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"Maybe she was flattered?" Fatness and gendered violence

In this post I want to build on Tracy Royce’s paper ‘The Shape of Abuse: Fat Oppression as a Form of Violence Against Women’ to bring attention to the ways in which fatphobia informs, intersects with and perpetuates rape myths and sexual violence against women. 760 more words

Fat Studies

Marital Rape, Let's talk about it!

Margaret Schuler- “Understanding the phenomenon of gender violence requires an analysis of the patterns of violence directed toward women and the underlying mechanisms that permit the emergence and perpetuation of such violence… 387 more words

'That means he likes you...' - Mini Post

When little boys hurt little girls we often tell the girls ‘he must like you’! This post will unpack why this is problematic and how it can lead to women accepting abusing relationships in their adult lives. 192 more words

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Don't Shoot the Messenger

In lieu of the latest scandals involving men in positions of power, abusing their power, I have thought deeply and tried to remain objective. When we use one another’s pain as a platform for political agency alone, we perpetuate the very dominant systems we seek to transcend. 848 more words

Gendered Violence & Abuse

The Gendered Violence and Abuse Research Alliance (GeVARA) is a network of applied researchers at RMIT University bringing a range of expertise to address issues including: domestic violence, family violence, violence against transgender women, rape and sexual assault, gender-based stalking, sexual harassment, trafficking, exploitation, sex discrimination and same-sex violence. 206 more words

Interpersonal Violence

What I write...

I can write about the struggle of Black women

About the active violation against our bodies

About how we are always a footnote in the struggle… 127 more words


Meet the feminist playwright who’s castrating rapists Off-Broadway

Hey lovelings, I’ve got wonderful news! My upcoming play, GYNX, is starting to get some press. Please check out my interview with Feminist Current, in which I talk about the challenges of being a female playwright, the state of modern feminism, and the necessity of rape-revenge stories like GYNX: 59 more words