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Post Of The Week - Saturday 25th March 2017

1) Virtual Reality

This week, as part of the phobias lessons in Year 1, we had a look at some video showing VR being used to treat PTSD. 354 more words

Treating Mental Disorders


I’m always thinking, “Why?” I like to joke that I’ll be the one in heaven trailing around after God, asking, “Why did You do this or that THAT way, God?” (With Him getting pretty annoyed with me quite quickly… and pawning me off on some harrassed underling.) … 344 more words


Irene at Work: Melissa

As noted previously, a number of our clients prefer to remain as discrete and private as possible. We totally understand and ‘get’ that. It does however make ‘advertising’ our service a bit tricky. 103 more words


Czech This out: a Flashback to My First Slavic Challenge

I might be a bit biased in saying that Czech is one of the most fascinating languages of the Slavic world. But it is. In fact, my visit to Czechia (as we call it now) got me so interested that I immediately wanted to experience it first-hand. 594 more words

My Projects

Worth It

The “mutual friend” I mentioned in my last post has a medical condition that has affected zir hormones to the point where ze is “chemically intersex.” Ze identifies as “on the spectrum” for both gender and sexual orientation, “not completely cis and not completely straight.” Ze has shared some of zir experiences with others, but does everything in zir power to present as the gender ze was assigned at birth, and as straight. 288 more words


Spill (1)

She always kept track of my cycles, although conceiving a child was the farthest thing from her mind. She need to know how her body was doing. 1,431 more words