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Oppression of Woman Hasn't Always Been the Norm

I’m taking it easy today after a long, tough hike over Vermont’s highest peak yesterday. I’m sore, sunburned, and tired, so the best place to be is on the couch. 979 more words

A Woman Worth Ten Coppers by Morgan Howell

This book keeps being on the shelf I walk past. I has a great title. Some great books have smut-tastic covers, so I finally picked it up. 200 more words

Bechdel Test Pass

On Expectations, Worth, and Suicide

Throughout human history, men have raised houses and barns, constructed bridges, built nations, structured democracies, mined resources, made tools, innovated solutions, improved technology, and created the world we live in with all its comforts and advancements. 1,537 more words

Men's Rights

Whisper To The Blood by Dana Stabenow

The mining is still an issue – and with gold at $900 an ounce there’s an awful lot of good-will going around. Doesn’t hurt that the mine hires a cute, bubbly Alaskan champion skier to preach to good word. 354 more words

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Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop

The war between ‘terra indigene’ and humans is escalating…

The good:
* Meg Corbin continues to act -perfectly logically – so why are people so amused by her all the time? 264 more words

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A Deeper Sleep (Kate Shugak, #15) A Deeper Sleep by Dana Stabenow

Guy’s 3rd wife is dead – is Lois Deem going to jail yet? Nope. He’s laughing all the way out of court. He hasn’t been convicted of any of his other crimes, either, because he is a mean mean man and everyone in the park is afraid of him. 242 more words

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