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A/N: CW self-harm & gender stuff

I’m not sure I exist. 315 more words


I try to let a little time pass before writing about some things, largely because it allows for rational thought as opposed to guttural reaction. I make a special effort if it’s been a hot topic in the blogosphere. 779 more words


Sex, Marriage, and Children: Trends Among Millennial Women

Occasionally, I have a conversation with someone who thinks that most young women today are uninterested in marriage and children and wish to pursue having sex with large numbers of partners instead. 954 more words

Cohort Differences


fanfiction written by women tends to keep people’s personalities constant and permutate everything around them. the entire concept of “coffee shop aus” etc.

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The Cluster Structure of Genderspace


The Cluster Structure of Genderspace

Categories are usually fuzzy. That is, when humans use a category, there are usually some members of the category who have all the traits you associate with that category, some members that have many of the traits, and some members where you have to make a judgment call about whether it counts or not.

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