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Gender neutral HEMA

Dutch retailer HEMA is going to stop labelling clothing as boy or girl clothing.

As off next year/end of this year they are going to remove the boys/girls tags. 18 more words


John Lewis is Right to Remove Gender Labels from Children's Clothing

John Lewis became part of history as it became the first (major) UK fashion retailer to remove gender categories from its children’s clothing. In short: no more boys… 1,112 more words


Why Clothing should be Gender Less

It seems pretty standard: menswear is for men and womenswear is for women. But why has society made this distinction? The ideas of femininity and masculinity being tied to a specific gender have poisoned the world of fashion. 273 more words


Transgender Suicide Attempt Rates Are Staggering - Why?

GENDERLESS: Last night at our meetup we talked about a “new” term for gender non-identification. Some young people want to do away with any description of LGBQT… etc. 791 more words


Is it Just Makeup? (ENG)

Hey it’s been a long time since the last time you’ve heard about me. I promise I’ll be back full time writing, telling you experiences, and showing you my world through this blog but as for now this little piece is made with tons of love, hope you actually enjoy reading it. 681 more words

[diary] doctor's day

“Times like this were special. Memory builders. When something extraordinary happened to a person the kind of things remembered forever after it didn’t have to be a life-changing event like a graduation or marriage or birth of a child.

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Jesus. Do the BBC not watch anything on YouTube?

I never thought they would do it but I had this bad feeling about it and even stated it to someone else into the same thing. 3,380 more words