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The Thing About Gender Stereotyping

I was standing near a teller’s counter in my bank the other day, waiting to be served. It is one of those so-called new-age banks that make a big deal about service and customers, and adding value to peoples’ lives. 689 more words


When Gender Enters a Blender in Literature

I like a lot of literature in which women display so-called “masculine” behavior and men display so-called “feminine” behavior.

That not only applies to recent fiction written during a time when gender roles are thankfully becoming less defined, but also applies to older lit by the occasional authors who weren’t totally rigid about gender roles in an era when that kind of tolerance was considered “out there.” Sometimes, older lit was dismissive of the gender-role flexibility it was depicting; other times, it was more sincere. 883 more words

Day 165: gender stereotyping


just urgh.

so today i was reading an optometric article, and it included this: “For example, advise girls that when watching dancing, their vision will be clearer, and inform boys that numbers on the player’s football shirts will appear sharper.” 144 more words

Five industries that need more women

Since 1997 the gap in-between men and women’s earnings has remained similar. The average weekly wage for full-time male workers is currently £567. Women earn £100 less per week than men (£5200 less a year). 1,105 more words


New feminist literary genre: the wine-whine--gender inequality in syrah-slurping on television

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

The Good Wine: TV patriarchs depicting women as booze-aholics

Writing in the Atlantic, Megan Garber discovers a pressing social problem that demonstrates how patriarchal our society is:

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Wives are not your maids, but partners in life

Hello friends,

I’ve talked about women being used as maids and their hard work disregarded as ‘sitting home all day’ many times in my blog posts. 91 more words