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Dick pics - the scourge of our time

I am an occasional recipient of a big, juicy cock. Veiny, purple, erect usually, and disembodied from the owner. I have never requested these, and they all belong to men I have never met. 1,758 more words

Sex & Relationships

I Won't Be Your Tree

I recently dealt with a very unpleasant situation. This is still very raw for me, so I’m worried that I’m going to get bogged down in rehashing an argument or score-settling — I want to make a larger point here, but this is a very illustrative example, so I am going to be getting quite specific. 3,528 more words


Look pretty and do nothing. How not to be a scientist.

Today I’m going to write about scientists. Not just any scientists. Female scientists. Not just any female scientists. Fictional female scientists.

Of course science and movies have a bit of a chequered history. 1,104 more words

Review: Stone Mattress (2014) - nine tales by Margaret Atwood

Growing old is a sorcery, a transformation.

It’s liminal: the gateway to other worlds, other mysteries.

To grow old is to learn what Merlin knew, what Prospero discovered. 1,457 more words


My Thoughts On the Gender Wage Gap

Summary:  A friend asked me my opinion on the gender wage gap. Below is my response.

Literally everybody who cites statistics not from social scientist on all sides tends to use crap numbers that miss the bigger picture. 402 more words

The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969) dir. Stanley Kramer

Fermented grape juice is a special kind of elixir, hell even Shakespeare was a fan of crushing a cup and some, one could argue, might go to extreme lengths for a glass of vino, maybe even a bottle… or million. 616 more words


The Power of Gentle

Something modern culture seems to have lost sight of is how masculine and feminine power can be quite different.

Like much about being feminine, feminine forms of power were branded as weak and inferior by those advocating women act more like men, “in order to be taken seriously.” Thus feminine forms of power were largely cast aside as outdated. 215 more words

Red Pill