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'Me? Oh no, I'm not gay at all!'

A tale about confusing times at an Indonesian transgender religious school.

It just turned dark after another amazing sunset on Central Java. I switch on the lights of my motorcycle and hope that the ride won’t take long anymore. 840 more words


Chères mamans!!!

Chère mamans joyeuse fête de la femme !!!

La première chose que j’ai envie de vous dire est que vous êtes de grandes dames, vous êtes courageuses, vous êtes fortes, vous êtes intelligentes, vous êtes inspirantes, vous avez des droits, et vous valez plus que vous pouvez l’imaginer. 642 more words

Gender Stuff

Pledge for parity, is more than a click on the computer.

Happy International Women’s Day!                                    

 This day is not for women only. Men, women, young girls, young boys, we all are involved. We all are supposed to reflect on women today. 896 more words

Gender Stuff

White Privilege is Bullshit

Unpopular opinion time! It’s been thrown about a lot recently. The term white privilege, also white male privilege or male privilege, has been just about everywhere. 1,031 more words


Are you a boy or a girl?

In response to the Daily Post: Unpopular

Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice. 246 more words

Daily Prompt

Conversations at the intersection of gender and ability

Recently I’ve been working with folks at L’Arche to introduce the idea of my being non-binary to them. A conversation went something like this:

“Hey, I’d like to tell you something important to me. 137 more words


Readings: They

It was stupidly busy here last week, what with a giant book fair, on the day of which I worked 15 and a half hours, an experience I’m not eager to repeat again any time soon. 539 more words