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Sexual Positivity & the Life One Leads

I haven’t spoken about sexual positivity in a while.  But, while I was at the convention, a short discussion with someone brought up the situation that makes me want to talk about it for a bit. 1,791 more words



used to describe a person who does not abide to gender norms.

The word “queer” was reclaimed in the early 1990’s; it had previously been used as a derogatory word for homosexuality. 31 more words

Identity Category

gender role

social expectations associated with gender.

A typical heteronormative gender role is the idea that men should have a job outside of the home and a women should stay at home with their children. 40 more words



a socially constructed definition of men and women.

Gender is considered cultural, where sex is biological. The words ‘man’ and ‘woman’ are used to describe gender.   16 more words



written or spoken communication in the form of words, ideas, and/or concepts that shape who we are and our identities.

Social construction happens through discourse. Discourse shapes our actions and desires.We cannot escape discourse, we are born into it. 22 more words


passing woman

a “passing woman” is considered as a masquerade that referred to women who liked to dress in masculine clothing to pass as men. For instance, Civil War Soldiers (Bronski, 96). 



Berdache is an incorrect name used by the French explorers and referred to indigenous men and women that behaved and dressed like the opposite sex.  However, these “third sex” roles were widely respected amongst their own indigenous community, and often times implied an elevated, respected, and religious positions within their culture, such as shamans (Bronski, 3).