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No Shame November

I experienced a lot of shame expressing my interest in participating in
No Shave November back in High school, when I first found out about, to be an annual event that took place among men, which sort of jokingly existed as some lazy “brotherly” bound. 703 more words

I’ve stumbled into an obsession with art journaling (which lead to an obsession with Washi Tape, can you tell?). Creating an art journal feels like so much less pressure than doing “actual art.” Although, the topics I’ve dabbled in and thoughts I have discovered while art journaling are way better than in my other art; I wish I could transfer some of the topics from here and turn them into more pronounced fine art. 301 more words



Wow, starting off with a controversial topic.

Okay, gender, in all forms, has been debated, talked about, and incorporated into daily life since I could remember. 556 more words


I am ...

​I am the water coursing through the veins of these lands.

I am the fire rising from the bowels of the earth.

I am the drumbeat of a new today. 48 more words

Scribbled Verse

A reading list for the queer, feminist revolution.

Carmen from Autostraddle writes about the 2016 Presidential Election, and puts together a list of books to armour yourselves for the upcoming revolution.  614 more words

Refiguring Bodies

Elizabeth Grosz, “Refiguring Bodies”, pp.3-24, in:

Grosz, E.A., 1994. Volatile bodies: toward a corporeal feminism. Indiana University Press, Bloomington.


The body has remained a conceptual blind spot in both mainstream Western philosophical thought and contemporary feminist theory.

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Note on - show me art that isn't always the female body.

i am grateful for the gallery on my phone; the many galleries – the Renaissance art, the animation, the food art, the body art, the digital art. 453 more words