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The Threat from Incels

Incel may not be a familiar name outside counterterrorism circles, but perhaps it should be. It stands for “involuntarily celibate” and while initially coined by queer women, has been taken up in its most… 55 more words

Why do we care about genitals?

n today’s society, political correctness is essential to any politician’s campaign, business administration tactics including advertising and promoting the company, and really any avenue that involves contact between people or groups of people. 1,039 more words

Pants-wearing woman claims discrimination from skirt-wearing pedestrian signals

As news broke yesterday that Brimbank Council will be following the City of Melbourne’s lead by installing skirt-wearing traffic signals within its municipality, a Greensborough woman who prefers to wear pants to work instead of skirts or dresses has made the bold claim that such signage is openly discriminating against her. 234 more words


Why I don't like the term "women and femmes"

It’s become common, in certain circles, to use the phrase “women and femmes” when discussing issues like misogyny, as a kind of shorthand for “women, those whose identities are similar to or aligned with women, and those who are perceived as women”. 409 more words


Gender Fluid for Me

I’ve been on social media a lot lately. One anonymous site that I use to talk to people about being gender fluid or whatever other issue I have is Whisper. 673 more words

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