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And In The End . . .

OK, the first official one on one Presidential debate is over. We were promised big things! A cataclysm of epic proportion where the spin of the actions of the candidates would be brought up and exposed in lurid detail. 950 more words


Lady Ghostbusters, Hillary, and what I learned in women-only spaces

Last summer, I submitted a grant application with two women. It was the first time I’ve ever been involved in an all-woman project. Partway through the process, the lead PI revealed she was stressed out — up against another deadline, traveling, and struggling with a chronic illness. 1,347 more words

Professional Development

Debunking Non-Binary Genders

This is the first blog post in what I suspect will be a series of blog posts on this subject, attempting to debunk the idea of non-binary genders, as well as point out the damaging and sexist viewpoints shared by the people who claim to be non-binary. 2,215 more words

Gender Politics

The Kids Are Not All Right: Stranger Things and the horror of puberty // Kill Your Darlings, shared by Netflix

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The following contains spoilers for season 1 of Netflix’s Stranger Things

Will Byers is missing. His mother Joyce and brother Jonathan) search the town frantically. 1,293 more words

Confessions of an Indian Married Woman


During my college days, I was a die hard fan of cricket.. At least I wanted to be.. There was some craziness towards the men in blue and the way they played the game. 489 more words

The 12 Steps to Recovery from the Liberal Narrative

A bomb goes off. Or a nightclub is hit with a hail of bullets. You want to know what’s going on. You go to a news channel or a web site, but all they really report is the politicians insisting we will never know the attacker’s true motivations. 512 more words

Eight Bullshit Reasons Why Whiny Man-Babies Can't Trust Women

I’m sorry guys, but creating original content is tough. Add a hard day at work and a no dessert for dinner, and it becomes even more difficult to muster up any creative enthusiasm. 1,941 more words