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The urban space.

The urban space – I like to tame it – and that is done though wandering or cycling as it gives a human scale feel to it unlike motorised transport. 319 more words

Are You Suffering From The Bad Bahu Syndrome?

To my English speaking friends: I am asking if you are suffering from the bad daughter in law syndrome.

Oh, so you believe in gender equality? 342 more words

We are told about the world before we see it

We are told about the world before we see it” (Meskin)

The world is made of social constructs that were invented by white men to keep others down. 833 more words


KDRT bukan Aib, Perlu Dilaporkan

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Di dalam suatu rumah tangga dapat terjadi ketidakharmonisan yang diakibatkan oleh faktor sosial, ekonomi, budaya ataupun lingkungan. 759 more words


Menilik Kembali Peran Organisasi Perempuan Di Masa Orde Baru

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Katakan pada mereka
Bagaimana kau dipanggil ke kantor menteri
Bagaimana ia bicara panjang lebar kepadamu… 952 more words


Straight Lines and All Mandala

Change is in the air, lifting the wings of a paper crane as it floats over turbulence, rustling the unkempt spikes on a dragon’s back. Mesmerizing. 315 more words


How the Other Half Lives

By David Michael Newstead.

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About six years ago, it dawned on me that my female friends were dealing with a daily set of challenges in public that I just don’t face. 432 more words