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Period Leave: Step Forward At A Time When Women Are Fighting For Equal Rights?

Culture Machine India Pvt. Ltd which runs the YouTube channel Blush recently declared a first day of period (FOP) policy for all its female employees. According to this policy, every female employee in the organisation can avail a leave on the first day of her menstrual cycle. 439 more words


"We're Hiring"

I’m not sure the kind of person it makes me that my friends send me screen shots and links to things they find at odds with gender equality. 1,179 more words

It's An Unequal World For Women At The Workplace - From Job Interviews To Working Life

A recent study, conducted by the University of California and the University of Southern California, revealed that women face tougher conditions during interviews as compared to men. 477 more words


Prisoners Of Beauty

The following was a rant piece written after a conversation with a friend about how she had to get waxing done. We got into a discussion about whether cosmetic procedures really are a necessity, and this piece was the product of that. 702 more words


Jeans and Women: Deadliest Of ‘em All!

After the Friday sermon on 23rd June, Maulana Fazlur Rehman of Pakistan raised a dire issue – one that requires immediate attention. He requested the Pakistani forces to come together and launch military operations against the women of Pakistan who wear jeans, reflecting the larger trust the average Pakistani has on its military rather than the government to get things done. 483 more words


Spain: "Gender in Constitutional Discourses on Abortion," by Blanca Rodríguez-Ruiz

Congratulations and thanks to Professor Blanca Rodríguez-Ruiz,  who teaches constitutional law at the University of Seville in Spain, for her useful article, recently published in the international journal, … 330 more words


Are you a girl or a woman? And does it matter?

Earlier this week I was challenged for using the word ‘girl’ to refer to a female pedestrian who was clearly over the age of 18. It was something to do with giving directions – won’t bore you with the details – but I referenced this person, whom I’d put in her early twenties, as an indication of distance. 913 more words

What This Girl Thinks And Does