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Books That Challenge Gender Roles

Brubaker Bradley, Kimberly. Ballerino Nate (2006).

“After seeing a ballet performance, Nate decides he wants to learn ballet but he has doubts when his brother Ben tells him that only girls can be ballerinas.” — publisher summary. 214 more words

Book Recommendations

Born Again Women Are Under God's Authority

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Ladies who write

The phrases that start these walking poems sometimes well up from unexpected sources. I was buttoning my coat as I crossed a plaza and recalled my mother teaching me to count the buttons on my shirt with the verse “Tinker, taylor, soldier, sailor….” and somehow that segued into the image of a Victorian parent planning her children’s future. 115 more words

The Sidewalk Poems

Why I Hate Traditional Gender Roles: A Rant.

There is something that has been bothering me for a while now that I just haven’t been able to put into words until now.

I hate traditional gender roles. 893 more words


Not All Men are Wicked

For this blog post we had the option of looking at our novel from a Feminist Literary Theory perspective or from the perspective of a Postcolonial Theorist. 1,161 more words

A call for Boys Clubs

It is accepted that gender inequality cannot be solved without the participation from the dominant sex: men. For things to change, we should start young. Behaviors and gender roles are learned and learned young. 776 more words


Story Behind Vanitha

Mind vs Body

The philosophical debates over the body vs mind problem had given rise to many schools of western philosophy. Rationalism, Empiricism, and Idealism to name a few. 142 more words