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Accounting for Ourselves

Accounting for Ourselves


Breaking the Impasse Around Assault
and Abuse in Anarchist Scenes

Sexual assault and abuse continue to plague anarchist circles and spaces. In response, we’ve developed processes to hold each other accountable outside of the state. 10,631 more words

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'Get Wise...Know Your Sperm Donor Language,' New Guide from the Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation

A new guide is available from the Sperm Donor Abuse Foundation, entitled, ‘Get Wise…Know Your Sperm Donor Language.’ This is a succinct guide on the language of Internet sperm ‘donation.’ It defines and explains the commonly used language associated with ‘donation methods,’ most of which are sexual and can easily cloud the boundaries between consensual and non-consensual sex. 48 more words

Internet Sperm Donors

Casual Reminder about Street Harassment in Edmonton

This is a casual reminder for folks that live in Edmonton–but particularly those than identify as men–that street harassment occurs frequently in this city. It is endemic. 189 more words

Observations On Life Outside Of Academia

The 30th Anniversary of the British Sociological Association's Violence against Women Study Group

The BSA Violence against Women Study Group celebrated its 30th anniversary on 23rd June 2015 with a one day conference. I was absolutely ecstatic to have been selected to give a research paper at the conference, which was being held at London Metropolitan University. 423 more words

Internet Sperm Donors

Woman's Hour: Illegal Sperm Donors

I am a regular listener to Woman’s Hour and tuned into the podcast on ‘Illegal Sperm Donors,’ c.16.01.15 shortly after its airing. I am unsure why the programme was entitled ‘Illegal Sperm Donors,’ for neither civil nor criminal laws govern cyber-enabled donor conception. 1,304 more words

Internet Sperm Donors

George R.R. Martin's defense of Game of Thrones' violence against women sucks

George R.R. Martin spoke with EW the other day to answer some questions about Game of Thrones in the wake of several weeks of outrage and disappointment over the show’s constant depictions of violence against women. 964 more words

Game Of Thrones

Personal Essay: Sex Positivity in Feminism

Despite the fact that I already viewed slut-shaming – attitudes and behaviors towards women that condemn them for their real or perceived sexual activities – as unwarranted and disrespectful, I had not yet realized that some feminists specifically champion the reclaiming of female sexuality. 573 more words

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