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Queering the Familiar: Genealogy of a Book and its Cover

By Carla A. Pfeffer

Do you ever wonder how an author decided to write a book or how a book cover came to be? I often find these to be fascinating parts of the book creation process, but areas that many authors don’t say much about. 1,251 more words


Rudyard Kipling:  “If they desire a thing"


“If they desire a thing, they declare it is true. If they desire it not, though that were death itself, they cry aloud, ‘It has never been.’”

Rudyard Kipling

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Theory: Ritual and Social Construction

Tl;dr Ritual, or repeated practices that affirm a tradition, is a tool that can be exploited in both artistic performance and processes through repetition and patience, and can lead to a process that involves community-building. 1,101 more words


Non-Binary Theory: Egocentrism Or Basically First World People With Nothing Better To Do

Sometimes I just don’t understand how immigrants from third world countries like me can look at this social media/media hype around Non-Binary identifying people and not visibly cringe. 608 more words


At the limits of understanding: A psychologist's reflections on work with gender variant children

Announcement of February Psychology Cultures Seminar

We are delighted to announce that Bernadette Wren will be speaking at the Psychology Cultures Seminar in February. The details are as follows: 467 more words

Psychology Cultures Seminar Series

Confronting the non-binary fallacy

Above is a depressing little advisory from the current edition of The Week. It reads like something from a fantastically dystopian novel about the future from the 1950s or 60s. 961 more words