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Heel stuck in pedal: The Patronising smirk, The condescending scowl and The Indifferent stare

Before setting out on any foot on pedal adventures, a bicycle was needed to replace a series of stolen ones and this time I was determined to get the right fit for me rather than the most convenient. 560 more words

Exploring Cambridge

Is laundry only a woman's job? Share the load!

So finally one detergent ad has shown sense and broken the gender stereotyping in its recent ad. It is a good relief from the sight of a beautiful mother smiling at her kids or husband’s dirty clothes to prove she is superwoman washing their clothes to a near impossible white. 179 more words

'The Dark Is Rising' by Susan Cooper

I loved Susan Cooper’s Over Sea, Under Stone (1965) when I was a child. At the time it was a stand-alone story. The rest of the books in the sequence weren’t written, or even conceived, until long after this first one was published. 1,787 more words

Children's Fiction

The Stereotyped Versus the Empowered: The Filipina Image in Local Billboard Ads

Filipinas are victims of gender stereotyping in their own land. This theory paper explores sexist and feminist advertising to deconstruct the various portrayals of Filipinas in local billboard ads. 5,879 more words

John Ashley Genete

Study: Gee, if only we didn't expect scientists to be smart, we'd have more women scientists

Because the idea of a smart scientist is just a cultural “stereotype”:

If only he were a little less “brilliant”

New research has found that women tend to be underrepresented in disciplines whose practitioners think innate talent or “brilliance” is required to succeed.

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Feminism at home and school

2014 was a good year for Feminism, I’ve been reading. Women suffered all over the world in the most horrendous ways, just for being female – no news there – but 2104 was the year some kind of critical mass of protest was reached at last, or so it has been proclaimed. 660 more words

Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls

I’m sick of hearing from others that boys and girls can’t do this this and this. They can do whatever they want that is safe. 769 more words

Daily Diary