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NFL Cracks Down on Domestic Violence

A little while ago, the NFL had to deal with a sensitive situation, which involved one of its players being implicated in a domestic violence and assault case. 752 more words

The butcher's is no place to fight over salad

Fred was finally flying into town after all these years abroad. What a delight! I was eager to see how much balder he was and get to shake my head at his old jokes. 881 more words

Gendered Violence

The Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation

It is with the finalisation of the website that ‘The Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation,’ has been launched. A more celebratory and formal launch event will be held in the near future. 37 more words

Gendered Violence

The Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation

Watch this space

Very soon, I shall be launching, The Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation

Whilst many women using unregulated sperm donors have an uneventful experience, many women do not; instead they experience abuse during their journey to motherhood. 209 more words

Gendered Violence

"To the Indigenous Woman;" Violence against Indigenous women a year later

Last year, I showed a class the short version of the poem “To the Indigenous Woman” by Ryan Red Corn. The combination of the words and the background music when hearing the poem sends shivers down my spine and nausea to my gut. 353 more words

Observations On Life Outside Of Academia

Research Briefing: Unregulated Internet Sperm Donation and Violence Against Women

I am in the midst of finalising a research briefing on internet sperm donors and violence against women. This will be submitted to the HFEA and those organisations working in the field of domestic violence and sexual orientated abuse. 20 more words

Gendered Violence