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Stop saying "I fail to see the problem". Why gender stereotyping is about so much more than pink and blue. 

I’m a woman in Technology and after realising that the vast vast majority of CVs I receive are from males, I started investigating the problem. It went all the way back to kids. 1,377 more words

Smyths Toys Superstores: Gender Stereotyping

Dear Smyths Toys Superstores,
My 5 year old Son has been walking around with your catalogue under his arm for the past few weeks circling (the most expensive – sigh) items for his birthday and Christmas wish lists. 209 more words

Failing the Gender Stereotype

 ‘It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to talk about what’s wrong. It’s OK to play with girls if you like them, to dress like girls if you want to, to like the colour pink if you like it, [..] to not be all that bothered about football if you’re not all that bothered about football.’ … 1,910 more words


'How Not To Be A Boy', by Robert Webb

 In the last year I’ve been lucky enough to experience two works of art that have really ‘spoken to me’, having never really understood the phrase before. 664 more words


The role of schools in gender stereotyping

In 1972 Betty Levy published an article in Feminist Studies on the role of schools in gender sterotyping of girls. This week I want to discuss the observations made in this article and compare them with some more recent observation of gender-stereotyping of girls. 347 more words


The Google Anti-Diversity Issue And Subsequent Decision

The corporate world was recently shaken up out of its oblivion, yet again, with another diversity related controversy. It happened when a Google employee wrote a 10-page memo… 551 more words


WTF? #Googlemanifesto

Fair open discussion or gender stereotyping?

He has a PhD from Harvard in Systems Biology, and quotes generalities from Wikipedia. He says he understands that overall differences between men and women may not apply to differences between individual men and women, and yet he urges Google to make sweeping policy changes based on those group differences. 858 more words