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Researchers Find a Bias Toward Women in Online Labor Markets

In online labor markets that connect freelancers with companies offering work, women have an advantage over men in being hired for gender-neutral jobs, say Jason Chan of the University of Minnesota and Jing Wang of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 45 more words


For the first time in history, a bigger share of American women than men have college degrees

Women have out-enrolled men at the undergraduate level in the US since the late 1970s, but only in the past year has the percentage of women with a bachelor’s degree in the US surpassed the percentage of men with one. 344 more words

A Feiffer Girl

A friend says I am like what they used to call a “Feiffer girl”, like this girl:

I don’t mind a bit of mansplaining either. Perhaps I even enjoy it! 35 more words

How to be a Narrow Gender Construct

The curser moves, the words light up. click. I plunge through pages like Alice down the rabbit hole, time left behind as one link leads to another. 431 more words

"I thought you were doing feminist stuff?"

Sara Salem

I recently gave a presentation on my PhD work, and found some of the questions afterwards fascinating, especially the one I seem to get every time I mention what I’m doing my PhD on: “Oh but I thought you were doing feminist stuff?” Because my PhD is on the 2011 Egyptian revolution and political economy in general, there is always the assumption that it has nothing to do with gender, and that by extension I am not doing anything on feminism. 595 more words

Kilden has launched a new website

The newsmagazine takes centre stage on Kilden’s new front page, and the online women’s history exhibitions are better highlighted.

Kilden is an information centre for gender research, whose main activity is the production of an independent newsmagazine with news about research on gender, mainly from Norway. 242 more words

Women Network

Paul Ryan, the Speakership, and his family

I think that mostly Paul Ryan does not want to be speaker because, under current conditions, it’s a thankless, impossible, horrible job.  If that weren’t enough, it’s actually got to be a horrible job for anybody who values spending time with their kids.   329 more words