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My Role is not the Model

Our days begin early, in a foggy routine, long before the sun rises on a school day. We don’t say much, we usually just chat about the weather. 473 more words

The Shaving Stigma

Now that November is here, many men have decided to put the razor down in aid of ‘Movember.’ Over the next few weeks we will be seeing an increase in facial hair as many men refuse to shave for one month in a bid to raise money for charity or simply have a bit of banter with friends. 362 more words


A 6 year old wanted to dress as a fairy playing basketball in the school model-designing competition.

Everyone agreed he was too young for society to narrow his gender role expectations.



Boys Cannot Be Boys

At my new job, a co-worker was spilling her beans regarding her shattered love life telling her fiancee of a few years verbally abused her and physically abuse her dog by kicking him. 344 more words


No Love at 425* in new Papa Murphy's ad

Since we haven’t had a TV in our house in nearly four years I don’t see many commercials. Yet, today I learned about the latest Papa Murphy’s ad from my… 1,041 more words


Gender Roles

For the first time ever, I saw a little boy with nail polish on. He was about five, and I saw him at my job last Saturday. 104 more words

My Life

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini’s debut novel The Kite Runner is a realistic fiction novel about childhood friends Amir and Hassan in the time when Afghanistan’s monarchy fell.  It chronicles their friendship, how it fell apart because of one boy’s cowardice, and how that same boy seeks to make it up to his friend. 37 more words

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