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Gender equality?

I knew it would happen. I was waiting for it to happen. Sooner
or later it would happen to me. I just wasn’t expecting it to… 1,244 more words


Re-Sounding Voices: Women, Silence and the Production of Knowledge

With Keynote Speaker, Professor Katharine Cockin (Hull University)

The celebrated history of the sciences and arts is dominated by the voices of great men, whereas the voices of women have often been marginalised. 484 more words

Call For Papers

The Damage Manxiety Does

There’s a new word you may have seen recently, appearing in publications from Metro to Men’s Health.  “Manxiety”.  It’s one of a series of compound words which have appeared over the last few years, all containing “man” or “guy”.  763 more words

The girl effect, or why being smart just isn't enough


This blog originally appeared on the Power to Persuade web site; see it in its original from here.

The highly-publicised gender pay gap matters for reasons of equity and fairness, but also because women are disproportionately disadvantaged as a consequence.  1,251 more words

Public Policy

Trope-a-Day: Stay in the Kitchen

(No fic today, sorry… for reasons of pie. Urp.)

Stay in the Kitchen: Averted in the Empire, where Gender Is No Object.  No-one there would think of saying it – and when someone from elsewhere says it, they will have the damndest time trying to get the Imperial to understand what the heck they’re driving at. 31 more words


Can Women Have it All? I can.

To have it all – what does that mean? This typically means to have a great education career, be a wife and mother that’s the whole package right? 504 more words

The ongoing argument between me and fake masculinity

Rebecca Solnit wrote a very interesting little article here, a sharp little critique of Esquire magazine’s regular, and (to me) tiresome, tradition of regularly trotting out their “80 Books Every Man Should Read” book list. 608 more words

Personal History