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From 'Skins' To 'Euphoria': Exploring Teen Sexuality in Television

While sex and sexuality has become a vital topic and an aspect of many television shows available on cable television and/or streaming services such as Netflix, exploring teen sexuality in such shows have been and still are controversial to older audiences and are left up for debate. 665 more words


Power in Relationships: Whose Court is the Ball in?

“I put up a good fight, but at the end I let go. Let’s just acknowledge that between the two of us, it is you who has the more power”, I tell M after a meandering conversation over who has the most wins in our arguments. 1,186 more words

Social Justice Dictionary: Gender Identity

He/him. She/her. The ones you hear all the time. The masculinity and femininity in these two make it seem like they’re the only ones that can and should exist. 785 more words


What Do Writers Wear?

As a lot of people are working from home, we’re in the strange position of being indoors, all the time. I’m also in the new situation of not going back to school in September. 712 more words


Brain Sex Differentiation and the Role of Biological Mechanisms in Cultivating Gender Identity

By Callum Ritchie

Stage 2, BSc Psychology with Counselling

Ongoing controversy exists as to the degree of psychological sex differentiation in humans, particularly in popular culture. 2,066 more words

Apocalypse September 2020

Sane in Insane Places

How to have a meaningful life in a world that is increasingly absurd? Step one: acknowledgement of a wounded present. It is okay to grieve. 574 more words