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There is only one gender: Human

We are imprisoned by gender. Its expectations restrict us, trans folk more than most. We are people. There is no feeling only women, or only men, feel; no virtue for one which is not a virtue for the other; no gift which fits one more than the other. 329 more words


How do we smash the gender binary with English Language Learners?

I’ve been really struggling with how to be respectful of gender identity and avoid reinforcing the gender binary when speaking in a language that genders everything. 560 more words


Saturday Sampler: October 15 -- October 21

To discover A Surprising Barrier to Personal Bible Study, check out Knowable Word for Ryan Higginbottom’s interesting challenge. I pray that you’ll then accept his challenge. 292 more words

Christian Doctrine

October 20, 2017

On October 14, 2017 my voice seemed a little different again. Even after 9 months on testosterone (T), it’s still transforming. I guess I should stop assuming it’s done until it’s… I don’t know… something, someday, whatever. 355 more words


Feminist Halloween 2017: Day 21: "Queers Destroy Horror"

Now as an adult, I turn to horror stories not to train myself to survive the world but to make sense of it. The world is horrible sometimes.

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Why more bosses aren't talking about sexual harassment

Maybe—probably—your office was abuzz this past week with discussions of #MeToo. After the explosive hashtag campaign detonated last weekend, the still-raw revelations of sexual harassment experienced by women everywhere came charging with us into work on Monday, sparking discussion and debate among co-workers. 1,044 more words