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To loose love

At 02:00 am, 5 children are standing outside the 3 bedroom house. The youngest boy is between 4-5 years old. He is shaking. Crying. The sister, 14 years old is holding his hand. 545 more words

Life Lessons

When she cries next door

When you gaze into her eyes, you don’t know how those sharp looks feels like the eagles hunting for the food. Flying from the cliff to race with the deer that is struggling. 438 more words

Literature On Move

Little Red Riding Hood

This is not a simple fairy tale. This is a story designed to control young girls. The moral – stay on the path, or else you will get hurt. 232 more words


How Safe Are Women Four Years After Nirbhaya?

It’s December 16th again – a day when parents of Nirbhaya will be forced to relive their trauma; a day when we will all stop, albeit for a moment, and decry the horrific act; when bold promises will be renewed and token gestures will be made; when we will, yet again, congregate, with solemn faces and burning candles and vow to make this city safer for women. 423 more words


The Question of Violence against Women and Human Violence

Dear all,

In Coeducación (Education for Equality) we have been visited by a group of men (contra la violencia doméstica) who have posed questions which were ill-founded, placing feminists in positions they do not have. 1,028 more words


Protesting Rape-Culture (Podcast)

On 8 August 2016, merely months after the #RUReferenceList protests, Rhodes University hosted a HeAIDS dialogue, intending to address issues concerning gender-based violence. 

Students were unhappy with Vice-Chancellor, Dr. 158 more words


Snippet: Carmen Laforet's "Nothing" (1944/45)

Thanks to some excerpts cited on Spanish state TV’s “Página 2” literature program, this blogger checked out Carmen Laforet’s novel Nada from the local library and has been impressed in a way hardly ever experienced by a Spanish book; it seemed like a successful combination of Charles Dickens in the description of the city surroundings, and J.D. 99 more words