today, just a quick write-up. I have so many moving parts: I am blogging for a progressive military non-profit and I am waiting to find out if I can part-time freelance for the local paper as their military/veteran representative. 442 more words


An ode to crap dads

I know, I know. I think I might actually be moving forward, nearly eight years after D-day. No posts for well over a month.

Jesus. Is that some kind of record? 1,611 more words

International Women's Day

March 8th was International Women’s Day. I found myself thinking about inspiring women, which turns out is just about every woman. There are so many struggles that EVERY woman must face, crosses we all must bear; shared struggles as women. 770 more words

Strong Women