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Transitioning (HRT Stuff): Smells Like Teen Spirit

So I did my first shot of the cotton seed oil T on Sunday (it’s taken me a couple of days to post cause I’m lazy, mostly), and it went okay. 334 more words


Caitlyn Jenner

I’ve been meaning to write about the Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer ever since it first aired. I even watched it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything that I’d want to mention here when I did get around to writing this post. 1,481 more words


Transitioning (HRT Stuff): Like a River Flows

I’m trying to recall off the top of my head how many shots I’ve done so far, and I think I’m at 18??? Or something like that. 572 more words


Transitioning (HRT Stuff): One Thing Leads to Another


It’s been a great week, things have gone well at work, I’ve gotten misgendered less and less there! There was once where someone actually misgendered me at the drive thru box then got to the window and went, “Oh, I’m sorry, I had a feeling I might have gotten that wrong”. 351 more words


Transitioning (HRT Stuff): Tender Lovin'

I’ve figured out why shots have been so easy for me lately! I had a hunch this is what was doing it, but I confirmed it today. 847 more words


Vaginas are Now Front Holes, and Other Stupidity of SJWs

I will admit I wrote this after 1 margarita too many last night, but the point remains.  I was on Twitter (gotta stop being on Twitter) and reading people saying how “woman” and “vagina” are exclusive and that “we” shouldn’t use the words because they hurt the feelings of transwomen and I lost my shit.  683 more words


Transitioning (HRT Stuff): Torso Ideals

The shot was quick and easy again this week, thank everything. I’m starting to run low in my vial, so I’m gonna have to call in for more soon, maybe after next week’s shot. 446 more words