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Advances in the Economy, but That's It

In shocking news to no one at all, double standards have been around for a long time. Women have gotten the proverbial short end of the stick in regards to gender roles for about as long as history has been recorded. 644 more words

Johnny Guitar (1954)- Feminist or Antifeminist?

Johnny Guitar is the first western I have watched with a strong female protagonist that acts in a dominating and powerful way. She is featured on more posters for the film than the character the film is named after, Johnny. 447 more words

Sociology 216: A Waste of 50 Minutes

I haven’t posted in fucking while, and I feel shitty about that, but the fact of the matter is that I’m a dude in his early 30s taking a shit ton (translation: 16+) credits at Michigan State University, and I don’t have a lot of free time.   154 more words


How Donald Trump makes me a better feminist

September 28, 2016

I had a really great “a-ha” moment in my intro sociology class my freshman year at Oxford College. Professor McQuaide was discussing a classroom study that found that young male students will raise their hands to answer questions they have no idea the answer to while young female students, who know the answer, will remain quiet. 870 more words

Donald Trump

Not a woman...

Guess I’m not a woman.

It’s not news to me.

When I try to fit in the box

I bust out you see.

I never worried about all the rules… 157 more words

Why First Dates are Anti-Climactic

A note from Big Nugget:
I am grateful to share another post from my friend, Ricky Congo. His perspective is appreciated in a female-dominated space. To read his second contribution to my blog, click 
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Personal Growth

Why women do their hair and makeup: Attractiveness and income

By Jaclyn Wong

Cross-posted with permission from Work in Progress here.

Is it possible to capitalize on your good looks?  The answer might depend on your gender, and whether you are “naturally” beautiful, or invest resources on your self-presentation. 803 more words

Gender Roles