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A genderless expressionist painting. It’s not exactly what I wanted to do with the white wash ground – but provided a smooth surface to manoeuvre my fingers around the canvas. 59 more words

Acrylic Painting


Imagine we live in a genderless world, where gender and defining of who and what you are and what is ‘appropriate’ or ‘inappropriate’ for your sex wouldn’t exist.   298 more words


NB Mysteries: Beginnings

I know I spent a lot of time on my previous blog combing through my history, figuring out who I was at previous points in my life, looking for ways that it might inform me on who I am now and where I aught to go. 728 more words


Defining femininity

After reading Sara K.’s recent post and discussing a bit in the comments, I started thinking about how I’d define “conventional femininity”. The core components that I came up with are: 669 more words


Genderless and asexual: two interconnected identities

This post is for the January 2015 Carnival of Aces, which is on Nonbinary People and Asexuality. Yesterday I wrote a sort of disclaimer about whether or not I actually “count” as non-binary, which can be read… 875 more words


Am I non-binary? A disclaimer of sorts before my January 2015 Carnival of Aces post

This post is somewhat of a repeat of parts of this post; I kept the repetition because I like having a more succinct summary of my experience of gender (this post is 1,000 words shorter than that one!). 769 more words


Starting a Roundtable

I’m really interested in gathering up and putting together a knowledgebase and a repository of collective experience for agender, genderless, and neutrois pagans/polytheists/witches. And I think that the best way to get this dialogue going is via roundtable discussions and prompts. 138 more words