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” . . . it makes me proud and gives me hope for the future that maybe, even in prison, we can end the stigma against those who are different; that, even in prison, a person’s orientation and gender identity will be accepted.”: LGBTQ2S Offender. 1,835 more words




Campagne is distributed in Austria.

Werbekampagne der Wiener Frauenhäuser 2016/17

Gemeinsam mit der Agentur FCBNEUWIEN wurde eine neue Werbekampagne entwickelt: Im Mittelpunkt stehen dabei nicht die Gewalt an sich oder die Spuren der Gewalt, sondern die betroffenen Frauen selbst. 231 more words

Robert Brandstaetter Photographs

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Nina couldn’t get clean.

There was a gross smell she couldn’t identify that was driving her up the wall. She had washed her sheets the night before, so the mysterious smell definitely wasn’t coming from her bed. 1,037 more words


The Venus Flytrap: #MeToo, Obviously

Last week, a young attorney collated a privately-verified, anonymity-assured list of male sexual predators in Indian academia. The list revealed Indian feminism’s splinters: a dozen senior feminists rushed to condemn it, a move seen as being protective of their own interests based on kinship, institution and caste. 513 more words