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Why So Shameful? A Funeral Dirge For Traditional Gender Roles.

Lately it seems that our culture has placed so much negativity on traditional conservative gender roles. It’s sad really, especially when you consider all the good that comes from adhering to those. 661 more words

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The Art (?) of Asking a Question

Class ended. Mercifully, after two and a half hours of policy analysis and evaluation, it was time for lunch. A group of six of us, all full time graduate students at Columbia, had a habit of going to the diner a couple of blocks down Amsterdam Avenue after class. 1,121 more words

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Disney Movies And Gender Roles

Gender is related to our behavior and appearance which engages with the way we socialize and interpret others messages. We see the way society creates and maintains expectations which are bound to follow in order to be socially accepted. 240 more words

Small-Bite Sundays: February 18, 2018

Happy Sunday, all. I know I’ve been pretty silent lately, but for once I have reasons beyond personal laziness. If you follow the (American) animal welfare world at all, you might be familiar with the massive sexual-harassment-related upheaval in the past month. 1,177 more words

Small-bite Sundays

Developing Sexuality in the 0-3 Year Old Child

This article was inspired by a few things circulating on the internet lately, specifically; the debate about gender fluidity and how it pertains to the expectations we set for children and the language we use revolving around sex. 1,805 more words


The Supposition of Masculine Power

The supposition of masculine power, where ownership is key
About five minutes in, I realise it’s me
That they are drawing down, that they are pulling in… 191 more words


Who Makes the Decisions?

In a patriarchal/complementarian marriage, when a couple can’t agree on a decision, the man has the final say, the trump card.

What do you do in an egalitarian marriage, a marriage where the man and woman have equal authority? 153 more words

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