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The Unforgivably Pernicious Friend.

There are many fables passed along through the millennia to our current centuries of certain conundrums that are insoluble yet pressing to the relations that all humans as a species suffer. 1,266 more words


Psychology Squandered: She Wears Scented Rose

She Wears Scented Rose

Written and directed by Yasir Senna

Razorsharp Productions
Theatro Technis, London. 

SPOILER ALERT:  Beware: this review is full of spoilers. 

A man runs in.   867 more words


What gender is a computer?

A Spanish teacher was explaining to her class that in Spanish, unlike English, nouns are designated as either masculine or

”House” for instance, is feminine: ”la casa.” 217 more words


Tell me all your stories
and write them down for glory
keeping all the mornings
just as well.
You don’t live for love
never growing up… 46 more words


Celebrities Stupefied By Whiteness

Great video by YouTuber Sista Indi. She has a series of great commentaries on the psychoses of (some) African people regarding their fascination of having sex with cavebeasts.

White Supremacy


all the women that I have ever known have taught me not to want
not to want that thing at the end of the string that they hide in their secret grotto’s… 353 more words


A Life Complex

He had met her quite unexpectedly in a place that he had to meet many. A gathering of others mistily much younger that were taking advantage of their parent’s financial largesse to experiment with their eventual degrees in what was the right university. 1,253 more words