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Unisex vagy a kreativitás halála?

Maszkulin, feminin, nőies és férfias – mind olyan jelzők, melyek biológiai adottságainkra, külső/belső tulajdonságainkra utalnak. Manapság nem kis rizikófaktorral használjuk őket, mivel a képlet cseppet sem egyszerű. 837 more words



In true gender-bending fashion, “easy breezy beautiful” CoverGirl is now playing up its first “CoverBoy” model.

Completely with eyebrows thicker than Brooke Shield’s hallmark, freckles across the nose and upper cheeks, bright red lips, lots of mascara and a baseball cap, the YouTube sensation is ready to cash in on his femininity. 212 more words

End Times

Is It Wrong to Assign Gender to Genderless AI Robots?

Here’s where the fun really begins with my new adventure into artificial intelligence (AI) robotics! Sure, the robots, what they can do, what you can get them to do and how you apply it all that are cool. 1,410 more words



“Generations have evolved to a world where traditional boundaries between male and female clothing have begun to wash away. A ‘genderless generation’, where sex is no longer a definitive classification, and boundaries within style and expression are no more”. 578 more words

End Times

With Love: An Open Letter on Agender

Hello. I’m Agender. Which means I do not identify with my assigned gender at birth, or any other gender. As far as I’m concerned, I’m just a person. 706 more words

"Wrong" from the start.

When I was younger, I felt like a terrible kid because everyone else was so easy to read. You could tell who was going to be a doctor, a lawyer, a famous something-or-other, and who was going to just settle down and get married, have kids, and live in a comfortable house (you could also tell who was going to wind up in prison, but for the sake of positivity…). 607 more words


Jamie Shupe on Becoming the First Legally Genderless Person in America and Finally Being Free

Less than a week ago, Oregon granted Jamie Shupe’s petition to legally become non-binary. In other terms, Jamie is neither male nor female; Jamie is genderless. 149 more words