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Gender neutral clothing challenge the norms of modern outfits

Gender neutral clothes are more than fabric sewn together. These clothes express the values and personality of gender-fluid individuals. Shuffling through the clothes at a retail store, seeing the racks hold hope in the form of an oversized sweater, denim jeans and structured t-shirts. 208 more words


CONFUSION REIGNS: Judge grants right to be genderless (US)

Judge Grants Oregon Resident the Right to Be GenderlessNBC News 23 March 2017Family First Comment: More confusion. But here’s another new term you need to learn..MONONYMOUSWhat, you say?

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Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

What: TED Talk

Requirements: Your TED presentation will be delivered in a lecture hall to an audience of 25-30 people. It should incorporate all of the presentation concepts and slide design principles we’ve covered in the course, particularly a sticky idea. 2,233 more words


Does Being Trans/Non-Binary Reinforce the Gender Binary?

Note: Some people classify agender as being under the trans umbrella. Personally, I treat the two as separate in this article.

Spoiler alert: I don’t have a definitive answer for you. 1,436 more words


Coming Out as Agender...to Myself

Note 1: I chose a picture of the Sacre-Coeur church in Paris because I mention being in a French film class and also because it’s not like there are a ton of pictures about being agender out there so…there ya go! 1,621 more words


Review On Every Day

Book Title: Every Day
Author: David Levithan

Reviewer: Bijay Khandal

Editor: Ayeshwini Lama


‘Every Day’ is an unconventional love story between a soul that wanders from one body to another and a girl, Rhiannon. 771 more words


Gender Bias

This semester I am taking an Intro to Anthropology course with Dr. Marken. In our last class we were discussing the idea of “Man the Hunter” vs “Woman the Gatherer”. 625 more words

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