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He Gives Her The Reins

She was grateful for

the power

that was once beyond her reach.

A woman should always be her own architect with

the will

to be a strong leader.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016

Diva Leads

She Found Herself

She found herself in

Ecstasy by commanding

That he serve her needs.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016

Diva Leads

Herald The Day I Awakened To A Whole New World

I parade around like I’m a Queen.

That’s my job now. That’s my thing.

My stilettos, like my heart are black as coal.

That’s my color. 147 more words

Diva Leads

I Imagined Him An Old Man In The Future

He gently rubbed my foot

As the ache from the stiletto began to subside.

He served me mimosas by the swimming pool

A bowl of black cherries sat tempting me, nearby. 92 more words

Diva Leads

Sexual Positivity & the Life One Leads

I haven’t spoken about sexual positivity in a while.  But, while I was at the convention, a short discussion with someone brought up the situation that makes me want to talk about it for a bit. 1,791 more words



used to describe a person who does not abide to gender norms.

The word “queer” was reclaimed in the early 1990’s; it had previously been used as a derogatory word for homosexuality. 31 more words

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