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Trans men show unusual connectivity patterns in brain networks involved in self perception

By Christian Jarrett

Most brain imaging studies involving transexuals or people with gender dysphoria have focused on whether their brains look more like what’s typical for the gender they identify with, rather than the gender they were born with. 705 more words


BLOGROLL: V Books Interviews Tera Hunter on Bound in Wedlock

Vibe interviews Tera Hunter on her new book, Bound in Wedlock: Slavery and Free Black Marriage in the Nineteenth Century (Harvard University Press): 86 more words
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Equality: It doesn't exist.

When I was around 15 I was catcalled by some random guy. He began following me after he realized I ignored him. Eventually, he backed off. 575 more words

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A harmonious married life is good for the ovaries

The phenomenon of ovarian dysfunction in women before the age of 40 is called premature ovarian failure (POF). This means that menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, menopause ahead of arrival, unable to bear, some patients will also appear similar symptoms of menopausal syndrome. 323 more words


A harmonious couple's sexual life can effectively prevent female breast hyperplasia

Hyperplasia of mammary glands, also known as lobular hyperplasia of the breast, lobular hyperplasia of the breast, is a common breast disease in women. Data show that, when the first born age, more than 30 years old, never give birth, postpartum breast-feeding, abortion, sexual life is too few women, the incidence of breast hyperplasia is higher. 239 more words


What pads are pads and how often should they be used?

What is a pad?

In fact, plainly, is a small sanitary towel, this small body and thin sanitary pads, in fact, the principle of use and sanitary napkins similar. 569 more words