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Retro Disney: A Review on Sexism, Racism and General Stupidity.

This is no way is a comprehensive list of all of the Disney movies. I’ve merely going through the Disney movies that I am most familiar with, and making observations about what I thought while watching them as a kid versus watching them now. 2,547 more words


Power Balls & Dirty Bernie's Forgotten Sex-festo

There’s a phrase,

Power goes straight to the head.

What head? 

says I.

Because I can see very clearly that Power makes a quick stop… 571 more words

Polit. Icckkss

An Elegy for Birds & Bees

“An Elegy for Birds & Bees” first appeared in Slippery Elm Literary Journal, December 2015. It was a finalist in the 2015 Slippery Elm Poetry Prize, and it has been nominated for a 2016 Pushcart Prize (fingers crossed!) 462 more words


OSU Oppression and Privilege

On move-in day at OSU in 2015, one house’s “welcome” banner got a little extra attention for all the wrong reasons. One banner read, “Dad’s, we’ll take it from here” and another stating, “Daughter Daycare 2.0”. 555 more words


I Do NOT Like Submission!

If obedience is in your heart already because God has been speaking it to you, then it does not sound harsh or bizarre, does it? Puzzling, maybe, but not exactly wrong, right? 961 more words


On why having meaningful conversations with your children is so important.

“Last week, we heard the story of a West Texas high school that plans to expand its sex-ed program after its abstinence-only policy resulted in a mass outbreak of chlamydia amongst its students.” 88 more words


Is it too Late Now to Say Sorry?

By Jessica Bovee

On my way to my afternoon class, I walked by a woman who gently grazed my arm. “I’m sorry,” she turned around to say, and with a smile we both continued walking forward. 800 more words