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Women Deliver 2016 Partner Event: Transforming Gender Norms for Health

We invite those attending the Women Deliver conference in Copenhagen in May to participate in a partner event hosted by Palladium and the USAID-funded MEASURE Evaluation and Health Policy Plus (HP+) projects. 94 more words

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Women in Combat? And Why We Care: Xena, Warrior Princess

DISCLAIMER – Nothing written is any sort of official opinion from the military, from anyone in the military, and should not be taken as such. I understand that there’s very strong opinions about war, especially since 9-11, and I’m not trying to open that can of worms in this paticular post. 1,672 more words


Stay Frosty

Deer legs on ice
Did I entice
To cross a way You’ve never been
And now you come here stumbling in
Deer legs on ice… 14 more words


Body shaming; a teenie-weenie-peenie paradox

Before I knew it, I was tweeting with one of the entrants of a ‘smallest penis’ pageant!

It was one of those moments which could  1,524 more words


Gender Roles & Expectations: Are we ruined from the very beginning?

From a young age we are pre-disposed to gender roles. Time and people have evolved but the way we raise children really hasn’t. Immediately we assign colors to our children before they are even fully developed in the womb. 2,310 more words

Sorry, I’m Disabled. Oh, Wait, I’m Not Sorry, Just Disabled.

“Sorry,” I say, “Sorry, but would you mind giving me the directions again a little slower? I have a visual impairment and I didn’t see which way you were pointing.” 158 more words


What it was Like to be Homeschooled: Dani's Story

CC image courtesy of Flickr, JoshNV.

Editorial note: Dani is a homeschool alumni and  a junior at the University of Michigan.

“What was it like to be homeschooled?” 1,614 more words

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