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Gender Roles

I met many women in my grandmother’s generation who never remarried after losing their husbands.  When asked whether they’d ever consider a second husband they would dismiss the possibility out of hand by saying, “Why would I want to pick up after another man?  893 more words

Feminist Perspectives on Society - A Summary Grid

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A2 Main Ideas

Feminism the Basics:

  • Gender inequality primary lens for analysis

  • Gender is socially constructed

  • Patriarchy is one of the root causes of sex inequalities…

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Am I weak?

This poem is dedicated to my father,who has pushed me to write this poem.His misogynistic views have been ever present throughout my childhood.

Despite, this he was rarely present in my life and this turned out as a blessing in disguise.This is because his degrading view on females never affected me as dramatically as it may have otherwise. 238 more words


Help the Helpless Writer Help You

I’d like to introduce my current novel project and ask for your opinons. Partly this is because I believe in open expression, freedom of speech and noble things like that, but mostly, I really just want to steal all your good ideas, put them in my book and then hoard the profits. 937 more words


Gender Inequality by Tolulope Awolusi

Wow, I was so overwhelmed when I was told to write on this topic “Gender inequality”

“Gender inequality” these are two important words ; “Gender” which refers to a male or female . 463 more words

Dating is Complex

by Randall S. Frederick

Recently, I’ve been trying to date more and change my conversational patterns. Instead of putting up a good image, I’ve wanted to be more upfront about the two big scares in my life – religion and sex. 2,888 more words

Randall Frederick

Boycotting All-Male Panels

Boycotting All-Male Panels and Speaker Events?

Is it a problem if a panel at a conference or a speaker event has only male speakers? Is this yet another manifestation of patriarchal domination and the silencing of female voices? 1,093 more words