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Egg Retrieval Day

Monday, after my blood work and ultrasound, they told me it was getting ready to be time for my egg retrieval. They originally told me it would be Thursday, but I had been in a lot of pain from how big my ovaries had gotten. 851 more words

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The Time is Now

Well, here we are, the night before I start my injections. The eve of the moment I’ve been waiting for for over a year. All this time preparing and researching and getting ready, and the time is now. 667 more words

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Woman Dies After Husband Forces Her to Have Four Abortions to Get a Son

“Sex-selection abortions and a preference for sons has caused a population crisis in China. Coupled with China’s oppressive population control measures, which limit families to one or two children, the country is missing millions of girls to abortion and infanticide. 58 more words

Right To Life

Anxiety is a Bitch

Well, I’ve started taking birth control pills, folic acid and pre-natal vitamins, it’s been a week and a half and currently I’ve been home with Hand Foot and Mouth disease (since one of my children brought it home to me, blech). 1,715 more words

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Lets Get This Party Started

So…after the past week of freaking out about what I was going to have to pay for both the IVF itself and all the medications, not to mention, also trying to figure out where I am going to get all my meds from, I now can relax, as everything seems to be coming together. 612 more words

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Initial Ultrasound & Blood Work

After meeting with the doctor originally, I was asked to get blood work done to see what my AMH (anti-mullerian hormone levels) were. So I went to the lab and was strangely excited to get this done. 842 more words

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The Beginning of the Adventure

Some would say I’m crazy. For many reasons, but mainly just one that is the most insane thing I’ve decided to do to date. I made the decision a year ago, that I would undergo IVF in order to have a baby. 797 more words

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