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ICE to Open Special Transgender Housing Facility in Texas

In accordance with the new era of touchy-feely government enforced diversity, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is opening a special unit for transgender “women” deep in the heart of Texas. 436 more words

The Not-A-Groupie Story

Those who know me and my husband well will know that there’s only one band which will make us both run around he neighbourhood giggling like idiots. 8,945 more words


QotD: "Gender is internal to patriarchy. There is no meaningful continuation of gender outside of patriarchy"

you aren’t a marxist leftist if you don’t believe in sex oppression and reproductive exploitation of the female. marx was a fuckin terf, engels was a fuckin terf, you loons.

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The Patent Misdirection Of That Purposefully Misaligned Glance

It was more than half past and he had just returned home. The sun was a quickly sinking orange ball looking to cool itself into a darker hue as it plummeted in slow motion to the horizon. 1,191 more words


Queer Wars: Dems Seek to Duck Real Issues With LGBT Smokescreen

Despite the full establishment’s backing of Queen Hillary to keep outsider Donald Trump out of the White House and a colossal edge in money, the blue jackass party is in big trouble. 940 more words

2016 Elections

The Disenfranchised

Harold was a bit bug-eyed. Not so much so that he could have been a good fit in a carnival sideshow. Not so much that it had interfered with the fact that the mounting decades had not made their mark with a requisite amount of wisdom and an experience in fielding it that he wasn’t in full possession of his own sense of worth. 1,764 more words


In Year of Hillary All Critics of Female Ghostbusters are Sexists

With Hillary’s scorched earth march on Washington there will be no refuge from the attack of the killer vaginas this summer and that includes at the nation’s movie theaters. 780 more words

War On Trump