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The Third Dynamic

There were only two opportunities availed to humankind he thought as he scanned the ceiling looking at the dim shadows dancing from the stirring of another day just outside his bedroom window. 935 more words


TWAT News: Teacher accused of sex with student smiles

A teacher has been accused of having sexual contact with a student. That doesn’t sound extraordinary in itself, right?

Because this is the mainstream information media we’re talking about here, it’s expected of you to immediately assume guilt, especially in cases involving sexual conduct like this one, and look up the accused’s address so you can throw bricks through their windows. 419 more words

Gender Politics

pro-traditional family billboard and everyone loves it! haha yeah right

Someone put up a sign saying, “‘Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It,” and a bunch of feminists and loser white knight men* are upset about it. 546 more words

Gender Politics

On “The Red Pill” and the feminist filmmaker who took it

On “The Red Pill” and the feminist filmmaker who took it

– Uma Challa

I had heard of “The Red Pill” even while it was being made, and have been aware of all the difficulties Cassie Jaye had to undergo to complete her project. 411 more words

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On butterlies and what really matters

The “butterfly effect” is a phenomenon whereby a minute localized change, like a butterfly flapping its wings, in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. 419 more words

'Nah mek dem win': The rise of the Tambourine Army

Men were well represented at the march

Taitu Heron


Singer Tanya Stephens on left

The following is the unedited version of my March 15, 2017, column in the Gleaner… 875 more words


wonderfully mean scene from man seeking woman

Ugh. Biology is a tough, cruel, sadistic bitch.

Just because it’s a comedy doesn’t make it any less true. It sucks, ladies, and I know it’s not fair. 196 more words

Gender Politics