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Lunch with the 'Bros'

Sometimes, I feel like I’m on the show “Silicon Valley,” the fictional HBO show about “bro” life at a startup. To be honest, I haven’t watched the show. 737 more words



            For this week’s blog post and probably the next few I’m going to be talking about gender, gender roles, societal norms and clearing up some assumptions that I feel may have been made about me. 465 more words


A History of my Gender Expression (with pictures)

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my gender expression recently, partly because I’m questioning my gender and partly because I work in an office environment where I am significantly more androgynous than my colleagues.  899 more words



I’m writing today with a degree of anger combined with utter incredulity that a major state in the United States is trying to pass new laws relating to gender and sexuality. 266 more words

Gender and Autism

Gender seems kind of arbitrary when you’re autistic. So do a lot of other things society just assumes you’ll do and internalize. What makes someone a man and someone a woman? 595 more words



The topic that I have chosen to cover is “feminism”. As someone who deeply supports gender equality and women upliftment, I felt that choosing such a topic would be beneficial to promote equality. 1,705 more words

Be Bold

Unsolicited Advises..

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Minding other people’s business…

We are all so excellent at NOT minding our own business.

It is one thing to be interested in someone/something and keep those opinions to yourself, regardless of how thrilling/good/bad/complimentary/abusive the opinions might be. 1,188 more words

Be Bold