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Large fandoms—things like Doctor Who, or Supernatural, or Star Trek, or any superhero comic—tend to have unique and separate sides to them: curative and transformative.

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Transitioning (HRT Step 1: The Proposition)

From here on in, this blog is going to be almost solely dedicated to describing my process of undergoing transitioning.

So! Starting from the top, I’m gonna talk about HRT. 1,442 more words


So Much Tail

A story was recently recounted to me. One I had forgotten. So, come along ladies, gentlemen and my gender fluid friends while I regale you with a story of denial and embarrasment. 634 more words

Gender Stuff

You Wake Up In Jakarta

When I told people where I was moving, the most common reaction was “I’m sorry. Did you say Jakarta? As in Indonesia?” Then they would sound out Indonesia phonetically like they were teaching the word to a four year old. 1,621 more words

Gender Stuff

Leelah Alcorn, 2014, Belated end of year thoughts.

People keep asking me what I think about Leelah Alcorn. They want my opinion as a trans person. They want to know if I’m okay. They want to know what I think about the whole situation. 1,696 more words