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The Roman Nosed Lady

“How might one describe her? The continence of a stern statue with an unashamed Roman proboscis. Festooned in black leather motorcycle battle jacket and boots and new blue jeans. 1,456 more words


Dream On

One of my biggest regrets of moving across the Atlantic is that I never went to a queer event or bar while I lived in London. 1,249 more words


First Exposure

The first time I had to make a decision about my stance on transgender humans happened when I was sixteen years old. I was not a particularly happy teenager, and I spent a lot of my time on Goth forums hanging out with a combination of friends I knew in-person, and friends I met through the Internet, some of whom I also made in-person connections with. 1,360 more words



One week away from surgery!

I can’t believe this has crept up on me! How am I feeling? Well, let me give you a little quote from the inside of my head just two minutes ago: 740 more words


Viral Adaptations

A short post today, because I am flying across the Atlantic and trying to meet one last friend before I leave and trying to make sure I have food on the plane and all the other fun things you do when your heart is perfectly bisected between two countries. 1,508 more words


LGBTQ Twitter Nazis Silence Canadian Feminist for Writing "Men Aren’t Women"

After suspending her account multiple times in recent months, Twitter’s Orwellian fascists finally silenced Canadian feminist and noted journalist Meghan Murphy for her critiques of transgender ideology.  351 more words