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An etude in misplaced desire

To His Mistress the World Going to Bed

I have no license to touch
Your soul, if a soul had qualities to touch
No permission to enter your sanctuary… 191 more words


The unimportance of sex in D K Mok's Hunt for Valamon

D K Mok has moved away from the urban fantasy of her first novel, The One Tree (2014). Hunt for Valamon, as the name suggests, is in high fantasy mode, and it owes quite a lot to the backchat and irony style we are now conditioned to assume is how anyone with a sword and a dragon must carry on their heroic quest. 710 more words


Sexualizing-A modern problem

I want to make it clear, that I’m not trying to offend anyone, but this is too pronounced of a topic, that mostly feminists talk about. 343 more words

Daily Blogs

Daddy-time: Why we all loved paternity leave

A couple of weeks into paternity leave with our eight month-old daughter, my partner T. phoned me at work.

Him: Would you like to meet for lunch? 1,468 more words

How Brainwashed are we when it comes to Managing Money?

I was watching TV with my daughters a few nights ago and I saw this commercial for TD Bank. “Banking on the beach”, indeed technology has made our lives so much easier and freeing. 943 more words

Dr. M FinBlog

The movement moves with me(n)

The movement to end sexual violence requires work on all fronts.

It needs passionate and focused organizations like STAR, but its success truly relies on cooperative efforts among several other networks, including law enforcement, medical professionals and educational institutions. 770 more words

Baton Rouge

Be proud of your body!

(I wrote this article for Kjarninn about self-respect and how it might be a crucial part in us achieving gender equality, but it is in icelandic. 1,687 more words

Women In The Media