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Women Photographers and The Iranian Revolution -Various

Below are links to two articles about women photographers who captured the Iranian Revolution in pictures. Their stories and the their work are fascinating.

The first, which profiles the work of Maryam Zandi, looks at the revolution in general. 57 more words

Imagining Genius

Imagine befriending genius –
accepting social awkwardness
embracing habitual quirks as
incubation for enlightenment.

If I could strip down, release
preconceived notions, agendas,
lie naked, exposed, in shallow… 51 more words


The African Queen (1935), by C S Forester

The African Queen is a ripping yarn (one reason, by the way, for the success of the 1951 film).  Two ill-suited people struggle against incredible odds on an impossible quest, striking a blow for the right against imperial might.  849 more words

Book Reviews

UAE to create "minister for happiness" post

The prime minister of the United Arab Emirates has announced that the country will privatise some government services as well as create a state minister position devoted to ensuring the happiness of its citizens. 249 more words


The New Macho

The Revenant offers up the epitome of macho endurance – through brute force and unwavering determination, DiCaprio survives extreme temperatures, near exhaustion and even a bear attack. 224 more words


Feminism: Why Does it EVEn Exist?

When I was registering for my Tier 2 theology class, I was hesitant to choose anything that would push me out of my comfort zone, as sitting through another theology class sounded daunting. 430 more words

Contemporary Issues

The Galatian Principle: Or, Do Complementarians Deny Justification by Faith? (A Guest Post)

This post is written by my colleague and friend, Spencer Boersma, Pastor of First Baptist Church Sudbury. Spencer has two degrees from Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario, and just submitted his dissertation for a Ph.D. 3,418 more words

New Testament