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Being the "protector" in a relationship

Today I’ll write about a particular incident that really made me notice and think about how gender roles can be influenced when a woman practices martial arts.  443 more words


How men talk to women

I have noticed when it comes to approaching women; most men are not like me; they have far more confidence. I’ve seen men just walk up to a beautiful woman and start up a conversation and immediately she is interested; within minutes and it’s always amazing; I am at awe at something I find so difficult. 370 more words

D&I Friday Read No. 193

Women in STEM
Engineering has a retention problem: over 40% of women who had studied engineering either leave the field or never even work in their profession… 188 more words

Understanding my feminine side

I tend to be someone who overthinks and analyzes every thought that comes to my head; lately I been thinking a lot about how I relate to others. 731 more words

Role of Women In Victorian Novels

There are three main portrayals of women in Victorian writings. They are either the pure epitome of virgin innocence, the old maid who deserves her solitude, or there is the “fallen” woman who strays from the stereotypical duties of a woman and is ostracized from society. 1,761 more words


Seeing Masculinity As Strength

The notion that masculinity equals strength has been a longstanding idea in American culture. Stereotyped gender roles say that men are supposed to be physically strong, emotionally stoic, and prone to violence (Meek). 2,460 more words


Imagining a Better Boyhood - The Atlantic

Imagining a Better Boyhood – The Atlantic:

As boys grow up, the process of becoming men encourages them to shed the sort of intimate connections and emotional intelligence that add meaning to life.