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Crowning of Kings

The “Man.” Once upheld as a distinct figure, now cries to be feed, clothed, and taken care of after infancy. It appears that the “traditional” gender roles that were constructed for us to follow are now being changed. 71 more words

Who Shovels The Snow?

The Preachers of Detroit aren’t the only ones discussing gender roles these days.  If she goes to work at 7 but he doesn’t have to go til much later, who shovels her car out of the snow? 20 more words


Let Women into Combat Units

Official disclaimer: nothing in this post reflects the views of the Department of Defense, the Army, the Marines, etc. This is only the unofficially terrible, wrong and poorly written opinion of one person who happened to have served at some point since 9/11. 2,000 more words


CHIVALRY VS. EQUALITY: Finding Balance in a Transitional Society

“Would you like to go out with me?” This seemingly simple question has so much more behind it. Many aspects play into the rules of dating. 2,039 more words

Gender Roles

Little Giants

Little Giants
Rating: PG
Run Time: 107 minutes
Released: 1994
Director: Duwayne Dunham

Cultural Rating: 

Overall, this film includes positive messages regarding gender roles and the rejection of… 630 more words

Your Mother Doesn't Work Here

For some reason, I had a flashback to those “Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here” signs I used to see on school buses.  At the time, I missed the obvious sexism because the signs usually just said,”Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here,” and I frankly had no idea what they were referring to.   307 more words


Applying Gender Roles To Same-Sex Couples

A typical heterosexual relationship was once one where the man played the role of breadwinner while the woman kept the home. Today, the roles that men and women assume in relationships are different from when this conservative structure was the rule. 952 more words