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Today at work one of the women told one of the men that “if all men were like him then the world would be a better place”. 321 more words

REPROHEALTHLAW Updates: Publications, News and Jobs

November 26, 2015

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{Review} Jill & Jack Kids - Breaking Gender Stereotypes One Dino Tee at a Time

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When I first started my blog back in February of this year, I wasn’t sure where it would take me. 1,873 more words


Someone Just Got SCHOOLED While Making A Stupid Attempt to Bad Mouth Feminism

You know one of those times when you said something really stupid out loud and got schooled by someone?

A gentleman wrote a blog post titled : 1,023 more words


There's A Reason Why People Blame Rape Victims Not Offenders & It Will Chill You To The Bone!

How many times have we come across statements from politicians blaming rape victims for the rape instead of the offenders?

There comes a point when the entire generation starts to believe in it, the whole society believes that if a woman is out in the night or wearing a mini skirt or going out with different guys or works in a pub, she ‘invited’ it. 33 more words


Why Feminist-o-Phobia Is As Important As Homophobia, Islam-o-phobia And The Likes... To Be Addressed

Alright, so I’m guessing you’ve probably read or watched articles about how harmful homophobia or how Islam-o-phobia is stereotyping hatred against all Muslims and taking away their basic human rights… but I’m certain, you haven’t probably heard the word- FEMINIST-O-PHOBIA! 513 more words


Why Are Single Independent Indian Women An Eye Blister For Their Families?

Yes, I’m talking about that one…

The one that doesn’t care about her ticking biological clock as much as the next door neighbor,

The one that rolls solo and is proud of it, 1,053 more words