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Sex ed

My boyfriend asked me a question that confused me.

“Do women do something when they first come on their period?”

My response was obviously to take the mick and imply that we did ritualistic dances to thank the gods of fertility. 669 more words


The Great Divide

It seems strange to me living in a 1st world country in 2015 that perhaps now, more than ever, gender stereotyping occurs on a rather epic scale. 1,637 more words

Contemporary Observations

Meetup in Vegas. Hangover style.

Da Man asked me to check out an email trail from his college-group mailing-list. I did and was amused. The first email (verbatim except for name of the sender) in this trail reads as follows: 489 more words


"Your Wife Wants Me": Feminist students outraged by billboard with a photo of a stove

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

The ultimate indignity against women: a kitchen makeover

Feminist students at Siena College in Albany, N.Y., have been staging a protest.

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Study: Girls would like science if they had female science teachers--oh wait, they already do!

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Uh-oh, a male science teacher!

More than three-fourths of all K-12 teachers in public school are female, and as for science teachers, 65 percent are female at the eighth-grade level, and 44 percent are female at the twelfth-grade level.

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Look, I have a blog!

Isn’t that exciting, it’s only taken the best part of 30 years, if you don’t include the various failed blogs I’ve had over the years, and I don’t because who wants to be reminded of their failures? 383 more words

Bad Poetry