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Transitioning (HRT Stuff): One Thing Leads to Another


When I said last week that shots are easier now, I really meant it. I did shot 14 today, and from start to finish it took about 16 minutes. 527 more words


Cracking the Code


I have had to learn many lessons, and challenge many prejudices in the course of my lifetime.  Some have been easier than others; some require a lot of perseverance and self-confidence. 895 more words

Cracking The Code

Transitioning (HRT Stuff): Takin' Care of Business


So I FINALLY got my blood drawn the other day for a blood test, I had to go to a LabCorp here in Athens, and let me tell you, that was awful. 810 more words


Skepticism, Language, and the Fact that We're All Cynics

So I was reading this kid’s blog, HessianwithTeeth and I enjoyed it because I always enjoy people who like to say smug, controversial things.  I like to say smug, controversial things.  1,903 more words

Kit Harington

Transitioning (HRT Stuff): With Both Ears On

So! It was a good day.

I didn’t have work for long today, I called my mom to say Happy Mother’s Day and chat about life, and I had some good food. 448 more words


Transitioning (HRT Stuff): Rolling Along

I’ve got two things to report about: one is my appointment I had last Wednesday, and the other is the shot I did today.

Last Wednesday I had work at noon, and I live a little over an hour from the doctor that prescribes T to me. 839 more words


Transitioning (HRT Stuff): Perseverance

This week wasn’t bad! I’m about 30 minutes done with my shot this week, and I’m really quite proud of myself.

Last week’s shot was difficult and didn’t go the way I wanted, and some of that carried over into this week, I think, but this week I was able to get the needle prepped faster, and I did a few other things that I think helped. 505 more words