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Peter Pan- J.M. Barrie

Maurice Sendak, author of the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are, once said that he had never intended to write for children, but that his brand of honesty would never be well-received by adults. 327 more words


Cafe au Lait (1993)

In his directorial debut, loosely adapted from Spike Lee’s classic She’s Gotta Have It, French director Mathieu Kassovitz introduces us to Lola (Julie Mauduech), a university student who’s juggling two boyfriends. 201 more words


Trans Circus

Iggy is a transgender circus performer.

Created by Meghan Vigeant in the Salt Summer Intensive 2016 at Maine College of Art.


The time of sass,trophe

She keeps playing Pen;

and we keep waiting onthe skirt;

turn a pink; head.

They yuck up not cough but laughs and we curdle our yogurt; 116 more words

Am I a bad feminist?

So, here’s a thought: Am I  a bad feminist?


A few days ago, courtesy of Pri – btw, if you haven’t seen her latest post, you should… 1,075 more words


Feminism: Solution to Patriarchy or a Hoard of New Problems itself?

By Naina Sharma

(This article is on demand by Blogurnalism reader)
Feminism is no easy concept and at the same time way too distinct from what we call a patriarchy. 1,152 more words


I’m Starting a Cult Called “Your Gender-Politics Cult is Bullshit”

“Don’t call my cult bullshit, you pansy-ass mangina!”

Sorry, Johnny Men’s Rights. Maybe stop peddling bullshit.

“You tell ‘em, Matt! Radical feminism is the BEST!” 3,928 more words