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Feminist Friday - gender stereotyping in schools

In 1972 Betty Levy published an article in Feminist Studies on the role of schools in gender sterotyping of girls. This week I want to highlight the observations made in this article and compare them with some more recent observation of gender-stereotyping of girls. 521 more words


Big Bob, Little Bob / Mine Mine Mine Said The Porcupine

Big Bob, Little Bob
James Howe and Laura Ellen Andersen
Walker Books
The possibility of friendship seems unlikely when Big Bob moves in next door to Little Bob: the boys are just so different and it’s not just their relative size; their interests are totally different too. 364 more words

Walker Books

Equal or Opposite

In which our reluctant hero bravely tackles a topical issue.

While working through my weekly bag of fan mail, awards, gifts and begging letters, I came across a message from a mum (and presumably a big fan) who was incensed about gender stereotyping. 1,118 more words


How (not) to talk to someone else's daughter

By Marina Koestler Ruben

“Well, aren’t you a kitten,” our male friend said coyly.

I cringed. It was not a catcall, per se, but the baby equivalent. 820 more words


What's Hot & What's Not

‘With Malice’ by Eileen Cook appeared on my circulation desk with the pile of new books at the end of last term.  It struck me as an interesting title and considering I work in a Years 7 and 8 library I questioned whether it was appropriate for the age group. 727 more words

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please don’t say that 


I can guarantee you that literally no woman EVER has wanted a man to ask her ‘Are you ovulating’ …

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Phil Scott’s national buddies go negative

I knew it was just a matter of time.

“A Stronger Vermont,” the D.C.-based SuperPAC arm of the Republican Governors Association, has been dumping truckloads of cash into Vermont on behalf of Phil Scott. 427 more words

2016 Election