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The Social Misorder


How does one start to voice something unpopular but true that a significant number do not wish to be reminded of? 1,959 more words


Fancy dress trouble and strife

I promise this isn’t a huge rant about the excessively gendered world in which we raise our children.

Sometimes though, it all gets a bit much, doesn’t it? 804 more words


Forget the LGBTQ Agenda, What About The Native Americans?

I am not saying that being gay is without it’s challenges. I am not saying that if you’re a man, and you want to wear lipstick and four inch heels, you may face some difficulties, but when you look back at the massive push the US has experienced in the last 8 years to normalize homosexual and cross-dressing behavior, when you look at how many politicians have made LGBTQ legislation a priority, when you look at how many gay characters with gay plots there are on television, and in film, when you look at how much effort has been put in discriminating against heterosexual Americans in lieu of the LGBTQ community, you have to ask yourself why all the fuss for this particular demographic when Native Americans are still suffering from the effects of colonization? 340 more words

Americans Greatly Overestimate Percent Gay, Lesbian in U.S.

You probably think there are hoards of gay Americans seething with anger, frustration and injustice, right? Hundreds of thousands of men and women who identify as members of the LGBTQ community clamoring for social change, begging to be portrayed accurately in the media… Not really. 39 more words

Fear And Loathing In America

The race-baiting and fear-mongering of the Obama administration and Democrat party in the last eight years has driven a large wedge between Americans who define themselves by the political party or movement they associate with the most. 1,324 more words

I Am Nine Years Old*

I just had the January 2017 National Geographic delivered to my house.  It is a special issue on “Gender Revolution” which examines our entrenched and evolving biases towards males and females.  905 more words


In The Here and Now

Feminist ideas and powerful women have been around for centuries. However, why did feminism as a global movement only emerge at this point in history? Constance Singam weighs in. 421 more words