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Everyone, therefore No One (#ME TOO)

*Trigger warning…

A former colleague contacted me on the weekend, inquiring about my thoughts on #ME TOO, the status update women are using to show the world how ubiquitous sexual harassment is in our society. 3,665 more words


I thought I was alone.

A woman.

My truth.

Against the world.

It was dirty.

It felt wrong.

It happened when words like sexual abuse, harassment and violation were unknown. 219 more words


Don't you think we've done enough? 

I know. It’s just two words. Two short words which could lift the veil, start the conversation, make people sit up and take notice of how very real this problem is. 701 more words

Saturday Sound-off: Let's Have Some Perspective on Exploitation.

The following is an abbrieviated extract from my novel Transgression. It is set in 1943 but based on an incident I witnessed as a seventeen year old apprentice in a machine shop in 1959. 570 more words

World Affairs

Mental Health Awareness Week and male tears.

Mental health awareness week has highlighted an interesting theme in gender politics.

I’ve long thought that talk of delicious male tears and other ‘ironic misandry’ is toxic and unhelpful. 764 more words


The Left Hand Of Darkness - Gender Politics

Today’s post is more of a thought piece than a review, because no one needs another positive review of The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula Le Guin. 785 more words