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Wishing and wondering

I have spent a fair bit of the last year wishing or wondering.  I am talking about my small wishes at home not my big wishes – like global peace, an end to oppression in countries like North Korea and a stop to continued worldwide violence and suffering.   725 more words

What the Embryologist Had to Say

We had our phone call with the embryologist yesterday. Here is what we learned…

1. If we have strong feelings about only transferring one embryo as opposed to two, and if we have strong feelings of having one gender over another, then she strongly suggests PGS testing on a donor egg cycle. 432 more words

IVF With Donor Eggs

IVF and gender selection

Sometimes a doctor of fertility clinic can suggest some couples to choose the sex of their future baby before the embryo transfer. For those who are not familiar with the IVF procedure, it may seem like greetings from the future. 667 more words

Demystifying Garbh-sanskar and the legal controversy surrounding it

The Ayurvedic pregnancy-care regimen, called ‘Garbh-sanskar‘, has become the latest fave-word amongst to-be moms of today. It comprises various therapies, dietary/exercise regimes and medications that enable the baby to be concieved and born the healthiest possible and without any complications, while assuring a quick recovery for the mother. 766 more words


Additional Benefits Involved With Embryo Implantation

In California, in vitro fertilization helps patients become pregnant. This process requires a doctor to fertilize the egg in a lab setting. Once the fertilized embryo is ready for implantation, the parents may acquire certain tests. 328 more words

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