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Canada's never going to change its anthem to include women, is it?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that for almost four years, I’ve been writing about Canadian politicians’ attempts to change just two words of their national anthem so it includes women… 262 more words


Father's Day and Gender Politics!

As Father’s Day approached, an uncle exclaimed – ” Year round I buy gifts for my family, now my family will buy gift for me – with my money !” Amidst the jest and playful banter, I realised that indeed there is something deeply hollow in a culture that ‘needs’ to reserve its dates to appreciate life and relationships . 812 more words

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What’s holding women back?

Recently, I have been accused of being jealous of the “success of another woman”. Jealousy is something almost all women and men would have experienced and been accused of, so it’s really not that big of a deal. 640 more words



The best publicity any film can have is for it to be banned. That alone immediately sparks interest. You simply cannot buy that kind of singularly focused attention. 2,306 more words


What Is the Gender Neutral of Father and Mother? The Gender Neutral Is Not "Ren" Or "Renny," That's Stupid, You're Stupid, and Here's Why.

The logic behind “ren” or “renny,” is that it is short for “parent,” in the same way that Mom/Mommy and Dad/Daddy are short for mother and father, (completely ignoring the fact that Dad doesn’t make a damn bit of sense.) 756 more words


I’ve been through this with several different women. They look for reasons that labelling me as a woman is wrong. The arguments are familiar, so I’ll be brief about the arguments and answers. 744 more words


Flinch, Harriet

It’s a good thing June’s here. April was awful. May was better, in comparison, but not actually good. I’ve spent the first ten days of June realising that I survived my personal goal of two months of the… 722 more words

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