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Study: Girls would like science if they had female science teachers--oh wait, they already do!

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Uh-oh, a male science teacher!

More than three-fourths of all K-12 teachers in public school are female, and as for science teachers, 65 percent are female at the eighth-grade level, and 44 percent are female at the twelfth-grade level.

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Look, I have a blog!

Isn’t that exciting, it’s only taken the best part of 30 years, if you don’t include the various failed blogs I’ve had over the years, and I don’t because who wants to be reminded of their failures? 383 more words

Bad Poetry

Team Green.....Here's Why

I track my periods fastidiously, so I knew I was pregnant the second it happened pretty much, and the first thing on my mind was “what will it be?” I hate hate hate the idea of having a girl. 349 more words

First Time Pregnancy

"What Does His Daddy Think About That Hat?"

It’s just a hat. So why does my son get so much attention for it? It doesn’t have spikes coming out of it or flashing lights like his Spider Man boots. 910 more words

Momma Has Lost Her Mind.

Killing half term

Are you having a lovely half term? Mine is going splendidly, thank you. Isn’t it great? All these free hours and days, and all these bouncy children with simply nothing to do. 498 more words

Superheros and Gender Stereotyping

Last week at the “Life, the Universe, and Everything” science fiction and fantasy symposium, I attended a presentation by Andrew Bahlman titled “Superheros and Gender; What it is and why it matters.”  I enjoyed it so much that I would like to share a condensed version of that lecture here that’s only slightly tainted by my own opinions. 611 more words

Concept Creation