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Justice served: woman who falsely reported rape jailed

Usually, when we hear a story about a woman falsely accusing a man of rape, we hear about how the allegation tears down every aspect of the man’s life while the woman doesn’t have to face any kind of consequence. 514 more words

Gender Politics

A Responce To Stefan Molyneux's Concept of Justice

The definition of the concept of justice as executed by Western social governmental units demands that those who are wronged do not have the right to directly initiate a personal process to directly claim their own justice through physical repatriation of the item taken but are required to petition the system through its often overly bureaucratic methodology to act as the official dispassionate interlocutor on their behalf. 744 more words

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Les règles du jeu ont été excels

I made a mistake. I’ve certainly made many of them over my life experience. Maybe too many? But the biggest one was trusting in women. Perhaps it’s not their fault? 920 more words


No Class - Really?

I took some time out to read the Gender Wage Gap briefing by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, which was reported in the press today. One of the most striking observations in the report, which  I came across but failed to get any reporting or comment by those lazy politicians who jump on headlines was the following remark, 114 more words

Therapeutic Mutterings

Marcie Simmons on Men's attraction to female muscle,Sthenolagnia and Cratolagnia

Marcie Simmons is new to the fitness industry and the sport of bodybuilding. Her videos provides a female perspective to elements of the subculture not usually discussed. 1,979 more words


The Waking Dream

The coffee had been made in semi-darkness and it was impossible to tell if it had been done right. She was back in bed somewhere snoring away presumably. 1,340 more words


Petit Mort

Si l’amour est la réponse
Alors, s’il tu plaît reformuler la question
Parce que, d’où je suis positionné
Tu as besoin d’une certain direction… 81 more words