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The bipartisan model of androgynous gender presentation

[Content warning: Talking about ways that people automatically gender other people. If this is a tough topic for you, be careful. Also, a caveat… 1,499 more words


Why does "Cis"  matter?

Recently, there was a ‘debate’ on social media regarding the use of the term cis, or cis gender. The crux of the argument was that they found the term to be harmful and don’t like it, don’t wish to be called cis, and proceeded with the attendant “fuck political correctness” argument when it wasn’t explained to their satisfaction. 486 more words

If Hollywood made "Ex Machina" but switched the genders

[Content note: Discussion of weird gender dynamics, acknowledgement of the existence of sex, spoilers for the movie Ex Machina.]

I watched Ex Machina… 1,872 more words


Coathangers and Dark Alleys

I am against abortion.

I believe life begins at conception, although there is enough of a gray area that I will not tell another woman not to use hormonal contraception, even though it works by preventing implantation. 397 more words


Chères mamans!!!

Chère mamans joyeuse fête de la femme !!!

La première chose que j’ai envie de vous dire est que vous êtes de grandes dames, vous êtes courageuses, vous êtes fortes, vous êtes intelligentes, vous êtes inspirantes, vous avez des droits, et vous valez plus que vous pouvez l’imaginer. 642 more words

Gender Stuff

Pledge for parity, is more than a click on the computer.

Happy International Women’s Day!                                    

 This day is not for women only. Men, women, young girls, young boys, we all are involved. We all are supposed to reflect on women today. 896 more words

Gender Stuff

White Privilege is Bullshit

Unpopular opinion time! It’s been thrown about a lot recently. The term white privilege, also white male privilege or male privilege, has been just about everywhere. 1,031 more words