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Gender Up! The good, the bad and the complicated on gender quotas in politics

Gender quotas — in some form or another — exist in the political structures of countries from Rwanda to Sweden. But the word alone seems to make many Canadians wince — why? 194 more words

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Majority of Japanese women in poll support idea of men-only train cars

Concept receives stronger support from female commuters in the Tokyo area than males, with those in favor giving two primary reasons. 497 more words


Climate Anxiety Counseling: Kennedy Plaza/Burnside Park, 6/28/17

Weather: Warm, bright, breezy

Number of people: 8 stoppers, 1 walkby

Number of hecklers: 0!

Pages of notes: 10

Peanuts references: 1

People who recognized me, and I them, from previous years: 1,896 more words

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Taking on the Misogyny of a Failed President

Photo Credit: Samantha Sophia

The white male bully temporarily occupying the White House represents the worst expression of manhood the U.S. has ever seen, but that dangerous truth is being obscured by so many of his other treacherous actions. 977 more words

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Women in Tech: Please Help Increase Awareness by Sharing Your Story

To help increase awareness across the industry of the type of subtle and overt behaviors that contribute to gender imbalance in the industry, we are asking women to… 82 more words


Let's Talk Diversity in Novels & Writing

Image of Diversity ©Sascha Darlington

Diversity has become such a catchphrase anymore. We need more diversity. For a lot of it, I agree. Movies and TV should appeal to masses. 388 more words


L'Enfer, C'est Les Autres

When most people reach out and touch a red hot pan, they burn themselves. They learn not to touch the red hot pan. Me, I’ve lived my life hearing people tell me to keep touching that pan. 877 more words