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Being Nasty

There’s something pretty uplifting about meeting a hundred thousand people who share your views, even if you just walk down a road together making ‘woo’ noises every now and again. 777 more words


The Nature of Gender

For some time now I’ve been trying my best to understand gender. I’ve searched high and low for sensible definitions and explanations and I’ve still little clue of exactly what gender… 1,759 more words


Do We Not Bleed?

Do we not bleed? Shylock asked. Of course Shylock was talking about the fact that, if pricked with a needle or a sword, Jews bleed just as Christians do. 832 more words

Quick hits (part II)

1) Saletan on Trump and his speech:

On Friday, a morally empty man gave a morally empty speech. There was no talk of humility, no acknowledgment of enduring prejudice, no plea for decency.

1,488 more words

We Marched. It Was Moving, Peaceful, and Powerful.

Inside 254 raised its voice alongside the millions around the world who spoke out for human rights on January 21.  D.C. was foggy but warm.  The people were kind, saying “excuse me” and “do you need help?”  Everyone made room for our tiniest marcher and made sure she was safe.   94 more words


PC gone mad gone mad

Waaay more fatuous than political correctness is “PC gone mad”—that’s “PC gone mad” gone mad. As ever, Stewart Lee is definitive:

And his eloquent demolition of Amanda Platell’s complaint about… 351 more words