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I like gangster rap, leopard print, cheap wine, dogs, and intersectional politics.

Mia – the greatest dog in the world. Hands. Down.

I’m a 23-24 year old (f)unemployed teacher who has been *seriously* thinking about writing my opinions in a blog for the past few years. 333 more words


How the Friend Zone Ruined Unrequited Love

In my younger and more vulnerable days (for I must always quote Gatsby) I was introduced by practically every form of media to the idea of unrequited love. 565 more words


A tribe of weird yellow creatures that babble barely comprehensible gibberish are not the most obvious leads for a movie, especially when their origin is as sidekicks. 163 more words

Aniwords – So, Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon or Not?

Well, you guys well know my love for Danmachi—and now the people of Crunchyroll know it as well! This week’s column isn’t so much of a declaration of the love for the show, if only because I only give the reasons I like it and fail to actually give the conclusion. 121 more words


2015 Undergraduate Essay Competition Winners Announced!

The PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group is delighted to announce the winners of our annual Undergraduate Essay Competition. This year’s judge, PSA Women and Politics Co-Convenor Dr. 303 more words

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Another Scalp Claimed

I think the Andy Benoit twitter controversy is another great study in the self-delusion we engage in when contorting facts to support our politically correct bullshit. 903 more words

Andy Benoit