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Recite it the Way Black People Can Recite White People's Stories Like The Back of Our Hands

Please read: Why I’m Absolutely an Angry Black Woman, by Dominique Matti

I am sharing this powerful article by Dominique Matti with you, because I could have written it myself. 163 more words

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Focus Group Discussion on Gender and Media 

Dear All,

As a part of my doctoral research, I am conducting 3 focus groups discussions on Gender & Media in the month of June. … 156 more words

Discussing the Female Gender in Japan

By RongXuan Tan

Fly with beautiful girls from Todai! This promotional campaign by travel agency H.I.S in which rich travellers are offered a chance to be accompanied by a beautiful Todai girl on the plane came under fire recently. 909 more words

The Boy with the Crooked Smile

My fellow patients on the psychiatric unit are certainly an interesting cast of characters. Of course I wonder about their stories, I wonder what combinations of pain and circumstance and bad luck (and maybe good luck too?) have brought them here. 1,641 more words


The Damsel In Distress

It was around 2009/2010 that I really started taking on the identity of being a vocalist in our band. Not just a guitarist who happens to also wail in to some beat-up town-bicycle-style microphone because no one else in the band can be arsed doing it. 1,147 more words

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