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            “Jenny, got bad news. I’m coming over.”

            With that, he hangs up. I sit at the window to watch the street. When he shows up, he strings his lock around his bike and attaches it to a street-lamp, but doesn’t bother locking it. 2,829 more words


Circe in Drag (draft)

These shoes barely fit my feet,  but I saunter along in them anyway. I have been on the street for only a week, but I have made a lot of money. 194 more words


Daily inspiration, unisex

A genderless style, neither this or that, really. But I am very fond of this monochrome & uniformed expression. Very timeless also with toned down elegance. 6 more words


Boyish, Girlish, Both, and None

Sex is a hot topic to society. According to many, the biological makeup of a person determines one’s gender and personal lifestyle. While girls are supposed to like ballet and wear pink, boys are supposed to play with trucks and like sports. 1,418 more words


Gender and Fashion

As much as I think fashion and style are a lot of fun, it can be used as a vehicle to discuss certain issues.  Many discuss sustainable fashion, but now fashion can be used to discuss gender identity.  80 more words



A genderless expressionist painting. It’s not exactly what I wanted to do with the white wash ground – but provided a smooth surface to manoeuvre my fingers around the canvas. 58 more words

Acrylic Painting


Imagine we live in a genderless world, where gender and defining of who and what you are and what is ‘appropriate’ or ‘inappropriate’ for your sex wouldn’t exist.   298 more words