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Top Surgery, First Steps

The very first step of my transition was my top surgery. It was the biggest and most important step that I needed take. I was waking up every morning in great emotional pain. 488 more words


'Y' is for...

The adoption of a new title for elected officials. From everyone from Clerk of Courts to the President of the United States. And it’s not so much as a title change, as it’s a temporary name change while in office. 151 more words


A moda sem gênero: Genderless

Nossos modellos Nabila e Samuel protagonizaram o editorial genderless da coluna Boa Moda, jornal A Cidade, edição de hoje, 20.03.

Com uma proposta nada óbvia o styling é assinado por Camila Rosa, fotografia por Beto Borges e making off de Bruno Sirino. 22 more words


So, the main personal reason for this blog is because I have been considering going on a low dose of testosterone for some time now. Once I start on testosterone I really want to document this part of my transition.  238 more words


Changing gender during hormone therapy

Dear diary,

it’s been a long time since I wrote something here. I’ve been very busy into transitioning and enjoying the male puberty :D
Meanwhile I am 9 months on T and my body has changed a lot! 574 more words



As scary as this may seem to us at this point in time, a future where stores will no longer create a division in gender is looking likely. 306 more words


Knit Wear - Batsford Prize for publishing finalist 2015

Knit wear collection based upon the idea of metamorphism in fashion, the inspiration of decay creates a dishevelled appearance.

Fashion Design Portfolio