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Dear Men: This Is Why Loyalty Is So Important To Women

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Comment: Hi, this may sound like a silly questions, but could someone please explain why so many women in their online dating profiles write that they are either “loyal” or “fiercely loyal”? 1,161 more words


Equality - A Rugby Story

By James M.

Sport has always been a very big rock in my life. It is something I personally use for stress relief, my physical needs, social needs, and the list goes on. 675 more words

Women And Sport

The Descent of Man by Grayson Perry


Grayson Perry has been thinking about masculinity – what it is, how it operates, why little boys are thought to be made of slugs and snails – since he was a boy. 578 more words

Book Review

Identity - In the Garden

The last 2 weeks at church have focused on our identities as men and women. Q touched the tip of the iceberg, but if you can get this, I believe you’ll have a great foundation for digging deeper into who God has made you to be. 23 more words


Death, Taxes, and Hot-Pink Leg Warmers (Tara Holloway, #5) by Diane Kelly

I usually enjoy this series. This book, not so much.
There’s a double plot, The Tennis Racketeers cheating on real estate mortgages and a strip club dealing drugs & not paying taxes on that income. 64 more words

Bechdel Test Pass

Gender Policing Children

I’m writing this becuase I am sick of the constant gender policing my daughter goes through. She has an Avengers lunch box. She got it for her fourth birthday. 571 more words


Women in the Bible & the 19th Amendment

The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution provided women with the right to legally vote. It is an important part of our country’s history. Being a female US citizen, I am grateful for my ability to vote… And grateful that my daughters will someday be able to vote, too. 456 more words

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