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What I write...

I can write about the struggle of Black women

About the active violation against our bodies

About how we are always a footnote in the struggle… 121 more words


Meet the feminist playwright who’s castrating rapists Off-Broadway

Hey lovelings, I’ve got wonderful news! My upcoming play, GYNX, is starting to get some press. Please check out my interview with Feminist Current, in which I talk about the challenges of being a female playwright, the state of modern feminism, and the necessity of rape-revenge stories like GYNX: 59 more words


Deconstructing the Personal and the Political

The following is a deconstruction of Flavia Agnes’ autobiography ‘My Story, Our Story: Building Broken Lives’:

“There is nothing so ‘personal’ or ‘individual’ about our experiences of getting beaten. 855 more words

A Cry for Help

This is a deeply alarming account of female genital mutilation (FGM), female subjugation and the consequences of extra-marital sex in a village near Cairo, the capital of Egypt. 1,971 more words

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Rapeglish. The Random Rape Threat Generator

Have you seen the Random Rape Threat Generator?

Just a warning before you go there that it “uses only real-life cyberhate received by real-life women. It contains extremely explicit, violent and racist content (as well as some truly heinous spelling and syntax).” 529 more words

Rape, Reconciliation and Peak Patriarchy

TED talks are supposed to offer blueprints and ideas for a more ideal world. Their tagline is ‘ideas worth spreading’. Last month a TED talk aired by a rapist and his victim, both sharing a stage. 2,299 more words


Praying with Fringes 01/22/2017 - what answer undoes gendered hate

Book of Names
Seth Michelson

Where do we keep them, George
Tiller, Barnett Slepian, David
Gunn, these beloveds
who died like mourning doves
snared in barbed-wire fences, wings… 89 more words