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Boys to Men

These days, it seems to be the cultural norm to raise girls up and put boys down.

For example, while shopping online at a very popular children’s clothing retailer this week, I noticed a  subtle difference in the message tees for girls and boys. 492 more words

The Princesses Who NEVER Sleep at Night

An alternative on the stories of princesses and princes here, translated…

Almost all girls listened to the stories of the fairytale princesses while growing up, and there would be a Prince Charming who loved the princesses dearly, and no matter what kinds of perils that princesses get in, no matter what’s happening in the environment, he’d be willing to, rescue her, and marry her, and host that looked-upon wedding that the kingdom’s people expected, getting the people hooraying for them. 1,508 more words

Experiences Of Life

Peter Stearns is "my guy" for gender roles

Stearns recently retired as Provost at George Mason University, in Virginia. He is still teaching and still writing. That’s good news for me. In this very partial introduction to Stearns’ thinking, I’d like to tell you why I take it as good news that he is still writing. 1,950 more words

Living My Life

I think God actually does want women to “mother” their husbands, in a sense

I say this very cautiously, cognizant of the taboo cloud that already engulfs ANRs.

However, a careful study of Scripture would reveal that God wants husband and wives to sort of “father” and “mother” each other, respectively. 861 more words

Jesus Christ

Speak To Me of Love

Kyle Abraham, MacArthur Genius, tonight only. Grab one of the remaining seats.



The context of gender roles

A common thread in the blog posts and class discussion thus far has been that medicine and science may be responsible for the “crackdown” on sexuality and sex related issues. 410 more words


Giving as Good as You Get

Christianity molded me in somebody who is non-confrontational: call me names – really say something insulting, question my honor, my parentage, get down-right mean and use a few expletives – and I really have no response for that. 684 more words