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Women at Work and Men Too

Two weeks ago, the following notice appeared on the fence of a building site in the northern-English town where I live:

Warning: men and women at work*

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BabyH's Gender Guess!

I’ve not noted this down before!

Many many weeks ago, HH said he heard BabyH say “mer” when he asked him if MiniH was a Didi or Mei Mei. 157 more words

DaddyH Says

Living Japan Episode 81

Woot! We have a new episode of Living Japan uploaded and it should start appearing on iTunes within the an hour or two. Here is the blurb for episode 81: 68 more words


Episode 81: Sumo and Gender

It is Episode 81 and the Living Japan crew are fired up to talk about the most recent Sumo controversy, shed some light on the troubles the sport has had in the past decade and then wrap it all up by discussing some ongoing gender issues in our home of Japan! 61 more words


Gay Lives Matter

Homosexuality is one of those topics some people in society avoid talking about. For the LGBTQ community, 2018 is the year of “gay liberation,” but in many countries, this group has to face several injustices, inequalities, and atrocities towards them. 947 more words

Day 8

Had a pretty decently-sized freak out about my body and my gender presentation today. 128 more words


William Logan, "Clench / Clinch," and Illegitimacy

Most William Logan (of Spotsylvania County, Virginia) researchers believe the court alias “Clench” or “Clinch” refers to illegitimacy. So do some impartial (non-Logan) Virginia researchers. Let me quote one, Ann Avery Hunter. 797 more words