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Tired of being Judged? Man Up.

This has been one of my favourite spoken word poems for quite some time now, and I wanted to share it with those who aren’t familiar with it yet. 870 more words

This Video Shows How Society’s Sexism Affects Indian Men, Too

Here’s why “be a man” are the three most harmful words you can say to a man.

YouTube channel Old Delhi Films has put up a video highlighting how society’s gender norms affect how men can and cannot behave. 73 more words

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"When are you getting married?"

I’m probably the most inconsistent blogger ever, I don’t even think I’m allowed to call myself a blogger because I’m just that terrible at it *sigh*. 507 more words

All About Me

Invest in the Future: Strengthen Malaria Programs with Gender Data

Mosquitoes don’t discriminate when they bite. Anyone in a malaria-endemic locale – men, women and children – is fair game for the mosquito. But evidence paints a different picture on how vulnerable they may be to contracting malaria. 209 more words

Global Health

Not EVERYTHING is about "Gender Roles" or Feminism.

This isn’t about minimalism. This is something that has continued to upset me as a female. The lines of feminism and gender roles seem to be taken out of context far too often,  and WAY out of context. 175 more words

Housing while queer

I entered the housing hunt for the first time this semester.  In previous semesters I had always easily found a place to live through friends or through my school, but this semester, after my house dispersed, it was a little bit different.   541 more words

Jaden Smith Wears Dresses, So What?

Jaden Smith recently made news by wearing a dress to the first day of Coachella. This is nothing new. In fact, Jaden Smith has worn dresses before this. 194 more words