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(More) Hair

My hair looks awesome today. So do my pants. So do the revisions on my paper I sent to my advisor this morning. The patriarchal hegemony is not holding me back from wearing kelly green capris and quasi-pixie-bob buzz-swoop ‘do! 290 more words



The first time I had a panicked birthday was my 22nd. I was a senior in college, about six weeks away from graduating. I looked around at my friends and classmates, remembering how at 18 I had looked up at the seniors and seen them as a world beyond me. 1,039 more words


Double Standards in the Rap Industry

More recently, female rap artists have been promoting female empowerment in their music. The rap genre, which was once saturated with male artists, has slowly been encompassing more and more female rappers, who have been challenging gender stereotypes with their music. 338 more words

Women, Sex, and Cars

Content Note: sexism, sexual symbolism in theatre

I bought a car this weekend.

The experience was fraught. Little Purple, my trusty steed for the last dozen years, had been ailing for the last year. 903 more words


Social Issues as Exposed by YouTube

Society has issues. This, without a doubt, is a true statement. Racism, sexism, poverty, hate, and a plethora of other issues plague society, polluting it with nefarious qualities. 643 more words

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Like A Girl

YouTube as a platform has always been a site where people can openly express their opinions without having to worry about the consequences of doing so. 601 more words


Do Not Blame the Viewers

A double standard has been created online allowing men to post content much more explicit and offensive without the same backlash as a woman counterpart would receive. 493 more words

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