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Eastern students react to campus gender ratio

By Angelica Cataldo

According to Eastern’s key publication facts for 2016, the gender ratio of male to female students is 2:3.

This means that for every three female students enrolled two male students are enrolled. 105 more words


Gender Ratios in Novels: Check Your Biases

Recently I was reading a few studies about how even when women speak less than men, they are perceived to be noisier.

In fact, in one study… 762 more words


In which I rant about "we only choose the best conference proposals and we can't help it if they're mostly from men" #NewMR #MRX 

I’ve had this post on my mind for many months now but I’ve been hesitant to write it. It seems today is the day.

If you’ve been following my speaker gender ratio… 745 more words

Marketing Research

I love reddit and hate facebook?

In this blog are a couple links that 20something women on okcupid thought were worth sharing with virtual suitors.  I came across them manually, but in the future I’d automate the process and publish statistics like those people who mapped the blogsphere in 2007 (see default image). 185 more words

Sample Post 3

There’s a bit of a gender imbalance…

“Title of Submission” by SomePerson

Gender Ratio

25 NOV 2015_Gender Ratio Irony,Human Cost of Weather Realted Disaster-UN,IFFI

1)Gender Ratio and the irony :-

  • Even given the small genetic and biological advantage that boys enjoy, meaning that a slightly larger number of boys than girls are naturally born, there is an implication of pre-natal sex selection which is leading to more boys being born.
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Am I benevolently sexist?

In her blog, xykademiqz just posted Benevolently Sexist, which I excerpt part of here:

For probably several years now he has been spearheading this notion, backed by research but not in the literal form he seems to espouse, that we need to pitch our field as the haven for those people who want to help others and that we need to do it specifically so that we would attract more women students.

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