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For the Boys and Girls who are falling for their Friends

There is always that moment when you have a friend of the opposite sex or the same sex and they start to fall in love with them. 518 more words

“You Play Ball Like a Girl”

Usually, a mother finds herself patching up holes in her son’s pants after an eventful day of recess, but my mother had no sons.

She had three girls. 439 more words

Barn Life

Wages, legitimately derailed

Right now in New Zealand there is an incredible case unfolding. I’m talking of course about the College of Midwives taking the government to court over how little they are paid. 2,190 more words

God in "Movies"

Dreams: most of them good; some of them bad
Visions: not everyone has them; not everyone believes in them

Even as I start to write, it feels odd because it’s about someone else, whom I haven’t asked permission from to write about, so I’ll leave the name out and make the gender general. 473 more words


Tattoos (and all other non sentient things) don't have a gender

I have recently (during a work endeavour) created a Pinterest account. I won’t lie, I enjoy it a lot. Admittedly all I look at are tattoo ideas, photography, and work related (digital marketing) stuff. 481 more words


The Non-Binary Book Club Reads The Woman Who Rides Like a Man (Song of the Lioness, Book 3)

…in which our heroine rides into the desert and we learn about the need for intersectional feminism.

Featured image from here.

In addition to spoilers for… 3,533 more words


Lehigh Valley Charter High School For The Arts ( Vacation, Part 2 )

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015, I finally toured the new Lehigh Valley Charter High School For The Arts (Charter Arts), in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.  The old school was in a rented old industrial site (no windows in the whole school!) but it still blew me away.  351 more words