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what I've learnt about being a female.

Hello again!

It’s time for another ‘what I learnt…’ This post is for more for my lovely lady readers, as I am calling it “what I learnt about being a female” I’m going to talk about the joy and struggles of being a girl (more struggle though, please be aware this is quite a doomy post!) 814 more words

Women are not sweets

Snoop Dogg’s performance at the otherwise excellent Kendal Calling festival this weekend left me with a nasty taste in my mouth. After a set of the usual misogynist, egotistical bullshit (no, Snoop, I really don’t want to say your name…) the ‘great man’ left stage, and one of his entourage shuffled to the front of  the stage, pointed to two young women at the front of the crowd, and asked the security staff to fetch them for him. 279 more words


Trainwreck is definitely not a trainwreck

Recently, I watched Trainwreck, a film written by and starring comedian Amy Schumer. If you don’t know who Amy Schumer is right now, for an interesting introduction I would suggest reading… 1,082 more words

Akane's Thoughts

A healthy dose of healthy cynicism, also updates on things

Haven’t updated in a while. My B! Here’s a general update:

  • I’m super skeptical of all gender stuff. I made a recent climbing buddy who is from a fairly traditional background I believe, but he’s super friendly and hopefully open-minded.
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an intro

let’s begin.

i’m nicole. i choose to keep my birthname because it feels like an asset of my life i’m attached to. i’m seventeen and i’ll be turning eighteen next month. 242 more words

This Is A Gender Blog

Raise your hand if you're the angry, hairy feminist.

The first picture I ever got framed was exciting. I spent a while debating about borders and feeling like an established artist at 14. It didn’t occur to me that there were framers scattered throughout my hometown, and that a frame didn’t automatically lead to the ultimate art stardom. 551 more words


Gender wage gap, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand since 1970

New Zealand does much better than most on the gender wage gap for full-time workers.

Figure 1: gender wage, % of median male wage, full-time employees, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, 1970 – 2012… 76 more words

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