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GRAN TORINO, Clint Eastwood, 2008

American Hero: Gran Torino and Genre Subversion

It is difficult to imagine Gran Torino without Clint Eastwood. This commentary on the American man, of action rather than words, prejudices rather than reasons and silent brooding rather than emotion, would play far worse were it not for the screen presence of the man so responsible for this image of masculinity. 1,585 more words

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When you get into a debate with the guy you're seeing

about strip clubs, and you take the stance that they’re demeaning to and promote the objectification of women, and then he stops talking to you. Except when he breaks his silence out of the blue to tell you to… 25 more words


Ugly Bitch Uses Bigoted Language in Attack on Toddler

Physician heal thyself, Janet

Hello dears.  I would like to make it clear to all my readers that I am a diehard republican; I want to see an end to monarchies, everywhere, and the British monarchy in particular.  1,294 more words


"CAN WOMEN BE AS STRONG AS MEN?" From Lady's Guide to Existence


This writing is from the blog Lady’s guide to Existence. It is a feminist blog discussing discussing women’s rights and sexual politics.This post is relevant to here, seeing as it is a frequent topic in regards to sports performance and physiology. 1,747 more words

Buff Women

Self-love - by the Captain

For me, the best part of a night out is the preparation. The anticipation. The sense of possibility, that tonight might be the night where I meet my dream lover, be applauded for my dance moves, strike up conversation with someone who will be so dazzled by my wit and charm that they will instantly offer me the perfect job. 1,772 more words

How I Accidentally Wandered Into Enemy Territory And Chose Not To Fight

I was doing research a few days ago and I accidentally wandered into “Red Pill” territory.  If you don’t know what Red Pill philosophy is, don’t feel bad.  927 more words

No really, men--you thrill me

Last night at a bar:

Male acquaintance 1: “I don’t want to fat-shame anyone, but.. holy shit…”

Me :

Me : “I thought you were pointing at me, and I was gonna be like, ‘Well.. 102 more words