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He Won't Apologize For H********g Me- Vlog

This un-gentleman went to a school where ‘sorry’ was not part of the vocabulary.

Just see the video to find out his deal.


I Love The Too-Busy-For-Revolution-Kind-of-Women

You know who I am talking about.

The ones that look down upon women fighting for womenkind.

The ones that say “oh noooo, I can’t march on Saturday, it’s my club and bowling time” 281 more words


Scientist? Brilliant? Masculine?

Today  the news has been full of a study in the USA which reported that girls as young as 6 or 7 start to remove themselves from challenges associated with being “really really smart”. 1,115 more words

Women In Science

Girls can be doctors!

This week my youngest swallowed a pound coin.

For those of you who aren’t yet rolling around on the floor laughing, the information you’re lacking is that less than a year ago my eldest child swallowed a pound coin! 1,089 more words

General Stuff

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Rule is: PINK for girls and BLUE for boys. We have made certain molds for men and women in the society. “All men love sports and are callous”; “all women are bad drivers, love shopping and are too poignant”. 720 more words


Your Partner, Not Your Master - Taking Responsibility for Your Role in a Relationship

Let me start by saying something that unfortunately still seems to stir controversy these days – men and women are equal. There are few things in which men or women are “just better”. 891 more words


Good wife, daughter

Good wife, daughter,
Widow, woman transformed
By desire, sighs in bed
Truly alive in a dream
Of lust and love
Of the heart
Of the soul
Over and over and over.